Report: Only 52 Percent of Black Males Graduated From High School In Four Years

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The Schott Foundation for Public Education released "The Urgency of Now" today, a study showing that only 52 percent of black male ninth-graders graduate from high school 4 years later

The Schott Foundation for Public

The Schott Foundation for Public Education released the results from “The Urgency of Now,” a study showing that only 52% of black male ninth-graders graduate from high school 4 years later, compared to 58% of Latino male ninth-graders and 78% of white, non-Latino male ninth-graders. While the rate may appear to be pretty low, it is a significant improvement from the last eleven years; however, black males are still falling behind their white counterparts.

According to the findings, the graduation rate for black males has improved by 10% since 2001-2002, closing the gap between them and white, non-Latino males by 3%. “Even though some progress has been made, it’s inadequate,” Michael Holzman, senior research consultant to the Schott Foundation said. “Education is linked to both income potential and incarceration potential. This is a serious crisis.

President and CEO of the  Schott Foundation, John H. Jackson, predicts that it would  “take close to 50 years for black males to have the same opportunities.
I don’t think students and parents are willing to wait half a century for that,” he added.
The popular film, “Hoodwinked” debunks the perception that a 52% graduation rate means that there is a 48% dropout rate.  The scholars in the film, as well as filmmaker Janks Morton, consider the possibility that the dropout rate is exaggerated because people conclude that all of the men who don’t graduate with their cohort at a particular high school didn’t graduate at all.  In fact, many of these men go to different schools and graduate with a different class.  But there is no word on whether or not this makes up for the entire gap.

Do you believe the significant number of black males being raised in a single-parent home is affecting their academic performance?


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  1. How sad is this!

  2. ok and who gives a fuck.

  3. Our President cannot wave his magic arms and fix the black dropout situation but our clergy can, if they would. Every church in a black community should have a tutoring class after school and on weekends.

  4. This crisis appears to be a racially indicated factor, the truth of the matter is this is a very well planned orchastrated manuver that is a result of a disorganized family headship. We spend too much time analyzing racial factors than what really is the demise. It's interesting how critics can withdraw information as this to you and put emphasis on race. Drop the race factor and learn to build more spiritual homes and the percentile of graduates will be graeter than it suppose to be. When any young man grows up he has to have a father figure in the house. In conjunction with that, the father figure has to be a spiritual man or a very moralistic man to recieve the wanted and most needed productive % turn out.

  5. And when they are 30 years old they will still wear their pants below their butt, still talking about just keeping it real, still unable to purchase a house, still saying it's the man keeping him down!

    I am however thankful for the few who have enough sense to understand knowledge is power, and will likely end up successful, and perhaps wealthy if the current administration allows one to get rich anymore!

  6. Please go to the website whatblackmenthink.com and be enlightened to how the media continues to misrepresent the numbers. Single parenting is not the cause of academic failure in our black males. There are kids with 2 parents in the home that are just as challenged as single parents. Our black males continue to be affected in every area of their lives due to fathers( MIA) MISSING IN ACTION, and their daughters also. Single parent mothers have been holding it down for a long time and so brothers will you stand up and be accounted. Your child support is needed in the form of being present in your childs life, home, school, church, as well as your finances to assiist in the raising of your child. Money can buy your child the necessities for their up keep but the love of a father is priceless!

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