Man Involved in Deadly Shootout with Police Alleges Racial Profiling

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Earl Sipp survived a shootout with New Orleans police after a traffic stop in March but his brother Justin Sipp was killed in the unfortunate incident. Sipp accused the officer who pulled him over of racial profiling, arguing that the ticket he got for driving with a suspended license should be thrown out.

Sipp contends that officer Jason Giroir had no probable cause to stop him. In a written brief, his attorney, Danny Abel,says,

“Giroir stopped the Sipp brothers as part of his continuing practice of racially profiling young African-American men.”

During the traffic stop, the late Justin Sipp is reported to have opened fire on the police officers who had responded to a call for backup. Officers Anthony Mayfield Jr. and Michael Asevedo were wounded and Justin Sipp was shot to death. His surviving brother Jason Sipp, suffered a gun shot would to the leg.

Police claim that Earl Sipp was pulled over because his license plate was not visible due to poor illumination but he did not receive a ticket for that violation.

Abel’s brief goes on to say,

“In fact, he was not charged with any violation arising from his driving or equipment failure on his car. He was only charged with having a suspended driver’s license.”

To support their case of racial profiling, Abel talked about a 2006 case in which Giroir was accused of racial profiling and faced federal charges of physical and verbal abuse. The case was settled out of court.

Less than a month after the shootout with the Sipp brothers, Giroir handed in his resignation from the police force. The resignation is reported to have been related to offensive posts he made, online, about a black Florida teenager who was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer.  Giroir wrote, “Act like a Thug Die like one!” He was responding to the controversial case in which Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.

Judge Herbert Cade who was presiding over the traffic court case gave the city until Dec. 5 to respond to the accusations of racial profiling.


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  1. When will this end…I'm tired of the police hiding behind their badges and acting like thugs their-selves. Not all police do this but the majority do…Whose policing the police…

    • i dont like cops but it saids dude open fire first

    • Your right it did say that…The reality is racial profiling do exist…The tragedy is that young man committed suicide by his actions…It's just very troubling to see all the violence that people including the police are taking part in…

    • yea america is fuck up thats why i plan on leaving

    • i have been in over 60 different countries would not trade any for here even if here sucks much of the time….

  2. Ummm ok since I'm familiar with this case. It saddened me that you as alleged news reporters screw things up. Ummmm this case was in New Orleans and yea the officers were NOPD, but your picture may not mean shit to others but New Orleanians know the damn difference. That is clearly Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office and Kenner Police in the picture. Right story wrong damn picture. This story was bad enough as it don't ya think.

  3. kkk don't wear white robes and cone caps anymore for the most part , now they were black robes in court rooms and badges in uniforms. and with a stroke of a pen, they can take away the freedom of any minority they choose perferably african americans".

    • yea thats true but at the same time theres a lot of stipud as niggaz out there doing dumb shit i se it with my own eyes

    • Carlos B Just like you using the word niggaz, your opinion is now mute!!

    • Carlos B we all see whats goin on, so we have to be part of the solution.& we have a severe problem with not carin for each other. but if we ( black folks ) dont save us …. no one else is either and as far as the cops sayin he open fire first? maybe however if he didnt? we'll never know"

    • this is how i talk am not gona change it if you dont like it dont read my coment

    • Evelyn Dunlap take care youre self me personaly my people is my familie just because some one else is black dosent make them my people

    • well there ya go carlos! thats why jews get paid for holocaust and we''ll never get paid for slavery or never stop the black on black crime all about me & mine right?? im so happy im noda selfish thinker i dont hate my race. only there way of thinkin & actin . be safe carlos! SMMFH…….

  4. while I hate cops and cant stand the fact that these gangs seem to be bad ass with weapons when most are afraid to fight 1 on 1 what the cop was saying is simple…you lay down with dogs…you'll wake up with fleas. point being……..If the person in question is running around killing or threatening to kill people because she thought she was a bad ass, then sometime somewhere someone will do the same and she may be caught up in the middle. and while racial profiling does exist in America, we are now adding religious profiling to the mix to make it worse….I for once like to see people live in a simple society where everyone is your neighbor and all this racial and religious crap is non existent. While Martin Luther King had a dream as do I. Nonviolent non Violent…..But by any means necessary.

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