Iyanla Vanzant Tells Twitter: “Stop attacking Evelyn”

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Apparently, Evelyn Lozada has made the miraculous transformation from bully to victim, thanks to Iyanla Vanzant.  Making an appearance on the premiere of the new OWN show, “Iyanla’s Fix My Life,” Evelyn laid out every tear in her ducts, and shared all the issues that made her into the person that seemed to spend every episode seeking to beat any woman in her path.

Iyanla went to twitter to protect Evelyn from the critics out there who didn’t seem to want to let up.  Using her own twitter account to get into the mix, Iyanla asked the audience to calm down and evaluate the situation without gossiping and to find the lessons that work for them:

Iyanla was determined to stand up for Evelyn, especially since both she and Oprah are going to earn big time money with the show, which stands to get over a million viewers for Oprah’s struggling network.  Oprah has been seeking to interview every celebrity she can find to get her ratings up and it appears to be working.   The network was $300 million in the hole last year, and execs have told Oprah that they are going to stand for anymore weak seasons.  Since then, she’s gotten on the job and it appears to be working.


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  1. I find it very difficult to feel sorry for this chick. Cry a River…

  2. Doesn't Iyanla have her own problems, I guess a contract and a little money can make you think you can save the world.Besides isn't Evelyn the same woman who acts a fool on tv for pay.

  3. I say what goes around, comes around, hope she Learned how to treat others, burt she lost a friendship with Jennifer that was precious, that she should regret.

  4. I felt she was pretty brave to put herself out there for EVERYONE to see..it certainly helped me to see some of my patterns. Thanks Ilyanla and Evelyn!

  5. 5NwD7i I think you have mentioned some very interesting points, appreciate it for the post.

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