Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Says that He Physically Abused Her and Her Sons

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Apparently, Dwyane Wade isn’t done fighting with his ex-wife about the kids.  After setting a standard for fatherhood by gaining full custody of his two sons, his wife is now going public, claiming that he physically abused both her and her kids.  She is probably going to be sued over the things she says, since the allegations are pretty damning.

During an interview in Detroit on 107.5 with radio show host Koffey Brown, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade noted that she’s desperately trying to regain full custody of her two sons.  She says that Wade beat her while she was pregnant and also physically assaulted their sons.

Siohvaughn says that when she was pregnant, that Wade “held me over his head, literally in mid-air and threw me down. And when I went to go call the police he threw the cordless phone against my body so hard that the phone literally broke into pieces.”

She also says that multiple therapists has reported Dwyane for child abuse, and that one of her sons was beaten so bad that he simply “wanted to die.”

“Two women showed up at my house and told me that yet another therapist had reported Mr. Wade for child abuse. … Mr. Wade in disciplining Zaire [now 7], would take his closed fist and literally punch our son in the chest. He hit him so hard one November … That Zaire literally slid across the floor in the house and had a full blown asthma attack.” Siohuvaughn goes on to say that after a particularly brutal verbal scolding from his father, that his hair began to fall out and he admitted to her, “Mom I just want to die.”

Why can’t black families have normal divorces like everyone else?  This situation is sounding more like baby mama drama than a mature marriage.  We also wonder how a judge granted full custody to Dwyane’s happy and smiling boys if they are so afraid of him.  This thing doesn’t make any sense.


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