Dad Of The Year? Snoop Dogg Defends Smoking Weed With Son

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Rapper Snoop Dogg Defends His Decision To Smoke Weed With His Son

Snoop Dogg and His Son

Snoop Dogg’s response to the media’s criticism of his choice to smoke weed with his teenaged son is one that further shows the absence of influential parenting in the 21st Century.

What better way to [learn] than from the master?” the rapper asked.  “My kids can do whatever the hell they want. For me to say otherwise would be hypocritical. A lot of motherf–ers don’t have a relationship with their kids, and that’s when they get on drugs and have suicidal thoughts and drive drunk. Me and my son is mellow. I’m his father, so I wanna show him the proper way because he looks up to me.”

This year Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Calvin Broadus, was the proud recipient of a football scholarship from UCLA. According to GlobalGrind, Broadus has since dropped out of college to pursue his rap career fulltime.

Broadus claims to be a Rastafarian, a spiritual movement started in Jamaica. In July 2008, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that Rastafari may be allowed to possess greater amounts of cannabis legally, citing its use by them as a sacrament.  The United States ruled that Rastafari do not have the religious right to smoke marijuana, as it is a violation of the United States’ drug laws. The same ruling is upheld in the United Kingdom.

Do you believe Snoop Dogg’s parenting style will influence his children to avoid a life of crime?


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  1. I thought that a parent was different than a buddy. But Snoop proves otherwise. Well, I guess we'll be reading about the son being arrested soon.

  2. To criticize this would be too easy. I'd rather just say stay tuned to see what happens….

  3. Damn Snoop come on man this is just plain STUPID!

  4. What is the world coming to now? is he sane of mind since he is Dog?

    • Coming from a psychologist point of veiw it's sad tha teven Snoop doesn't know that we have journals that explain what marijuana does to the brain after years of used. It dulls the part of the brain that controls inititive and drive and motivation. That's why so many of our men are sitting around not working

    • what youre talking bout my dad did it for over 50 years hes 75 and probally healthier and in better shape than you theres no such proff that marijuana does any damage weres the proof

  5. hey iam with snoop on this if you tell youre kids no they gona do it in the streets in the car and all that and that's when they get in trouble so any body that has something against what snoop is doing fuck you.

    • OK, do it with your kid. he or she will have the same messed up attitude as you! The language is so…well

    • dude dont worrie about what i do worrie about youre own shit why you even writing me

    • Only because of the tone of your comment, read down to Tiffani Stacy, she sums it up quite well. No offense was meant.

    • James Johnson Thank you, James, I have a teenage son myself, so I took this personally, to be honest.

  6. I want you to tell me the name of one just one person weed killed?

  7. This ladies and gentlemen is what happens when you become a follower. Snoop smokes weed because he grew up in an environment that offered limited opportunities and most of the individuals he surrounded himself with didn't know any better. And after years of mental conditioning, distorted media messages about what it means to be a black man in America, this is the result. Now, you have young black men like his son, who only smokes, not because of spiritual reason, but because of what his father exposed him too.

    Children don't want to disappoint their parents. If you teach you child to ride a bike and they fall down, the first thing they do is look at you for your reaction, if you don't cry and motivate them to try again, then guess what they will try again. And for those who lack the will power and discipline to reject the ignorance of their environment, do not post your insecurities and say that if you don't do it with them, that they will do it in the streets. I am so sorry that you have so little faith in your children.

    Oh, yes, he drops out of college to smoke weed with his dad and become a rapper, wow. But you know what, snoop has money, so his son can afford to make dumb ass decision. Guess what people, everyone posting on this article don't have that option. So, if you are parent who follows what their favorite celebrity does, please reconsider the fact that you don't have the money he has to cover his son ass when he falls and I know some will use this as an excuse to make the same dumb ass decision.

    So, yeah, it cool, to see a rapper smoking weed, what is is knew. Small minds are so easily entertained.

    • Wow, there are so many grammar errors in this post. I was upset when I was writing, so do a mental spell check.

    • BOOOOOO!!

  8. See this is the same reason that many Black (not all) men are out here aimlessly adrift in the world. Either no real leadershp or insanely poor examples passed down to them. As one previous comment stated, Snoop can do this, since he has money to cover his son's decision to drop out of college to pursue a rap career. Why can't he do both? But to sit there and say if I don't teach him to do something against the LAW, then he'll just do it anyway. The problem with Calvin's (Snoop) thinking is that my son doesn't have higher standards or expectatons and will be out here breaking the law or going to jail. Once again another example of how low some Black folks standards have fallen. Hey Snoop, how about trying to teach your kid(s) not to break the law.

    • hey man smoking weed is not elegal

    • elegal???

    • Brotha B, I can appreciae your apprecation for weed. And everyone is entitled to their choices. But unless the weed is for medicinal purposes( and you have a script from a doctor) you will get arrested for possession or attmpting to traffic weed.

    • esackly but not for smoking it and no you dont get arrested you get a ticket read the law man shit change in most states here we are in america were people go ape shit over weed but at the same time people are over dosing on all kind of shit every day exept weed the problem is that peope have not realize that we out number the law il leave it at that

    • @Tony he had so many grammatical errors I started to think it was unpurpose

    • @Carlos,

      Man you need to put the weed down and take an English class for starters…Damn, you give weed smokers a bad name!

  9. Snoop is tooo trifling to hide his bad habits from his son, so he had to make a statement to justify it. Poor kid for being exposed to that sorry pretense of a parent. Your children are not supposed to do as you do, they are supposed to do as you say do……. Mine will never know all my business. I'm the parent…I draw the line so they don't make my mistakes and to establish mutual respect.

  10. Dumb black males, wonder why women throw you under the bus…..smh…..

  11. Hum. Ok it's Snoop. What did you expect?
    Time would eventually tell if his kids would make different choices.

  12. I Dont Agree…

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