Beyonce: There is No Beef with Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are not “beefing” even though it has been widely reported that they are. It seems that on the contrary, they are actually friends.

A lot of reports were circulating, this past week, that Beyonce allegedly had it out with Kim K at her Husband, Jay-Z’s Made in America event in Philadelphia . The R & B star allegedly told Kim to stop drawing attention to herself by posing for photos because they were taking attention away from her husband.

Director, Ron Howard, who was also at the event is said to have had a conversation with Kim K in which she asked him to consider her for a role in one of his movies. According to media reports, that was also the reason why Beyonce was upset with the reality television star.

According to TMZ, their sources say that Beyonce and Kim K did not have a confrontation and are still friends. The two friends are reported to have watched their men perform from back-stage. As Kanye and Jay-Z performed at the event, Kim K and Beyonce are reported to have been laughing and hugging while they enjoyed the show.

A TMZ sourse says,

“They love each other — they talk fashion, family, Beyonce’s baby all the time.”

As for Kim K asking Ron Howard for a part in a movie, it is false. Kim is reported to have not even spoken to him that day.


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  1. Laughing and hugging huh??


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  4. Who gives a s*** really what those people do ? They got money and I need a job. The economy is messed up, people worrying where their next meal coming from and you reporting about this crap ? And then you say Kim is a media whore, You are constantly talking about he, if you didn’t she will become a non factor.Point blank period .

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