‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Acquires $800K In Child Support Lawsuit Against Kenny Anderson

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'Basketball Wives' Star Tami Roman Wins $800K Child Support Settlement Against Ex-Husband Kenny Anderson

‘Basketball Wives’ Star Tami Roman Lands $800K Child Support Settlement Against Ex-Husband Kenny Anderson

“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman has just struck an $800,000 goldmine after battling a child support lawsuit against her ex-husband, NBA star Kenny Anderson. The lawsuit almost lasted for nine years. Roman filed a lawsuit in New Jersey in 2005, claiming that Anderson had stopped paying the court-ordered $8,500/month in child support for their two daughters- totaling $800,000 in missed payments.

According to reports, the two recently settled the case out of court. Roman received a portion of the monies due to her and will receive the remaining payments incrementally through Anderson’s NBA retirement fund. All warrants issued against Anderson for his unpaid child support were dropped. Sources close to Roman said that she is happy Anderson is becoming more involved with their two daughters and is ready to move on from this chapter in her life.

Roman revealed that she and her two daughters acquired government assistance to survive following the divorce from Anderson. The couple had a prenup, so Roman was left without any financial support. Roman said Anderson had two children with his mistress during their six year marriage. Prior to landing a spot on “Basketball Wives,” Roman worked for a finance firm, which enabled her to financially support her two children.



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  1. Good for you. Hope you spend it wisely.

  2. Do you mean she hit a 'windfall' as opposed to a landmine? I would think that $800,000 would be a GOOD thing, not something that blows one to kingdom come.

  3. Anything over $100k is a landmine to me! I am happy for her and I pray I get a landmine/windfall of that amount of money from the Lord because my children are good and grown!

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  5. Finally! I was wondering about that when she said that she was on Welfare during the show. She had to go to this dude’s White wife to ask for help. This girl has 6 kids-don’t know if they’re with him but really? How can a man leave and walk away from his kids with that kind of money? O.k he and Tammi are over but leave his 2 daughters? Dude is a dope! I can’t understand why they didn’t lock him up for stupidity.

  6. CONGRATS to Tami and her girls! After all he had a prenup with her not his children. What I don’t get is if these dudes don’t want to pay child support, why in the hell don’t they cover it up? Then this loser goes out and has two more children with his mistress, during his marriage. I think it’s safe to assume she was getting paid because we haven’t seen her anywhere complaining about not getting her check. And I’m certain his lifestyle far exceeded $8,500 a month. Then dudes like him want to be called a man; ah sperm donor will be sufficient.

  7. Maria Lloyd, striking a "LANDMINE" is a BAD thing to do; striking a GOLD MINE is a GOOD thing to do (LOLOL).

    • lol

  8. Deadbeat dads come in all colors and are from all socio-economically groups!! My sperm donor is rich but has done very,very little for my daughter who is a adult! However, his son had the best of everything as he should. Now my daughter has a bad relationship with him and he is the blame for it. I would never treat any child diffrent regardless of who their parent is. As far as I’m concerned 800k is not enough! Once those girls start college the money will be gone. Kenny Anderson is a a-hole!

  9. I hope this money can buy Tami happiness. She needs to get on with it and stop being so mad or explosive about every little thing!

  10. Its been a long time coming and I pray it is spent and invested wisely!
    Good Luck Tami… now that tge case is settle no more male bashing. and get some anger management help!!,

  11. Tami finally got child support after how many years?

    I’ve looked at other sites that have similar stories and it is amazing how many people will say that the parent receiving child support is living off of the child support or that the child support amount is too high. Too many times, these women are seen as gold diggers. They have to accept responsibility for having sex and making a child but the fathers who have the financial resources are usually exempt from paying little or any support or having a relationship with their children. If a woman says anything about it she is a man hater.

    It continues. So many athletes have fans and women who overlook their inability to care for their children and in this case tax payers paid the bill. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem helping someone in need but footing the bill for a million dollar athlete’s responsibility shows inherent problems with the system. Mother’s like Tami gets judge while courts fail, teams get paid and women continue to chase after these high paid busters.

    Although I’m glad for Tammy and for her children, no amount of child support will replace missed doctor’s, dental appointments, teacher meetings, extra-curricular activities, family reunions, graduations, death and the comfort needed to get through it. No amount of back child support will help children understand why Mother was counting on food stamps and Daddy was living the life. There are too many athletes in the NFL and NBA with this background. Heck-there are too many children without Fathers.

  12. Why is Tammi the one with the anger issues because she exercised her right to have the father of her children pay child support? It’s quite clear that Kenny wasn’t involved in their lives on any other level as well. So now’s he supposed to get a gold medal for fighting tooth & nail for nine years to keep from supporting his flesh and blood?

    Why is it that black women have such low self esteem that they think that insisting that the father of her children should man up and take care of his responsibilities? Why is it that black women are expected to carry the entire load of child rearing and child care, especially when the father is exceptionally capable of acting like a man and being proud to support his offspring? We seldom hear about black males, who are multi-millionnaires not stepping up to the plate to support their children by women of other ethnicities. Too bad blacks are totally impervious to just how mixed up and confused we are. Are black men doing black women and children a favor just by dropping his univeral community seed, and then absconding to the next victim like its no big deal? Where’s the self respect, where’s the family base pass dropping of the seed? Where’s the adult in the room?

    This juvenile delinquent, who is now paying his nine year back payments of child support, is only doing so because the system made him do it, not because he is capable of acting like a real man on his own. How does he think that affects his children psychologically knowing that “daddy” had to be made to be a responsible adult and love his children enough, and respect the woman who bore his children enough, to care about them and their welfare?

    Let’s face it, in nine years, this idiot probably spent more on legal fees than he ended up having to pay in this ridiculous legal battle.

    Black women get enough self respect to expect better from these “peter pans,” and black men try growing up and loving someone who looks like you for a change when you got two nickels to rub together and don’t need black women to carry you as per usual!

  13. Now She' by Sheree Whitfield need 2 follow suit, cause she still hasn't received 1 red cent!

  14. It seems of all the professional ball players, basketball players are the most stupid….!!! It took this clown 9 years to pay child support…?? And during some of that time, his then wife and two daughters had to go on welfare..!!! No wonder society do not respect Blackmen and view them as child like, listless and not responsible. Then during that 9 year period, that fool had two other kids by his baby momma?? Only after a warrant was issued for his arrest, threatening his $ million dollar +contract, he decided to pay up..stupid..!!! This fool has already gone the way of Terence Owens and Ochocinco.

  15. Why is it a Goldmine if it is Back Child Support that he never paid. It's not a Goldmine it 8 years of back payments. If he can support his kids with his Mistress at the time then he can definately support his children he had with His Wife at the time.

  16. Wow. Nothing like ignorant athletes with all the financial means in the world yet refuse to take care of their kids unless Massa tells them to so! This is Pathetic on his part yet his baby Moma will clean his ass out when she leaves. Ignorant Nigga’s make us Real Men & Real Dads look bad! I don’t understand how Men have kids & not want to be a part of their lives & raising them with the knowledge you’ve acquired as a man. Kenny Anderson is a real Nigga is that since of Ignorance! I’m sure he’ll understand when his Daughters or Grandkids don’t want to have shit to do with him in his later years.

  17. Seriously! Tammy is a golddigger just like the other talentless, and non-skilled basketball wives. She can’t get over the fact that Kenny (shamefully) messed around on her and she wants to get back at him for the rest of his life. What did any of these “basketball wives” do before they met their basketball mates? For that matter, what have they done since?

    • And now that you’ve said all of that, what is your theory regarding why Kenny wanted to get back at his children by not paying them support for those number of years? How is it possible that a man have any amount of money (men living in poverty not included) and his children end up on welfare? I’m not going to comment on Tami’s past or present gold digger status. In my mind there isn’t a lot of evidence to support the idea of her one way or the other. But Kenny? DEADBEAT WITHOUT A DOUBT.

  18. wow!

  19. Kenny 2words 4u. WEAK JERK!! Tammie, u were cheated, but I understand. I don’t think it is about the MONEY, ppl don’t understand that what he put ur girls thru was not fair 2them. Ppl 4get, he ain’t ur daddy & u have moved on unfortunately his STUPID BEHIND moved 4ward & 4got 2look back & care 4 his most prize possesions. It is his lost the money well it is a bonus 2buy the girls a car & rub it in his face. These girls will be okay w/out his SORRY A**!!!

  20. Do women who have money date or marry men with no
    money? Heck no, rich men when are you going to wake up
    You are so dumb you need to lose every cent.

  21. Smith, you sound like a “Gold Digger” yourself, thinking u can have children and not man-up. if I was married and had children, I’ll be claiming what’s mine. That’s his children too; therefore, he is more responsible than she is. There u go Tammi, take back what’s yours, especially if he cheated on you – you and your lovely bless children deserve the money.

  22. Every parent, male and female should support their children. That said, 800,000k is worth being rid of this Hood Rat, classless, bully. Hopefully Tammi will use the $$$ to educate her daughters and expose them to something other than her low life, Hood Rat, values. Keep these apples away from this tree or all they’ll have to look forward to is foul mouths, beer, tattoos and big bellies.

  23. These women who date ballers need to READ their prenup before signing, if a man has the gall to give you one, you need to forget love for a minute and get a lawyer. She got nothing in the divorce and had to go on welfare while he was living high on the hog with his mistress and she had to struggle all those years. He didn’t have the decency on the show to acknowledge she did her and the kids wrong. Hope she invests the money wisely, because a fool and his money are soon parted.

  24. Derek Jeter dated beautiful women for many years, yet he never married or fathered any children. Good for him.

  25. He's only paying what he OWED them children. What I want to know is where is her damn interest pymt. on that amount. SMH @ Kenny Anderson.

  26. As A Single Mother Who Received Child Support For 17 Yrs,Im Very Happy That Tami Got Her Child Support.Regardless Of What People Think Of Her,She Is Still a MOTHER,Who Needs Help Physically and Financially With Raising Her Precious Children,I Live By The Motto,”I Didnt Lay And Make These Kids By Myself So Why Should I Have To Stand And Care For These Kids By Myself,No Parent,Male or Female Should Have To Support Their Kids Alone Without Any Physical And Financial Help From The Other Parent,And For People Calling Tami A Golddigger,She Was His Wife,Not His Shack Partner,Booty Call Or Side Kick Trick..So Whatever Money That Was Due To Her She Finally Got It..Game Over..

  27. it's a goldmine when a so called wife acts crazy, the guy gets tired of the ranting complaining and overall evil of a woman's personality then acts all innocent in court.

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