Asa Lovechild: Usher Appears on Oprah – Did He Ever Really Love Tameka?

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Last night multi-platinum superstar, Usher Raymond was in the hot seat with Oprah Winfrey, granting her the only opportunity to get his side of the story of what really happened between himself and ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond. As the world watched, Usher bared his soul about, the alleged cheating and drug use, the nasty custody battle, and the strained relationship with is mother. The bottom line is, did he really truly love the woman that he made Mrs. Usher Raymond?

From the beginning of his courtship with stylist,Tameka Foster, family and fans alike where very skeptical about the authenticity of their relationship. Usher admits that, he was forewarned about marrying Foster. His own mother refused to attend the nuptials, a decision that would crush her eldest son’s heart. But Usher and Tameka, plowed through and tried to defy the odds. Coming from a broken home, (Usher’s father was not present for a majority his upbringing), Usher admitted to Oprah that part of him married Tameka because he wanted to be responsible and do the right thing.

But Usher knew from the moment that he agreed to go through with the marriage, that he was not ready to make that commitment. Usher claims that at the end of his marriage, that he just wanted to get out, which may have led to his decision to cheat.  It must be pointed out that throughout the entire interview, Usher treaded lightly by slowly and carefully choosing his words, in response to Oprah’s very specific and forward questioning. Was it too much too fast? Was he feeling the pressure to do what a man at his age would ideally be doing, by getting married and having children? Was it the idea of just wanting it all? Usher says no.  Usher tells Oprah that he loved Tameka but regrets that the both of them had to defend themselves, so often, in the public eye.

What people were saying all along about his relationship to Tameka came full circle.  The three year custody battle finally came to an end with Usher being granted sole custody. But this was not without bumps and bruises along the way.  As Usher sat in his Atlanta home, clearing his name, when asked directly about his cheating with Tameka’s bridesmaid, Usher hesitantly tried to justify his actions by noting that it was after his divorce from Tameka that all of that went down. Now ladies, isn’t it just a given, that we do not, under any circumstance, hook up with your friend’s ex? It had to be said.

Although Usher was holding it together, you could tell that Usher was still a bit unnerved, when it came to answering questions about his messy divorce with Tameka, whom he considered at one time to be his best friend.  So what went wrong? How did they go from their own wedded bliss to basically hating each other? Although some questions were answered last night (no doubt questions that were thoroughly screened by Usher’s camp), there are still things that have been left unsaid. And it did seem like Usher, was not giving the public the straight truth. But after just recently coming out of eight long years of hell and rebuilding his image, can you blame him for speaking this one time and putting it to rest?

The beautiful thing that came out of this whole interview with Oprah was his statement about being a father. Fella’s take note… “ I was born to do what I am doing as a dad and I realized that once I had a child, when I had them, they became a priority.” So if this tells you anything at all about Usher and his intentions from this point on, it is to look forward to raising his children and continuing to share his sexiness and talent with the world. But, something tells me that the “Raymond-vs-Raymond” battle isn’t over yet. Stay tuned.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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