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September 29, 2012

Sean Kingston and His Mother Ordered to Pay $77,000 for Destroying a Mansion

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Sean Kingston is being accused of destroying a Miami mansion that he rented, with the landlord asking for $77,000 for the damage that he caused.  Kingston and his mother are being sued by the landlord for damages after they rented a $25,000 a month house.  The landlord says that the singer and his mom broke the lease by leaving two months early and also ruined the property. The landlord says…

Relationship Expert Paul Brunson- also known as the Modern Day Matchmaker- conducted an unofficial study on myths about men and dating

The (Ree)lationship Guide: Study Shows That Men Gossip More Than Women

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Relationship expert, Paul Brunson, recently conducted an unofficial study to defy common thinking about men and their thoughts about relationships and dating. During his research, he found a study conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre that discovered 33 percent of men indulge in gossip daily or almost every day — compared with 26 percent of women. The rest of his myth busters are listed below.  Hand And Foot Size…

Evelyn Lozada Back as a Model in Sexy Photo Shoot

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Evelyn Lozada of “Basketball Wives“ stardom is back and she has taken to her blog to let her fans know that she is back and also update them on what she is now up to. Lozada wrote on her blog, “I was SO happy to FINALLY get back to work after taking a hiatus that seemed like forever.” The “Basketball Wives“ star had been keeping a very low profile since…