1-in-4 Disenfranchised Youth is an African American Male

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According to a new study by the Social Science Resource Council, one out of every seven American youth between the ages of 16 and 24 is either not working or not in school.  This gives 5.8 million “disconnected youth.”

African American youth are worst off, with one-in-five of them being without a job or going to school.  Boys comprise 26 percent of the American total, compared with 19 percent of the total being black girls.  In other words, one out of every four disenfranchised youth in America is a black male.

“Disconnected youth are, not surprisingly, considerably more likely to come from disconnected communities – areas in which high rates of poverty are evidence of and contributors to isolation from mainstream social and economic systems,” the report says. 

“Another strong link exists between connectedness of young people to work or school and the educational status of adults in their communities. Towns and neighborhoods in which fewer adults have at least a four-year college degree have a far greater proportion of disconnected young people.” 

Boston, Minneapolis and Washington, DC have the fewest disconnected American youth.  Researchers point to increased incarceration rates as a serious problem when dealing with black teens.

“A prison record deters employers, but research shows that ex-offenders who are African-American are far less likely than ex-offenders who are white to be granted a job interview or be hired,” the study says. “In addition, because significantly more Black than white young men have criminal records, even young African-American men without criminal records appear to suffer from ‘guilt-by-association’ discrimination.”



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    The death of the African American in America, not trusted irresponsible and extremely violent.

    This is just the beginning, and that is the most unfortunate situation specially in African American communities. We have finally cause problems that the rest of the American community will not deal with. The African American community is on their own. The crime rate in all major cities is exclusively caused by African Americans. Statistics indicate that the average African American male and female under the age of 40 is either unemployed on welfare or in jail. We are killing each other stealing from each other wholesale. The white and Hispanic community is no longer willing to trust and higher African Americans for any type of opportunity's that or anything else that may be available. We as a people are no longer trusted and unable to blame anyone but ourselves for our own stupidity and ignorance.
    African Americans did not take advantage of the opportunities that were available, these opportunities are being taken by immigrants willing to work to make a better life for themselves.

    A message to the African American community when we had the opportunity we did not take advantage of it, so now we will have to hope that the new immigrants are willing to deal with the few African Americans that are willing to take advantage of the opportunities that may be available.

    I said it before, and I say it again, you didn't want to work for the white man , and now you have to hope that the new immigrant business community is willing to let you work for them.

    ["DAMN": we have become losers in our own country.]

    A message to all [PARENTS].

    The Bronx is infested with stupidity ignorance and Violence. This is so unfortunate the Bronx used to be a beautiful place to live , it had its moments over the years , but never as violent as it is now. A message to all you parents it's Saturday night. Take a look at your gangster and thug Children. By Sunday morning one of your children will not come home again , Unfortunately he or she will be Amongst an unnecessary statistic of street death And street violence.

    Again parents are you listening cry for your children while there alive because once their dead from street violence your tears will be in vain.

    • The nerve…
      there is always a sucker…one born every minute goes the saying. you're from the Bronx, tell me what "white men" are there to work for in the neighborhood? when was it that black people were respected and included? what are you expecting people who have teachers looking them in the face and seeing the next prison inmate, regardless of aptitude? when were we not "losers"? when we had our own businesses and so on? yeah, they burned those (LITERALLY)… and made sure they couldn't be rebuilt. why did you think you was making a poignant reply? what sociological or scientific study doesn't correlate environment to ability to succeed? You're right about one thing, black people are on their own. always have been. and it's anti-american, if we are considered to be so. immigrants work for less than any white man would…why should i, the descendant of slaves work for a slaves's wage? they asked to be paid fairly, the white man would be looking to hire his sons at a fair wage rather than paying you or an immigrant fairly.
      everyone who has a computer and the internet should know where the guns and drugs came from, it's too easy. i'm mean, the US had lost court case against itself for selling guns and drugs and flooding the ghettos, while creating 100-1 laws about the stuff the flooded the hood with. GUILTY AS CHARGED… but they keep locking up black men? a statistical minority a majority in prison? impossible with out social engineering.
      then there is you; a gatekeeper for the system. you're defending the system; critiquing black people for systematic engineered…for what? what do you gain by the denial? and what makes you think what happens in the Bronx have anything to do with how anyone else is treated? you think "they don't trust black people" because of what they perceive blackness to be, is anything different than what they've been doing past 500 some years?

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