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September 4, 2012

Nicki Minaj Supports Mitt Romney, Blames Lazy People For Economy

Nicki Minaj Endorses Mitt Romney, Credits ‘Lazy B*tches’ For Economic Downturn

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On a new mixtape released by her boss, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj revealed she’s a Republican and endorsed Mitt Romney. “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. You lazy b*tches is f*cking up the economy,” she said. While many speculate Nicki Minaj’s message was for entertainment purposes only, earlier this year the rapper challenged President Obama about healthcare via Twitter. The pop-star was apparently saddened and frustrated by the death…

Master P and Britney Spears Partner To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Isaac

Master P and Britney Spears Partner To Help Victims of Hurricane Isaac

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Iconic artists Master P and Britney Spears have partnered to assist victims affected by Hurricane Isaac. Both stars are natives of Louisiana; Spears is from Kentwood and Master P is from New Orleans.┬áMaster P has called upon other Hollywood stars such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ne-yo, Beyonce, Michael Bolten, Will Smith, and Dwight Howard to assist he and Spears with the cause as well. Master P and…

Terrence Jenkins, Better Known As "Terrence J" From 106th & Park, Has Landed A New Gig As News Co-host On E! News

Former 106th & Park Host Lands A New Gig As News Co-Host For “E! News”

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Terrence Jenkins, better known as Terrence J from BET’s “106th & Park,” has landed another gig in front of the cameras. He’s the new news co-host for E! News. Jenkins will be joining Rancic on the weekday broadcast. “I’ve always had a passion for the wide spectrum of pop culture that ‘E! News’┬ácovers so well; I can’t wait to get started,” says Jenkins. In addition to being a personality on-camera,…

Stevie Wonder Apologizes for Saying Frank Ocean is Confused and not Gay

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Stevie Wonder recently made some comments, in an interview, which landed him in some hot soup. The legend of all things music has issued an apology and has made an attempt at clarifying what he meant when he implied that Frank Ocean, an R & B singer, was confused and not really gay. Frank Ocean made his own headlines recently when he shared that his first love was a male….

Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa had a January Wedding In the Works

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Yesterday we learned that Michael Clarke Duncan had passed away on Monday morning and now TMZ is reporting that him and Omarosa Manigault were planning to get married in January. The couple is reported to have gotten engaged secretly and only let a few close friends and family in on their secret. The couple had done a very good job of keeping their engagement out of the media as well…

Researchers have discovered birth control for men

Researchers Have Discovered Birth Control Pill For Men

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According to a recent discovery, a hormone-free drug tested in male mice might become a viable choice for men who want their own birth-control pill.┬áResearchers have identified a small molecule compound that inhibits sperm production, which could lead to the first non-hormonal, easily reversible male contraceptive since the introduction of the condom. Researchers explained that the compound stifles sperm production, but not sexual activity. Once treatment stops, fertility resumes and…