Eighteen-Year-Old Basketball Star Sentenced Three Years In Prison, Collapses In Court

by / August 22, 2012 Black News 77 Comments

Eighteen-Year-Old Tony Farmer Reacts To The Judge’s Three Year Prison Sentence

Instead of attending elaborate dinners and ceremonies commemorating his college pick, 18-year-old Tony Farmer will be spending three years in prison. The 6-foot-7 athlete is one of Ohio’s top picks in the sport of basketball. He pleaded guilty to kidnapping, felonious assault, and other crimes.

Farmer was involved in an altercation last April with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Lane. Video footage from Lane’s apartment complex showed the dispute. It even captured Farmer dragging Lane by her hair at one point. Farmer was later charged with intimidation after sending threatening text messages to Lane following the dispute.

Upon receiving his sentence, Farmer collapsed into the arms of a sheriff’s deputy and fell to the floor in utter disappointment. Lane was among many people in court who were sobbing after Judge Pamela Barker delivered the sentence. “I know he was a good person,” Lane said. “I hope he still is.

Prior to being sentenced to prison, Farmer had the interest of Ohio State, Xavier, Dayton and Michigan State. Do you believe he received an adequate punishment?


77 Comment

  1. OK. What’s the problem. Based on what they state he did, he’s getting off easy. What? Should there be a special sentence for him just because he had a basketball talent. NO. HE should have thought about the impacts to his future and walked away. See you in 1.5 to 3 years. Nobody’s fault but your own.

  2. Wow! He wasn't murdered for his disrepect of his girlfriend by either she or her father, therefore, he should consider himself fortunate, in that he has three years to learn a valuable lesson for the duration of his life if he is wise ; How to treat a lady, even if she isn't a lady. Treat her like one anyway. He might also learn ladies can and are sometimes as deadly as death itself. Three years of reading, listening, observing, also gives him time to hone his basketball abilities to RAZOR sharp skills.
    Fair or not the FEMALE judge, thought the penalty she imposed fit his crimes.

  3. The Brother has time to reflect on his behavior and lots of time to hone his basketball skill. He ought to spend time working on his college degree so that when he is released he could be a Sophomore or Junior. Brother needs behavior modification.

    • Yeah but he doesn't need prison. Especially if you don't know what provoked his behavior. He needs to be around some men that will teach him to be a man. I guess he'll get that now.

    • Great comment Robert. Clearly you're a man of great morals!

    • It does not matter what "provoked" his behavior. He should have kept his hands and feet to himself. He wants to be big and bad and stomp on a woman, be big and bad and serve time for your CRIME.

    • Errrr, what? You mean repeatedly beating his girlfriend is ok as long as he was "provoked"? No. How about take responsibility for your own heinous actions rather than be let off the hook by victim blaming.

    • Probably weren't the first time for the fight but first time he got caught.

    • But with a record, will he still be able to continue his bb career?

    • Yes. America delights in Athleticism and especially if you're a work horse.

  4. good for him.

  5. He should have thought about his future before his actions…he is stupid.

    • At 18 I'm sure there were things that you did that you wouldn't do at your current age…

    • I agree but I think that the judge was a little harsh. I think community service speaking to young men on how not to treat ladies for 3 years would have been better . At least he would have had a life afterwards ! They give these harsh sentences to our black men and now he is a felon for life .

    • C'mon lady, we all make mistakes at 18, some bigger than others, but don't try to make it seem like this kid is the worst guy on the face of the planet! The young brother needs guidance – not hatred – especially from another black person. WOW, no wonder we will never get ahead … like crabs in a bushel basket!

    • No, just parentally speaking In my mother voice "Son keep your eye on the prize" I'm sure someone told him not to fall for the foolishness ,if we raise our sons in knowing that the law is more crucial to them as being black males, that is ALL the more reason they should detour from trouble…… no one can tell me this young man didn't have someone telling him man you better stay focus!

    • Gina, can't wait to see how perfect you turn out in life.

    • we all make mistakes number one it does not pay to be violent <I know we all make mistakes ,as I said before if you know the law is stiffer on you by being a black male why would you do this ,he obviously is no average Joe, he has or had a great future ahead of him and Gh my life is pretty well I'm very content at the age of 43, I have a stepson in college right now studying Astro-physics and I tell him the same thing …son keep your eye on the prize ! If he gets in trouble he can't say I didn't tell him better.

    • My sentiments exactly BROTHA! We need to stop being the first ones to go against each other. We are the only race that is not willing to accept each other for who we are. History has conformed us into believing that we should never support each other for fear of retribution from our overseers. because we still require an overseer, and has long as we see ourselves through the eyes of others we will never love ourselves.

    • Here's a copy of the video. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-08-19/the-real-reason-americas-schools-stink

      Watch this and then tell me if you think community service would have been a fair punishment?

    • Thank you Gina. He should have known he was going to get in trouble for assaulting that girl. He assaulted her in the building and then took her OUTSIDE to finish beating and stomping her. The only thing on his mind was hatred, revenge, and anger. He is a coward for hitting a woman and he got what he deserved.
      I really can't comprehend the men up here standing up for this abuser. It's all good until it's a daughter, sister, cousin, mother, friend you love.

    • this isn't a case of crabs in a barrel…we are not helping our children by making excuses for their behavior. i'm so over hearing folks talk about what he 'needs'. what i am concerned about is what the victim needs. i don't care if he's the worse or the best he is not above the law. our women/girls have a RIGHT to feel safe. PERIOD.

    • Let him beat up on your little girl then.

    • Yeah and at 18 he was old enough to think about his actions just like Gina said! Why y'all cosigning bad behavior is beyond me. Yes at 18 we do crazy things but I have never kidnapped and assaulted someone so get real!

    • @Lele Janay
      no one is cosigning bad behavior, and not sure what was your point in saying you have never kidnapped someone. i'm sure 99% of the 18 year old high school graduates have never kidnapped someone. therefore this is more than just bad behavior, the kid is obviously mentally unstable and in need of professional help. when the white kid kill people in the movie theater in colorado, you don't have a problem accepting the kid being mentally unstable..but when it's a black kid..oh..he should have thought about his actions and he should know right from wrong. the media has preconditioned you and your kind to think black kids are animals and inane to crime, but it's ok to use mental illness ito justify crimes committed by white teanagers. yes the kid should be punished for his actions, if not probation, then no more than a year in prison. three years in prison is too much time for a sick, 18 year old high school kid.

    • LOL at "you and your kind" Aw David did I strike a nerve with you? You are a pathetic individual who probably needs more of a mental evaluation than this young man does! I don't care if this boy was white, I would still say the SAME thing..Yes he needs help as if that wasn't obvious but he needs prison time too. He could have gotten a much longer sentence but he didn't. I'm done! peace!

    • The reason why I stated that I have never assaulted or kidnapped anyone is because people were commenting saying " He's 18 and we all make mistakes" Well I was a teen once and yes i made mistakes but popping up at someone's apartment to beat the crap out of them is not what I consider a mistake…..It's people like you that cry injustice injustice but you are not around these kids like I am everyday making sure that they learn the proper way to handle emotions so that they DON"T end up in prison…I have a mentoring program BTW so me and my kind are actually doing something unlike well never mind.. God bless you and your fake FB page..way to go!

  6. Apparently he didn't know you should never abuse anyone in any way. Especially a woman. No matter what provokes it. It don't matter who you are. He's just getting a slap on the wrist.

    • he actin like he got life..smh

    • You try doing time in a real facility and see what you act like.

    • That isn't a slap on the wrist. I think some time was deserved, followed by a long probation, and most important, HELP. Three years? Hell, he'd gotten less robbing a bank.


    • The same place most 18-year-old is … nowhere! We all make mistakes at that age, some bigger than others. However, I've seen guys get off for a whole lot worse.

  8. Honestly had this been a white couple I don’t think he would have gotten that sentence…..wonders if the girl was white. And yes I said it. We have similar things going on here when the female is white and the male is black. When the stats are slightly different where the female is black the sentence isn’t as harsh. I’m from Michigan. I don’t think he should have gotten three years for a domestic dispute. People get less time when a person actually kills themselves over a text, pay attention.

  9. He's lucky he got 3 years! Kidnapping and assault is usually 20 years!

    • stop lying…18 year olds high schools graduate with scholarship offers to attend division schools do not get 20 years…they get probation!

    • OK…I guess it would be acceptable for him to do that to your daughter then!

    • ok..if you want to change the subject. no..i would not like it if this kid beat of my daughter/ son, mama, nephew, cousin, grandmama or my dog. as a matter of fact, i would want to beat his ass. but that is not the question here, no one is saying he should not be punished, the issue is the amount of prison time given to an 18 year old kid who obviously has some mental issues. therefore, even if he beat my daughter, i would have to understand the kid is sick in the head. therefore 1 year in prison would have been sufficient in this case.

  10. It’s a sad thing to see any young person caught up in our criminal justice system that’s never been fair or equal for black people. But I’d rather see him in jail than his ex girlfriend in the hospital or dead. That’s usually the end result to these type of abusive situations.

  11. This is unfortunate. People need to learn that violence is not the way to resolve conflicts or disputes.

  12. I see evryone making comments about whats right or whats wrong with the sentence…He made a mistake,hes only 18 yrs old. I dont know what drove him to do what he did and i dont know what she did to cause him to react that way! But talk is cheap and always has been..Has anyone thought about what prison will do to this young man that could be saved at this point! Prison will make him worse not better…how many of you have did three years? not a one i bet!..he will come out of prison after being locked up three years with child molesters and real criminals..If he can be saved now then thats what should be done,there are alternatives to prison!

    • OMGoodness! I was wondering was there ANYBODY out there thinking of saving the lives of BOTH of these kids when they don’t have sense enough to save themselves! Prison is NOT the answer. Him passing out shows that he was clueless of the consequenses. Why ruin his life when there are opportunities of scaring the “hell” out of him and requiring him to additional educational programs to help other teen abusers. #BuildQuailtyMenFromTheirMistakesWithPositiveReinforcement

  13. saw the video and yes he did get off lightly for kicking a white woman!.. *smh.. when the hell will the blk man understand!!
    justice is not blind you of the dark race!!
    in the video it shows him kick her (tryn to stomp her out).
    now had this been blk on blk he would have gotten probation
    had this been white on white it would have never went to court!

    So I don’t feel sorry for him. You have been told over and over stay the hell out the white womans face! !!!..

    • Who made the video? Our brothers gon learn. Ya want a Bunny, huh? Like all the other bruthas that swear “that’s what’s in my circle” crap. Stupid tail dummies. And what’s really sad is that there is really nothing wrong with falling in love with whom ever it is you love…. black, white, green, or grey, but it appears to be a pattern here…popular, well off, or rich black man, white woman…..more often than not. I’m just saying.

  14. What a young FOOL! You have a dream given to you and you throw it away fighting a woman. Where are his parents, especially the father?

    This should be a lesson to all young African-American males, they have a jail cell waiting for your bad behavior.

    I to ask the question, what is her race? Yes, I asked!

  15. He did a wrong deed and now he’s paying the penalty. It’s about consequences. That’s all.

  16. With 2 felony convictions what school out there gives scholarships? You don't normally plead guilty if you aren't in fact guilty. The judge even asks that question before accepting the plea.

  17. He definitely needs counseling because he has anger management issues and the young lady never deserves to be beaten up; however prison will destroy him. I guess that’s the idea behind the sentence~so where is his court appointed attorney? Can his sentence be appealed and reduced with stipulations? Let’s pray for both he and his ex girlfriend. There is so much violence fed to younger people these days, it’s no wonder that he acts out and she is sobbing in court to free him! Both are viticms of the movies, videos, Internet, and of course their first babysitter the TELEVISION! Pray Pray Pray for our young folks.

  18. Is is it possible that he received a harsher sentence due to race-his and hers? Yes. But is the sentence generally appropriate? Yes. I have spent many years working with victims of intimate partner violence. The only time incidents even go to trial is when there is an eyewitness unrelated to the partners or videotape. Rarely does any man get any legal punishment for abusing a woman. Perhaps this is why a 3 year sentence seems so shocking. Reading some comme ts makes me wonder how anyone can justify his behavior NOT incurring g legal consequences. Do you want your daughter to be stomped on, threatened, dragged by her hair, etc? About time that all women of any color were treated with respect. We deserve it and are not going to get it by being upset when one perpetrator gets justice for a change. And by the way. I am generally opposed to prison as being a just solution but our society has no other mode for stopping the domestic abuser: anger management classes and anti-abuse classes do not work. Judging from some of the comments here you can see why: feeling sorry for the abuser, justifying his actions based on what she MIGHT have said or done, yep, that’s what perpetuates this menace, finding excuses to excuse abuse. Misogyny. Simple misogyny.

  19. I’m not even remotely surprised by his reaction. In the wake of Chris Brown, and seeing celebrity men who abuse women remain free from prison while paying a small price (probation, fines, etc.), of course he’s surprised.

    We all need to turn off reality TV and start teaching our young men reality.

  20. He was sentenced 3 years, she has been sentenced for life. (fear, trust issues) Prayer is need for all.

  21. Let me just say, my black nephew just completed a 3-year sentence for domestic abuse in Ohio and the young lady was Black!!! He was in disbelieve when his sentence came down as well and still is…and jail was an absolute AWFUL experience for him- -said he had to fight EVERY day. He has truly learned his lesson the hard way…(unfortunately, we couldn’t tell him anything when he was younger) and is on a mission to keep other members of our family from making those mistakes.

  22. This is a great message to young men! Now lets see if they get the message I suspect this will have the desired effect with our young athletes STOP being abusive or picking these drama queens who want to be A BASKETBALL WIFE.

    • I understand what you're saying about choosing your mate, but no one deserves to be hit, kicked or dragged like that young woman. I think in the case of this story, the message is keep your hands to yourself.

    • Yep that is why i said first they stop being abusive but also young men need to start valuing themselves enough to be celibate or make better choices that help you grow as a man and not remain a boy.

    • I always loved ur views and explanations.. Cuz they are to the point and real.

  23. He should serve around 12-13 months with good behaviour while locked up, so his career will have to unfortunately be put on hold. So unfortunate was his adverse actions, although we all make mistakes but must also pay for our mistakes, so hopefully he and others will learn a lesson that violence does not pay but only create greater problems down the road. This young man has a great future awaiting him after he pays his debt to society, so Gods speed to him, assuming that he chooses the right road to success after this is all over, the choice is his.

  24. First of all the young lady was NOT white…secondly she pleaded with the judge that he needs help. The beating, the testimony, sentencing and judges remarks are all on the Internet. Somewhere in this young man’s life someone failed him. I’m just guessing he was raised by his mother and she probably treated him as if he was going to save them through his promising basketball future. He beat on that girl as if he were entitled. Additionally, he was violating a protection order to stay away from her. Three years is a long time to be incarcerated..period. Thirty days is a long time to be incarcerated. If I were his family I would see to it that there is a positive Black male influence who will regularly visit him to prepare him for the rest of his life when he is released. He needs guidance…that will teach him how to value his OWN life as well as others.

  25. If young people do not understand AND are NOT taught to understand that we have rules in society that we must ALL follow, then these will continue to be the consequences. The bigger question is where did he learn this behavior? Mom? Dad? who taught him that this was ok to do? A better question is who DID NOT teach him that putting your hands on a woman or anyone for that matter is TOTALLY unacceptable, (unless you are truly defending yourself). Luckily it didn't escalate any futher, into stabbing, killing, throwing out window, setting on fire, etc. Hopefully these 3 yrs will give him plently of time to think about his actions and will keep him from EVER committing these actions again. It could have been a lot worse. He is a Man now and actions have consequences.

  26. Maybe Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey will give him a scholarship to Morehouse when he gets out. All you defenders can set him up with YOUR daughters and nieces!

    • Let the church say amen. LOL I thought it was hilarious that he fainted…they waiting on his ass to get to prison.

    • Thank you!!! Everyone acting like Grenarlow Wilson was innocent. News Flash: He's still a registered sex offender!! The blog What About Our Daughters just torn Ebony Magazine down for defending this fool!!
      We need to start placing value on women and girls!!!!

    • Now you should know better than bringing Genarlow Wilson into this conversation lady. He never raped, or kidnapped anyone. He had consensual sex with a 16-year-old while he was 17 years old. If you think that's worth 20 years of jail time, no offense, but you're nuts!

    • angry black women alert…will somebody give this sista a hug?

    • David Jones She's Angry because she believes that Black women should not be nearly beaten to death. You and Eric have issues. That's why I left Blackistan and losers like you a long time ago.

    • Honey you need to go read about Genarlow Willson's case. He is STILL a registered sex offender. Bet you didn't know he was caught on camera having sex and passing around an unconsious 17 year old and leaving her on the bathroom floor. It's all ong camera. Better yet, read this: http://www.whataboutourdaughters.com/waod/2010/10/29/your-genarlow-wilson-refresher-course-youre-not-entitled-to.html
      It's sadly amusing you do not know the whole story behind him.

    • no, if being angry is the only way you can speak the truth…so be it!

    • Black women have access to the full range of human emotions just like all other people. Stop trying to silence people with your 'angry black woman' tropes.

    • David you sound stupid!

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  28. My first question is whether the young lady is white or black – don’t think it doesn’t make a difference. This young man has 3 yrs to think about the great life he threw away on a woman that he was not married to or even knew for any real amount of time. The new lynching is prison terms for Black men who like Forbidden Fruit and can’t afford it or don’t have that “house Ni**a” mentality to hold on to her (you know you have to keep her laughing). I guess you’re still young – you’ll learn.

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