Three Black College Students Create “Instagram For Fashion”

One weekend, Darian Demetri, Kris Jordan, and Eric Chisolm were hanging out, like most college students do, when they realized that they were all entrepreneurs but had nothing to preneur.

They quickly began brainstorming about what was missing from society that they could create and profit from. That night, the idea for was born. Using money from their financial aid returns at school and some financial assistance from their parents, the friends created a fashion photo rating website where users can rate clothes, tag brands, and battle looks.

Darian, the youngest of the three, assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer and manages the website’s design and day-to-day operations. He’s previously owned several successful websites dating back to when he was 10 years old. He started off with, an online journal for teens to voice their opinions on movies, music, videos game, etc. as well as Nyoplaid News, a newspaper for the website. When MySpace was at its peak, Darian created, a social networking website for teens in 2007. Since then, he’s written celebrity gossip for his own website, but after a cease and desist letter from a California based conglomerate shut the site down, he went on to write for other websites, until launching Darian also co-authored with his mom a financial advice book for teens called What My Mom Taught Me About Money.

Kris, a finance major at a Florida state college, is’s Chief Financial Officer and manages the Twitter account. Eric, a business major at a Florida state college, works as Chief Operations Officer, which includes checking the website for lewd behavior, and managing Faddest’s Instagram account.

These three intelligent African American entrepreneurs hope to have a success story similar to Instagram some day, complete with a mobile app and a billion dollar bank account.

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  1. Derrick at 1:38 pm


    Anyway…good job young brothers. As y’all can see ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS THE ONLY WAY FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!! HELP EACH OTHER!

    This is what these foreigners do in our communities…they keep in the family, but negroids would rather help the labanese, chinese and the japanese before they’ll help THEIR NEICE!!!


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