Sad and Embarrassing: Chad Johnson on Video Begging for His Job with the Dolphins

Chad Johnson was caught on video begging to try to keep his job with The Miami Dolphins.   The whole embarrassing exchange was caught on video on the show “Hard Knocks,” as Chad was having a meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin.

The video aired last night and showed Chad looking at his coach humbly, like a little puppy being led to slaughter.  In spite of his begging, the coach still let him go.

“Coach, I’ve never been in trouble before … ever,” were the words that were uttered to Johnson.   But according to TMZ, Johnson had been arrested in 2000 for domestic violence after he slapped his girlfriend.

Chad has been in the news a lot lately after being arrested after his fight with new wife, Evelyn Lozada.  Evelyn claims that Chad head-butted her, and he says that she head-butted him.  Since then, Chad has lost his job, and the couple also lost their new VH1 reality series.

Chad is running into the same wall that a lot of arrogant athletes run into.  It’s the one where you’re an old guy with a ton of risk and very little upside, leading you to be put to the side.  Maybe all those years when Chad was cheesing for the cameras and acting like a complete ass, he could have been saving his money and preparing for a life after football.

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  1. Lillian Smith at 10:19 am

    This story heading is pretty disgusting. I do not feel he was bagging at all. In fact, I think he handled this bad news very well. We need to be considerate when writing and reporting news of this nature. I am sure he is not proud of what is going on right now; afterall he is getting ready to lose income and his status.

  2. Debra Goodwin at 2:27 pm

    He should feel like the biggest ASS in the world, He thought to much of his little HEAD..[LMAO] Fuk off and ride you ace on into where ever you has been go, I do not feel bad for him r her; just go away.

  3. Nef at 10:27 am

    Please forgive me but all I heard was, “massa please let me stay on de plantation, yous been good ta me and i knows dat i did sumfin to embarass you an da team. i’s sorry. i;s wants ta stay.” … ‘aight den, is tank you for de oppotunty.”

  4. William Easley at 10:28 am

    What’s truly sad & embarrassing is your pathetic headline to this story. Chad wasn’t begging. He was defending himself in this face a job loss. Something too many Americans have faced for you to call it sad & embarrassing. Chad’s actions that led to this may have been stupid & shortsighted, but his meeting with Philbin wasn’t. He stood up & defended himself like a man. You’d be stupid to not fight to keep your job, no matter how much it pays. Piss poor writing like this is why I’m ending my subscription to Boyce’s email blast.

  5. Warren Johnson at 11:27 am

    Many of you like to see a man down, and like some blood thirsty barbarians, you join in kicking him. If he begged for his job there is nothing wrong with that. He has a family to feed and take care. It speaks to the nasty and inhumane nature of that Red Neck coach, who seem to have had it in for him for a while. I hope that he will bounce back from all of this….

  6. J Reed at 11:43 am

    I agree, Chad was not begging for his job nor looking like a sad puppy. If anything he sat there professionally with an angered & fraustrated look on his face, while the coach sat there talking to him without looking in his eyes like a man, beating around the bush with a sugar coated explanation to why he was taking away Chad’s way of feeding his family. Also Chad was simply stating that he has never been in trouble while in the NFL which is true. He had an incident in 2000 while in college, but has not had any problems since. Ben Roethlisberger has been in trouble multiple times with sexual assault incidents & other problems but the league & media has seemed to forgive him quite easy. Black men already have it tough with national media outlets bashing us & constantly putting us in a negative spotlight, its sad to see Black news sites do it as well. We aid in the prosecution of our own based on allegations as well as other do.

    • Bettie Ashley at 3:29 pm

      This man was judged and crucified by the media, both main stream and others. It is a shame that this could happen to anyone on mere allegations. I have not seen that he was tried and convicted or plead guilty to any crime. All I have seen is the man defending himself from these allegations. Who knows what is true or not true. His wife could have had her own agenda and indeed could have initiated the head butt. She could have felt slighted in some way and knows that as the wife of a professional athlete she has the power to bring him down a notch or two, even if it means losing status herself. That, I may be going down, but you are going down with me syndrome. Sad is this kind of injustice, not Mr. Johnson’s defense of his honor and livelihood. Shame on whoever wrote that headline and article. I hope when, not if, but when it is your turn to defend your honor, the media will be kinder to you.

    • sherry at 7:57 pm

      I agree TOTALLY! Dr. Boyce get on my got-dern nerves with there’s “trick” articles downing the already self-taught stupid lessons that these guys get to learn. This man’s actions are not excusable but lose his career? No! While R’berger comes out like a boycott. But then THIS site advertises Mitt Romney’s campaign. #GoFigure

  7. Lenny at 12:10 pm

    “Coach, I’ve never been in trouble before … ever,” were the words that were uttered to Johnson.

    You mean the words that were uttered to Philbin, the coach. Hire an editor.

  8. Majid at 1:03 pm

    Another lesson. White cop kills black person.. keeps job. Black NFL player assaults wife.. looses job and other sources of income. Just one of many observations that make sick to my stomach when I still see black people defend America.

  9. Cortez at 1:21 pm

    If ur a multimillionaire u shouldn’t be begging anybody 4 a job to feed ur family u should be creating jobs. What a slave.

  10. Renee at 1:43 pm

    I agree with JReed because he sat there and listen to what the coach said he took responsiablity for what he did. but on the same token he was suppose to ask to keep his job stop acting like if u had been fired u wouldnt have ask for ur job back thats not begging thats beeing a adult and knowing that u need to have a pay check comming in the house. i do believe that it shouldnt have been video tape

  11. Renee at 1:47 pm

    I also find it funny that a female who loves to throw bottles jump across takes and smack people stood a let someone head-but her IJS.

  12. Dollarsdoug at 4:17 pm

    Black Like Me is really throwing brothers under the bus! These men were caught up in a mess that they couldn’t get themselves out of. Now that they realize that they have to make some adjustments. It would be better to encourage them, not state the most obvious and most negative.

    I’m beginning to think that Black Like Me doesn’t like the blackness in me. White athletes and entertainers aren’t thrown under the bus like black ones are, and “black media” should stick up for us just like white media does for its own.

    Shame on you, Black Like Me! If you spent as much time defending us as you do gloating when one of us falls, you could help inspire that brother or sister to recover, therefore encouraging more of us to model THAT, instead of just failing and accept the failure as the end of the story, which it isn’t.

    Chad is like a lot of black men out there, ad no one wants to give them understanding or encouragement, especially the white media. They absolutely enjoy seeing us fall, but they excuse white stars when they fall.

    Think about it: 1 name-Charlie Sheen. Another name: Robert Downey Jr. He had tons of problems, but then he was allowed to recover, and look at him now. He just enjoyed a $50 million+ payday per his agreement to star in ‘The Avengers’.

    In sports, this is the same story: Steve Howe is the poster boy for messing up, but he got tons and tons of 2nd chances.

    Black athletes can’t mess up 1 time without attacks, and black media just jumps on the bandwagon. Your function was supposed to be to uplift, defend and inspire us, not gloat when we fall. Everybody falls. What matters if the person gets up again…

    Quit attacking black men without hesitation!

  13. peaceeternal at 5:04 pm

    For those of you who believe this misleading article, I declare to you: Chad Johnson was not begging for his job. Please, watch the video. The miami coach, organization, and cohorts were trying to embarrass the wayward brother. I have never seen a professional sports teams ever do this to a player; i.e., disseminate via international, visual media a coach firing an athlete, and the player responding. I strongly believe they wanted Chad to plead/beg for his job; or become demonstrably angry and hostile. Thankfully, Chad did neither, and conducted himself in a dignified manner.

  14. Insightful at 5:35 pm

    Nef u have me laughing so hard I can’t be insightful lol. Yous a faunny man/woman I am not sure, but stand up comedy sounds right 2me

  15. Crystal Jackson Boyd at 12:01 am

    what's so interesting about a man begging for his job. Anybody with a family or ambition would be begging for their jobs too if they got fired. There are 3 sides to every story, Goodness!

    • Danita Johnson at 1:17 am

      Had he been doing his job; and, behaving as though he had sense, he would not have lost his job; and, would not have to be begging to get it back. Sometimes, we need to remember where we came from. As many people in need today; and, he and her are on national TV behaving as though they have no home training. God says: "to whom much is given, much is required". He should have taken that into consideration when he was shelling out garbage. Garbage in, garbage out!!!

    • Crystal Jackson Boyd at 2:52 am

      why did u feel the need to reply to my comment? I stated my opinion and it still stands the same. I didn't read urs because its ur opinion and I'm not concerned with it.

    • Danita Johnson at 4:00 am

      I read all comments; and, yours happened to be one that warranted my comment. Now, do you own space on these sites to where you can tell people whether they can or cannot comment on what you write. Just as you have an opinion so does everyone else on these blogs and news sites. No one is trying to change your opinion; just keeping the thread flowing. that is what these blogs are for–in case you didn't know that. To even ask why I felt a need to comment on your post clearly shows that you are, indeed, concerned which is quite the contrary to what you are saying. Now, as far as your attitude about it: "Garbage in; garbage out"…!!!

    • Crystal Jackson Boyd at 4:34 am

      Danita Johnson, I'm not sure why your so angry. Maybe someone has hurt you in the past and your using the internet as an outlet. A few years ago I woulda cussed you out but since I'm in the process of getting saved I'll just reach out and give you a big cyber hug, cause Girl you need it. Now Imma tell you how I tell my kids when they're getting on my nerves(as u are) GO THE HELL TO BED!!!!!

    • Danita Johnson at 4:38 am

      Not angry at all; just responding to an angry black girl. You're right: tell your kids to go to bed; because I'm not one of them. For someone who claim not to be concerned about my comments, you sure have me in your head for some reason. I do not need a cyber hug, I have the love of Jesus in my heart; and, the Word of God wrapped within and out. No such thing as being "in the process of being saved". You either are, or are not. Since you are not yet; then, I will say to you: "repent for the kingdom of God is at hand". "Repent in your heart, and you too shall be saved". Now, stop letting satan try using you to serve as a tare among my wheat, Evelyn Lozado, Jr.

  16. Ishmar Muhammad at 8:06 pm

    This is why you save your Money & stay Humble & Beg Allah (God) not some Cracker at a Football team that ain’t shit Begging for a Job! He might as well get back on that Plantation straight Begging Crackers! As a Man you take what is yours and Shake Da Spot Player! A Real Man Makes His own Job so he is Operating from a Position of Strenghth not Weakness I understand Chad you only know this Game & that’s all you know Sad Day in Hell! These Crackers Got him y’all

  17. Ishmar Muhammad at 8:09 pm

    Who told these Negroes it was alright to put they Hands on Women! Stop listening to these BraindeadNegroes on the Street! Tired of your Ignorant Asses! Set us back a 100 years to the Color Purple! & I hate that movie & Precious 2 hate u too!

  18. Ishmar Muhammad at 8:17 pm

    Hey Homie wasn’t she Married to Antoine Jamison that Brother Who used to play for Boston #8 She was in the Spot when my Boy Pierce Was Pierced? Ghetto Hoodrat! These Broads about Dollars get some real Women not these Groupies & Flousies! Stop it! Tired of y’all 2 take a Brother down like the titanic lol

  19. nyclater at 8:18 pm

    Why is it “SAD AND EMBARASSING”… that he is asking or begging for his job back?? Is this article writter by a black women and part of the black women agend to put down black men?? If this was a white man would the title still say sad and embarassing?? i mean he doesnt want to lose his job, what sad and embarassingh about that?? many people in sports have done the same!!

  20. Ishmar Muhammad at 8:30 pm

    It’s a Different History Baby! Slavery is involved we Begged all Day & the Cracker still sold our people so it’s of no Consiquence to Begg? Work from our Strenght run the tell up out of there and sign with another team! They will get the idea wasn’t this the Same Cracker who son killed himself up in Wisconsin somewhere these Crackers just Mad at the World! If they Crazy like that,then we must be insane Handcuffed going to jail & kill youself? Let them Crackers tell it!

  21. Danita Johnson at 9:12 pm

    Someone mentioned that: “the red-neck coach had it in for Chad anyway”… Well, if that is true, it seems to me that Chad should have been on best behavior; and, not adding fuel to the flames with all of his antics with Evelyn, even prior to the marriage. If you are already skating on thin ice, you should sit you a_ _ down somewhere, and act as though you have good sense rather than making matters worse for yourself. I’m no fan nor enemy of he nor Evelyn; but, their mess became too damn outrageous. Now, what both of them got is about what they both deserved. As many people out here starving, homeless, and needing income; and, these idiots are out here behaving as though they have no good sense; and, wasting great opportunities on bulls_ _ _!!!

  22. suebee at 9:40 pm

    To late Chad you should have thought about your job before you hit your wife you that made that bed so you will have to lie In It. So next time think before you get all angry .Maybe you should go and get some help.

  23. Ana at 9:36 am

    In my opinion Chad (who is not one of my favorite people) walked into a set up. The coach had planned this public humiliation and Chad walked in like a lamb to the slaughter, not knowing what had been planned. I’m sure had he been warned it might have turned out differentallly with him walking away, with his manhood still intact.

  24. tawanda at 12:59 pm

    truth be told, how many of us would beg too if we had a job that paid that much? I honestly can understand why he doesn’t want to let it go so easily. and sometimes a little brown-nosing is worth it when you’re making millions?!!!!! lol.

  25. freeze at 6:51 pm

    If I were in his position I would try to get my job back just as any warm blood human being. The unployment lines are long and what little money you have coming in from unployment is for the birds. Truly it’s not enough to live on. Chad try and keep your job no one is paying the bills but you.

  26. kdd at 7:03 am

    We all fall short of perfection,and he that is without sin cast the first stone! Trust and believe an everpresent God reads our hearts as an open book and knows everything about us,even things we want nobody else to know…Why are so many people swimming around Chad Johnson sharks ready to devour him? What’s even more disturbing is why this video is available to the public? In today’s workforce we sign an at-will clause as a new-hire which basically gives the employer authorization to fire an employee without a reason. Yet if any of us got fired and that employer videotaped the firing and released it to the public we would be ready to catch a charge for giving that supervisor a beatdown,or we would find a lawyer to sue the employer.

  27. Frances at 9:36 am

    I agree with Majid and JReed, I would for their hearing and listen to all the facts before juming on this Brother of ours. If you Negors that committed first do not give consideration to your own people, you are the ones that are truly lost and confussed. Give Chad an oppertunity to defend his self and have his day in court. Which is what we all would demand if we accused of a crime, this is his word against hers.

  28. joseph at 12:30 pm

    Who ever wrote this column is absolutely false. Chad was not begging for his job back. He was told what direction the organization was going in and he was not a part of that. He asked if there was anthing that could be done….

    The answer was no so he moved on in the convo the fact that he was beggin was a absolute lie!!!!

    and false

    I particularly am not a fan of Chad….but it is the truth that matters…

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