President Obama Clowns Clint Eastwood on Twitter

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During the Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood gave a strange 10 minute speech that consisted of a lot of rambling.  The headlines generated by Eastwood almost took the show away from Mitt Romney, who happened to be announcing his acceptance of the Republican nomination that night.

One interesting part of the speech is when Eastwood turned to an empty chair, speaking to the chair as if President Obama were sitting in it.   This led to the creation of a Twitter account called @InvisibleObama.

“Did I just get invisible credit for taking out Bin Laden?” was one of the first Tweets to be fired off.  The account picked up 37,000 followers in a matter of hours.

The bio for the account says: “Stage left of Clint Eastwood.”

“Someone should tell Marco Rubio he’s standing on my foot right now”


“When Mitt Romney says ‘Mr. Chairman,’ do you think he’s referring to me?”


“Let me paraphrase you, Mitt: Global warming?! Ha! How could you believe in something that you can’t even see? #7kindsofirony”

“Everyone’s asking, ‘who’s behind @invisibleobama?’ That seems like a silly question, doesn’t it?,” Invisible Obama tweeted, adding the hashtag #thinkabouthatone.

Even President Obama got in on the act.  Sitting in the Oval Office, the president tweeted a picture of himself sitting in the Commander-in-Chief’s chair with the words “This seat’s taken.”


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  1. I love me some PRESIDENT OBAMA.Funny as heck…

  2. lmbo…………..you go boy!

  3. I thought the guy was drunk or hight on DRUGS.


    • WELL SAID.

  5. Some of the things Clint Eastwood said favored the President. One thing for sure it backfired on Willard. I WATCHED a lot of it say them tell lies. Thats ok because some of us pray but more important we vote. Think they aree so smart the thieves thier day will come and yours will too if you dont vote. Obama 2012

  6. I used to thank a lot of Eastwood.

  7. Pure comedy without even trying. It's like the second coming of Heston. "You can pry his chair from his cold, dead hands."

  8. We need to get out the vote….TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED! With Repbulicans trying to shorten voting hours in mixed districts likely to vote Democratic (Ohio), we can’t be complacent.

    Too many new restrictions on voting…..and too many comments coming from the RNC highlighting HOW they intend to minimize the minority vote…..take Rep. Bonner’s comments from Ohio as an example, and the comments of Republican officials in Pennsylvania.

    Beware of the infringement on our constitutional rights by republicans in the toss up states…..I suspect one or two will try to NOT validate the outcome for the President (Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as warnings!)

  9. Why did Romney destroy all of the Computer Memories of his staff and when he was Governor,he buried all of the Records including for the 2002 Olympics? His Tax Records are Shady and would Raise Eyebrows,”If The Public Knew…Romney stated”Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” Romney has something To Hide, BEWARE of ROMNEY…Not to mention Paul Ryan.Please, he Authored a Budget Plan that would Slash Trillions of Dollars in Government Spending over the next[10] years,beginning with Massive Cuts in Medicare, Social Security and practically every Domestic Spending Priority That Does Not Benefit The Super Rich…BEWARE OF Romney and Ryan BUSH and Cheney…GET OUT THE DUCT TAPE!!!……….VOTE-VOTE-VOTE–OBAMA–OBAMA–OBAMA 2012!!!

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