PonyTail: Young Lady Does an AWESOME Poetric Tribute to Gabby Douglas

We don’t know this young lady’s name (wait, we know it now: Jasmine Waiters), but we can only say that today is one of those days where we thank God that people send us things through our Facebook inbox.   This young lady’s poetic tribute is an outrageous and justifiable response to the crazy controversy over Gabby Douglas’ hair.

A few idiots on Twitter and in hair salons around the country were making remarks about the quality of Gabby’s hair, even as she made history as the first African American to ever win the all-around competition in gymnastics at the Olympics.  Gabby is a two-time gold medalist, yet there are some negroes who are so ignorant that they think she’d have been better off spending her training time at the hair salon.

Check this poem out below.  We promise you’ll be jumping out of your seat by the time it’s over.

As her video has gone viral, Jasmine finally sent out this note to the public (below).  To be so bold and beautiful in her poem about Gabby, she presents herself in a very down-to-earth manner.  An amazing black woman indeed.

Hello world! First of all I would like to say thank you all for your nice comments, love and support. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! Your words of encouragement put a constant smile on my face throughout the day. So thank you!

A few fun facts about me
1)My name is Jasmine Waiters
2)I live in California
3)I know I look 16, but I’m actually turning 21 next month
4) I’m a student-athlete (Basketball) at Norte Dame de Namur
5) I truly love and appreciate everyone who supports me


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  1. It is time for us all to realizes hate that is taught against black people in this country speaks to the fact we are not the only people who recognize the threat of equality for fear of our many talents. It was the Africans who built Ancient Egypt Africa thousands of years before the “Western Culture?” The goal of the Greeks was not based on the race lie. They admitted that they studied in Africa.

  2. absolutely wonderful God help our ppl

  3. Outstanding Jasmine Waiters, to say the very least! I feel you sis, and I'm going to rock my Ponytail too! You go girl, that's the spirit we all should have.

  4. There were were some pointed and emotional reactions to my original post. This is a rather broad response to those reactions. Number one, I DID NOT watch the Olympics because I do not care what America does in a pissing contest with other nations. America has so much wrong with it that I can not become chauvinistic nor ecstatic about winning medals in a sports competition. Now, I know I may be alone in this opinion…but so be it. Now, I believe I gave both Gabby and Jasmine their props in my previous post. Yes, they are very talented and gifted young women. I see bright futures in store for both of them, which Gabby is already realizing. I think everyone jumped right over my positive expressions, right into what seemed to them to be negative comments. I did not malign either young lady. I think that saying they could use tips about their hair was not derogatory. Having said all of that…I noticed I was quoted more than once out of context! (Please reread previous post if necessary).
    Now, I did say, as I looked up at the tv I noticed that her hair (keyword) “LOOKED” unclean and matted. That’s how it looked on the tv screen and that was my initial impression. I did say, her hair was (keyword) “ALMOST” a total distraction. I also pointed out, if it was not a distraction, why would there be this particular discussion?
    Other random reactionary posts were: “A lot of hairdressers themselves don’t keep their done.” QUESTIONS: Should we model them? Is that good for their business?? On second thought, there is not enough time nor space to address all of the reactions. Some reactions were really ludicrous. You may pray for me. I welcome all prayer. One love.

  5. I wish more people could think like you! It's a shame that we overlook one another's greatest achievements by picking at their slightest flaws.

  6. What eloquence this young lady has demonstrated! It also appears that she possesses a wisdom one rarely encounters so early in life.


  8. Hello young lady! I am the Dean of a High School on Nassau County New York. Your Poem is profound and right on time. School is about to start, and I need your permission to use your video as a workshop for some of my students. Please e-mail your approval or dissapproval to ksaunders@uniondaleschools.org.

    • This is amazing!! May have to ask for the same permission!! Thanks for sharing it !! Speak to you tonight!

  9. what an awesome young lady.

  10. You have re-invigorated my faith in the next generation. I am almost happy that the ignorant had their say. Otherwise, we would not have heard your beautiful voice. Hopefrully, you will NEVER allow it to be silenced. If I could, I'd give you a gold metal!

  11. An attack on Gabby Douglas will not be tolerated by our sisters who are filled with selfhatred and ignorance . We have withstood racism and hatred by our oppressors, I dare you to mutter such unpleasant words and insults to our African-American prize.

    Thanks you so much for comming to her defense and sharing the meassage that you wrote for all to ponder. I salute you too!

  12. Awesome!

  13. Amen, Say it again Little Sister!

  14. Ms. Jasmine, well done, you sound like the future Maya Angelo, WOW !!!!!!! That was hearthfelt and I know Ms. Gabby appreciate you. You have spoken for me. Thank You young lady for speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. AMEN

  15. All the TV reports should have you on and give you your Props
    for such a well done Poem. Go on with the words and the BOLDNESS and get your it’s coming God’s Favor to you

  16. Awesome. Totally awesome. Moving. And beautiful too.

  17. A true Goddess you are sis. You moved me. I take a huge breath when I see another sister rising above it all….with undeniable courage… to call the masses of our black women and girls to get stronger, unite, woman-up, and save ourselves. Save ourselves from the lower nature that we’ve given in to, believing that we don’t have the power to transform the state of our black world…and ultimately the world at large.
    Love you for this sis…stay true…be strong. Remember, only a few are chosen to lead the journey out…and one of them is definitely you.
    My girl!

  18. Keep speaking out. Your thought and words are powerful and uplifting.

  19. Thank you God!! Wow!!

  20. Outstanding 🙂

  21. I love it! you go girl!,, very intelligent, smart and beautiful young lady,,,

  22. A very POWERFUL statement for the African American population, because this lets you know that our children are not asleep, but waiting for leaders like this young Black African American Woman to take the lead in the wake-up call to call Black People of Color all over the World… Thank you Ms. Jasmine Waiters, because we WAIT no more!

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