Chris Brown and Drake Sued for $16 Million Over Bar Room Fight

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Chris Brown and Drake are learning the hard way that if you get into bar room brawls, the rich guy is going to end up paying the medical bills.  The two men are being sued for $16 million for their role in the highly-publicized melee, so it’s going to cost them a few bucks to make up for this one.

Neither Brown nor Drake’s team has responded to the lawsuit.   The suit says that on that fateful day on June 14, neither artist did anything to stop the fight that led to so many people being injured.

The suit has been filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.   We don’t know what their stake in the game is, but they are certainly going after the deep pockets from the situation.

No charges have been filed from the fight as of yet.  Police are saying that the fight started after Drake’s group confronted Brown and his crew as he was leaving the lounge.

Attorney Andrew T. Miltenberg says that both men instigated the fight, making both of them responsible.

“It’s their posse, and they’re in charge, and to the extent that they could have controlled or dissipated whatever was going on, we don’t believe they did,” he said.

The company suing the artists owns the copyright or Greenhouse.  They claim that because of the negative publicity the fight generated, deals fell through to license the Greenhouse name to other clubs across the country.



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  1. boys will be boys, rich or poor! NC(noo class)

  2. When keeping it gangster goes severely wrong! This is the very reason WHY I DON’T CLUB…

  3. I guess they are shocked that each are being sued. Glad both are being sued because maybe both will learn a lesson…..Grow Up

  4. Boys will be boys and fools will be fools. These hood rats are acting like they are still in the hood with a few dollars in their pockets and the hood is calling them back. If that is the way they chooses to live, then this is the way they will choose to die. GOOD LUCK

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