Chad Johnson is About to be Homeless

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Isn’t it strange that we’re all talking about Chad Johnson this week?  You have to wonder if all of his business would be out in the street if he hadn’t been fighting with his wife.  Really, we don’t even know what happened, but everyone is talking about Chad.

First, Chad lost his job with the Miami Dolphins after being arrested for Domestic violence.   The firing was even caught on video, making it that much more humiliating.  Then, Chad and Evelyn both lose their new VH1 reality show, cutting into their slush fund.  Finally, Chad was just dropped from an endorsement deal with a company that makes coconut water (Do you know what that is?  Me neither).

Last, but not least, there are now reports that Chad is going to lose his home in Miami.  Reports are that his condo has a maintenance fee of $863 per month, and Chad isn’t paying.  The company has reached out to Chad to let him know that if he doesn’t pay the $31,000 he owes, he’s going to be out on his butt.

This is a tough week for Chad and a tough year for tall, dark, famous wide receivers with a bunch of kids.  Terrell Owens, you hear that?


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  1. Think about it: Chad may have other homes, and this may have been just an extra one. He’s not destitute, but he’ll have to tighten his belt quite a bit. Let him chat with T.O. about how he can get the courts to let him pay reduced child support payments for the time being-until he gets back on his feet. Another NFL team might be calling soon. Injuries happen….

  2. Proof that ignorant Nicca’s w/ money are still IGNORANT! Hopefully some kids & future athletes look at him & all the other bad examples of athletes then decide to stay their ignorant asses in school! These clowns need etiquette & money management skills!

  3. When it rains it POURS!

  4. Some of these ignorantasses are still trying to pop Bottles or impress other Negroes who are Envy & Jealous of they A##es to hell with them! Chad I hope you can Bounce Back! And get signed for shownuff I wanna a see you shine I know you from So Cal area & Santa Monica! Get yours Blackman! Make it Happen!

  5. When it rains it pours…

  6. When it rains it pours, sad!

  7. When it rains, its Definitly gonna poor down..

  8. Adam and Ev……uh….I mean Chad and Ev

  9. He serves his stupid behind right. He could not see the problems he was creating for himself. He willl have an attitude adjustmen now.

  10. This is a classic example of what marrying the wrong woman can do to a man.

    • ….And he became the right man when?

    • All she did was contribute to the craziness that was already there. Two egotistical people in a marriage usually results in problems. Neither of them seem to have ever faced any consequences for their in your face behavior with other people. It took each other to finally have them taste a slice of humble pie.

    • Ms. Miller, you and I both know that heffa wasn't punking the right person.

  11. Evelyn if you are behind this, well all I can say is maybe these brothers will stop being color struck & began lookin @the HEART of a woman. If we all look @ the similarities all these brothers tryn 2pick the as-light-as I can get her sista, but are 4 gettn 2get2 know what they R gettn themselves into. I am not talkn about all redbones, I’m talkn about the ones who think their crap don’t stink (u know who u are). Everybody was talkin about Armorosa, but look @ her now. Loving her man like a woman should. All I can say is Kanye BE CAREFUL cause if she don’t bring u down her life’s choices will. Go find u a REAL SISTA who hasn’t slept w/all of CALIFORNIA.

    • i agree!!!!

  12. Maybe the chick on the side will pay his back rent. Where’s his Mother, or Auntie? Somebody, that could have talked sense to him.

  13. Chad no 1 deserves what you are going through but the next time you choose 2use ur head, try 2 use it 2 process a thought & not to dislodge one!!!

  14. Chad, next time use your head above your shoulders, not the one below your waist. It will always get your dDUMB, ass in trouble. And that goes for all you young black men who only think with your head below your belt buckles.I have no dislike for athletes, but you guys are really stupid.

    • But that’s where the term “dumb jock” comes from. LoL!!!

  15. @insightful..I heard that!! Right on.

  16. Headline:
    Chad is not homeless.
    Do you guys ever write a truthful headline?

  17. Play football and stop playing game before it's too late.. FOOL

  18. Play football and stop playing games before it's too late.. FOOL

  19. Apparently his home in Miami is the one home he had because Evelyn wanted to do a complete makeover and get rid of all that red he had in it.I don’t wish bad on anyone but it is always wise to think before we speak and think before we act because it could have disastrious consequences as in this case.Now neither one of them has anything and they may have forfeited the money from their reality show too since VH1 is not airing it and just to think they were both on top of the world and have now lost it all.Chad will be forever link to domestic violence and Evelyn will always be looked at as being foul mouth loose, and a grown bully and their will be no basketball wives for her anymore

  20. Chad is not broke nor is he homeless. However, until he finds himself and who he really is, and stop making the type of choices based upon what the world sez is “Slick, Hip, and Cool”, you will hear many ugly stories about him in the future. Come on, not paying your bills, when many of us struggle just to make ends meet is not uncommon, for those high profile celebrities, entertainers, and sports figure who are on top of the world. I pray for your soul and hope you find some Jesus in the midst of your storm Mr. Chad. Try hooking up with a God Fearing Sista who will have your back, and not your bank account.

  21. No, this is the classic example of what happens to Black men that marry outside of their race!

  22. @Donald,are you serious? Sounds like somebody has been listening to their mother's gossip with her girlfriends.Evelyn is black by the way

    • Evelyn is Hispanic….By the way…

  23. I have no sympathy for Chad…he didn’t want a dark skinned woman, which is certainly his choice, but I am very curious to know what color his mother is? His arrogance is way over the line, and it’s pretty obvious that women are merely “objects” to
    him. If suggesting a threesome is something he really did, Evelyn
    should have left that dude way before the head-butting incident!
    The only thing I have to say to Evelyn is: “when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas!” Remember that mistake and be sure not to do THAT ONE again!

  24. Let’s pray for him……..


    This woman was assaulted! What she did up to that point is irrelevant. What chad did was criminal and speaks volumes of his character….or the lack thereof. But, he made a terrible mistake. Is he not made of flesh and blood? Does he get no second chance. Complaining about his choice of wife and her color and all that rubbish is just that, trash. Chad, hang on in there brother…..redemption is real and very good for the soul. Talk to our father who art in heaven.

  26. Some people are still hung up on race. So am I .. The HUMAN race.

  27. Let me say this, and I am serious. Too many dark skinned women lash out at men who marry women of a lighter hue, when, for the most part, women do the same thing. We did not get our rich colors from everyone marrying or mating with someone of the same color as them. Hey, I love my MILK CHOCOLATE in the winter and DARK CHOCOLATE in the summer complexion. Dig yourself. Nature will do the rest.

  28. Ah,C.r.,you do know that Puerto Ricans,Dominicans,Cape Verdeians,Venezuelans and Columbians have African blood running through a lot of them,right?And the truth does not have to be validated by your ignorance.Mother Africa is all up in Evelyn.You can call her a Klingon if you wish,but the truth still rules.

  29. Give him a Nobel Peace Prize. I hear one on Capital Hill will be looking for a new neck to dangle from.

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