Cause Of Tyler Perry’s Second Studio Fire Revealed

by / August 30, 2012 News one Comments

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Investigators have identified the cause of the second fire at Tyler Perry’s studio in Atlanta to be careless smoking. Atlanta Fire Rescue Department’s Capt. Marian McDaniel, said that no criminal charges were pending. The fire broke out on Monday morning on the roof of the building undergoing repairs. Firefighters worked for about an hour to get the fire under control. The structural integrity of the building was not compromised.

This was the second blaze in recent months at the filming complex. On May 1, more than 100 firefighters battled a blaze that ripped through a simulated streetscape at the studios, sending flames about six stories into the sky. The cause of that fire was not determined because the intensity of that fire consumed any evidence that could be used to determine its origin.


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  1. Sounds suspect…someone dont want him their ..First off what r they doing on the roof of the building smoking…this sounds crazy…when they could of been in their cars , or outside the building….then they didnt find evidents the first fire that was started.

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