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August 23, 2012

Porn Star Mr. Marcus Tested Positive For Syphilis, Continued To Perform

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We may have located the primary source of the outbreak of syphilis in the porn industry: Porn favorite, Mr. Marcus. When he tested positive for syphilis, he failed to report his positive status and performed in three movies between July 24-Aug 8. Although he apologized for his ‘mistakes,’ he doesn’t feel that he endangered anyone by performing with his positive status. He claims the reason why he continued to work with the…

No Longer King? Golfer Says He Wants to Kick Tiger Woods’ Ass

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It looks like the game of golf is finally getting the rivalry that it’s been looking for.  Tiger Woods, typically the only black man on the course, dominated the game of golf for a decade.  Then, his control over the game shattered as quickly as the back windshield of his truck the night that his wife gave him club swinging lessons in the side of his head. Now, other players…

New Black Panther Party To Followers: “We’re Under Siege By The Republican National Convention”

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The chief of staff for the New Black Panther Party told listeners of the Black Power Radio,who are in Tampa, Florida to beware of the Republican National Convention. “In the city of Tampa, we are under siege by the Republican National Convention, headers of this collective-minded group of white people, tea partiers, tea baggers, people who hate black people,” Michelle Williams warned listeners.”Black people have to stay in our homes,”…