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August 20, 2012

Tyrese Has a Message for Women and Gay Black Men

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  In this video, the singer Tyrese has a few things to say gay black men and black women.  At the age of 33, Tyrese has been flying high for years and apparently, he’s become an authority all things that involve love and relationships.  In the video, Tyrese gives women advice on dealing with men.  He says that being the super independent woman isn’t always the best route, and that…

Samuel L. Jackson Signs On to Do Another Spike Lee Joint

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Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee go way back.  Remember those days when Samuel played the crackhead in Jungle Fever?  You also might not know that Halle Berry played Samuel’s strung out girlfriend. Even 20-years later, both Halle and Samuel are megastars, with Samuel reaching his peak with a strong, recurring role with “The Avengers.”  But in spite of blowing up to megastardom, Samuel still keeps connected to his old…

Tichina Arnold Gets Married in Hawaii

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Tichina Arnold, the great actress that we all know from the hit TV show “Martin,” has finally tied the knot.   Arnold married Rico Hines in Hawaii this week in front of 70 guests.  Arnold said this to Essence about her happy day “Rico and I enjoyed our fist vacation in Hawaii so we knew that we wanted to legalize our love here….However, we chose Honolulu instead of the romantic island…