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August 17, 2012

LSU’s Dismissed Star Player Has Now Entered Drug Rehab

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Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu is reportedly entering drug rehab after being cut from the team this week.  Fox 8 is reporting that Mathieu’s father, Tyrone, is saying that the 20 year old has been at the Right Step Recovery Center and is being counseled for former NBA star and recovering drug addict, John Lucas. Mathieu, known as “Honey Badger” for his ruthless ways on the field, was a candidate…

Chad Johnson is About to be Homeless

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Isn’t it strange that we’re all talking about Chad Johnson this week?  You have to wonder if all of his business would be out in the street if he hadn’t been fighting with his wife.  Really, we don’t even know what happened, but everyone is talking about Chad. First, Chad lost his job with the Miami Dolphins after being arrested for Domestic violence.   The firing was even caught on video,…