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August 16, 2012

Sad and Embarrassing: Chad Johnson on Video Begging for His Job with the Dolphins

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Chad Johnson was caught on video begging to try to keep his job with The Miami Dolphins.   The whole embarrassing exchange was caught on video on the show “Hard Knocks,” as Chad was having a meeting with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. The video aired last night and showed Chad looking at his coach humbly, like a little puppy being led to slaughter.  In spite of his begging, the coach still…

TI and Tiny Talk about a New Late Night Talk Show and Upcoming Album

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TI and his main baby mama Tiny made a stop by the VH1 show “Morning Buzz” to talk about their plans for the future.  Tiny surprised the audience by revealing that she has a late night talk show in the works. When you think that Tiny is just sitting around waiting for her man to do big things, you find out that they are both capable of doing it big….

Man Shoots 3-Yr Old Girl and Calls Her a “Ho”

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A man shot a three year old girl after calling her a “ho”, according to her mother.  The argument began when the man allegedly yelled at Amyria Parham while she played with another child. The girl’s mother, Latina Edwards, says she stepped in to defend her daughter from the man’s violent words. “I told him don’t talk to my daughter no more because he was calling her and her friend…

Is Rihanna Defending Chris Brown During Her Interview with Oprah Winfrey?

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It almost sounds like Rihanna is defending Chris Brown in her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey.  During the interview, the singer opens up about the night during which Brown beat her to a bloody pulp.  She says that Chris was being unfairly demonized, rather than receiving the sympathy that she believes he deserved. “I felt like the only person they hate right now is him. It was a weird, confusing…

Chris Brown and Drake Sued for $16 Million Over Bar Room Fight

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Chris Brown and Drake are learning the hard way that if you get into bar room brawls, the rich guy is going to end up paying the medical bills.  The two men are being sued for $16 million for their role in the highly-publicized melee, so it’s going to cost them a few bucks to make up for this one. Neither Brown nor Drake’s team has responded to the lawsuit.  …

Fresh Off New Contract, Terrell Owens’ Baby Mamas Line Up for their Cut

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It doesn’t take long for the financial vultures to start pouring in after you sign an NFL contract.  Terrell Owens is now being told to pay up on back child support after signing a new deal with the Seattle Seahawks.   One of the mothers of his children has been fighting back against TO’s request for reduced child support after his substantial decline in income. Owens owes money to four different…