Zimmerman Changes His Story – Again; Says Trayvon Martin Was Circling His Car

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A new version of the events that transpired on the night Trayvon Martin was fatally shot by George Zimmerman has emerged. According to the Orlando Sentinal, Zimmerman now says that Trayvon Martin was circling his car on foot. This, however, is not the only additional piece of information in Zimmerman’s *new* story.

From the Orlando Sentinal:

The details revealed by the source provide new insight into what Zimmerman said happened in the earliest moments of his contact with Trayvon. And they may reveal the inconsistencies alluded to by prosecutors in the case.

One of those inconsistencies: Zimmerman told police Trayvon had his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth during their fight on the night he shot Trayvon.

The Sentinel’s source confirmed that Zimmerman’s statements include that allegation. But authorities do not believe that happened, the source told the Sentinel, because on one 911 call, someone can be heard screaming for help. If it were Zimmerman, as he claims, his cries were not muffled, the source said.

Zimmerman also told police, the source told the Sentinel, that while the two were on the ground, Trayvon reached for Zimmerman’s gun, and the two struggled over it.

Those portions of Zimmerman’s account are not corroborated by other evidence, the source said.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said he hasn’t yet seen his client’s statements to police, and it would be inappropriate for him to address specific evidence in the case.

“It’s hard for me to even comment on it,” O’Mara said.

Zimmerman, according to a source, says his version of the story hasn’t changed, but this newer version certainly clashes with the version championed early on by his friends and family. That Zimmerman got out of his car to get a better view of the name of the street on which he saw Martin walking was never challenged by Zimmerman advocates.

If that version of events were false, it’s certainly strange that his brother, friend Joe Oliver, and his first set of attorneys all went along with it. Remember, no one challenged that version of events during interviews or in press releases. This is also the first anyone has heard that Trayvon put his hand over Zimmerman’s mouth. Thus, it sounds much more like a man trying to save his skin than an accurate recount of the events that transpired on that night.




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  1. Most Americans are total idiots……Can you believe they gave this dud $200, 000………What a bunch of jackasses…….

  2. This case seems to a constant barrage of twists and turns. Sometimes he looks more guilty, other times, less guilty (at least in the legal sense of the term). I hope they have that trial soon, so maybe we can finally have the whole story, all at one time, and all from legit sources (instead of unnamed witnesses, politically-motivated antagonists, and and “informants speaking on the condition of anonymity”). Then let the chips fall where they ought to.

  3. If I were Trayvon’s family attorney I would let Zimmerman keep on changing his story because incomsistency always points to guilt.

  4. We keep seeing bad behavior being rewarded, so it’s no surprise to me that some fools gave this racist murderer $200,000…It’s probably more than that, that’s only what they’re reporting…These fools who gave Zimmerman that blood money is now as bloodguilty as he is, and will suffer in one way or another, along with the other fools who knows he’s guilty of killing a Black child but think if they keep denying it others will believe he’s innocent! There’s nothing about this case that has made Zimmerman seem less guilty (legally or otherwise) unless one can’t see the obvious…

    • I sense that you have deep seeded hate, based soley on the fact that a black teenager died as a result of a gunshot wound inflicted by a Hispanic man. I have not seen equivalent rage over the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family, the 20 (mostly black) muder victims of the LA riots (after the Rodney King trial) who have never had anyone charged in their murders, or the muder of Robert Champion at Florida A&M. The key reason that you have no rage regarding these events — the fact that the suspected perpetrators are believed (or known) to be black.

      It is as if many people think it is no big deal as long as muder is “kept in the family” so to speak, but let a non-black person kill a black person, and absolute hate his hurled upon that individual. And it seems that a great many, including you, are ready to put Zimmerman in the electric chair w/o even a trial.

      You simply don’t want to hear anything that might even slightly favor Zimmerman’s case. That is classic prejudice — you have pre-judged this case. The reality is that neither you nor I have access to the actual facts/evidence in this case. What we have is statements from the respective families (both of which are obviously biased), edited 911 tapes, unclear video tapes, and random, sometimes conflicting statements that have been leaked from one source or another. Men of disreputation like Jesse Jackson and Al Shaprton come down to stir something up because they figured an angle to get some cash out of the deal. (If you are unaware of Jackson’s and Sharpton’s disreputable history, you seriously need some education.) You also have skinheads who show up and agitate from the other extreme, but I’m guessing you are willing to rightfully label the skinheads as disreputable w/o any objection.

      As for something that might make Zimmerman appear less guilty, from a legal standpoint, are the photos that were released a few weeks ago that showed Zimmerman’s bloodied head, consistent with the claims that his head was being repeated struck against the pavement. The pictures were reportedly taken at the scene of the incident. Now, let me say, I have no idea if the pictures are legit — just like I have no idea if any other “evidence” that has been reported iis legit. Just saying the pictures lend credibility to Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Treyvon in self defense, thus making him seem less guilty.

      This is the United States of America. Everyone is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. They couldn’t PROVE to a jury that OJ did it, so he got off. They couldn’t PROVE to a jury that Casey Anthony killed her little girl, so she got off. In both cases the “court of public opinion” had both of them convicted and on the way to prison for life. In both cases I was overruled — from my armchair a thousand miles away, I thought both OJ and Casey were guilty, but I also recognize that the case presented to the jury just didn’t do a very good job of PROVING that they were guilty. This is where the Zimmerman case is right now — yes, he probably did it; but I’m not sure the prosecutors have enough evidence to prove 2nd-degree murder, which means he might actually get off the charge. (It would seem manslaughter would be a better fit in this case.) But atain, I don’t have all the evidence.

      You said, “We keep seeing bad behavior being rewarded,” and I reply — yes, you are VERY correct. Our nation rewards “bad behavior” all the time. Bill Clinton took advantage of countless women and cheated on his wife on a regular basis, dodged the draft, and America elected him over a legit war hero with not even a hint of treating women badly — TWICE. Illegal aliens flood our nation (a crime, in and of itself). Once they get here, they commit more crimes (forged documents, tax evasion, working w/o autorization, refuse to register with Selective Service), and what does America do? We reward them with food stamps, free medical care, and free educations for their kids, and in many states, free college. Corrupt bankers and wealthy corporate interests break about every rule in the book, and both Bush and Obama reward them with bailouts, funded by billions of dollars of middle-class taxpayer’s money. Paris Hilton releases a sex tape of her with some random guy, and America rewards her with instant celebrity and she gets a TV show. Foul mouthed rappers talk about women like they are trash, and women (both black and white) reward them by purchaseing millions of records. People fake disability, and are rewarded with an early social security check. Other people simply won’t work, so we reward them with a free house, free food, free medical care, and a SSI check so they can have some spending money. So yes, America for sure rewards people for bad behavior.

      • It is interesting that all your comments about bad behavior reflect – moderate folks or in an underlining manner people of color or for that matter people whom are economically disadvantaged. And as for persons whom bring attention to these vile acts are not stirring up controversy but are addressing the wrongs of this society. I guess you consider MLK a instigator also, or maybe not because he chose the nonviolent method; but Malcom X and the nation of Islam were instigators!
        It is amazing how people see the world though their own perverbial lens – and not in a fact based deduction.

        History shows – blacks, people of color and poor whites have always been discriminated against – blacks just begin to serve as jurors over the last 40 years – you must remember the US Constitution “states blacks are 3/5 human” and do not have the intellectual capacity to participate in society because they are less than..all the while taking credit for many many discoveries and patents that all people take advantage of today in the
        21st Century. No need to name any just do your research it is not hard.

        Certain Americans tout our judicial system and do not mention the schisms
        (race, class, economics) that come into play. Case in point – OJ Simpson, who had a jury of his peers and best the defense money afford him – his verdict was called a travesty of justice – he was found not guilty. Whites folks and others were appalled at this decision that jurisprudence carried out.

        Lindsey Lohan another example – they send blacks with money to jail for petty crimes and she and other whites walk out time and time and time again.

        so in essence – don’t try and say it is race agitators causing the problem, don’t say if it is b black on black crime there is no outcry (if whites were killing each other, as much as, people of color do it would be a national outcry and would be on every news channel every day until legislation was passed. Crack vs meth is another example – blacks were those “thugs” on drugs and the insidious things whites were doing to themselves, their children and their communities were “this is a problem we need to

        • sistergirl yeah,
          Your comment:

          (you must remember the US Constitution “states blacks are 3/5 human”)

          tells me that you do not understand why blacks were considered 3/5 in the constitution so I will explain it to you.

          In the late 1700’s most whites from the Northern states were vehemently anti-slavery. The constitution spells out how representative are to be apportioned to the Congress.

          The white Southerners wanted their slaves to be counted when calculating how many representatives their states would have in Congress. The white Northerners did not want the slaves to be counted at all because they felt this would give the South too much power in Congress which would smother the North’s attempts at abolition.

          They finally agreed to compromise by counting the slaves but only as 3/5 of a person. This compromise effectively reduced the number of representatives the South could send to Congress thus diluting their pro-slavery position.

          So, counting black slaves as only 3/5 of a person was actually done to help blacks by reducing the power the South would have in the US Congress.

          Now you can consider yourself informed.

          • Well, I was going to let sistergirl enjoy her ignorance, but since you decided to try to help her, I’ll finish the three-fifths (3/5) issue up. The constitution does NOT count blacks at 3/5 for the purposes of the census and representation in congress. In fact, the constituton has NEVER been amended on the way people are counted. The constitution counts SLAVES at the 3/5 rate, for the reasons you well explained in your response to sistergirl. Free blacks were counted just like free whites — one person for purposes of the census and representation. Again, this matter has NEVER been changed. If we had slaves today, they would still be counted at 3/5 for purposes of deciding how many representatives a state gets.

            Now, the kicker. Free blacks were far more likely to hold (black) slaves than white people were. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

            I do wish that Black History Month, or for that matter public schools, would teach the TRUTH about the constitution and about the darkness of slavery, the WHOLE TRUTH. It’s rather pathetic when black people walk around all puffed up over knowing their history, yet don’t. Most black folks know only the snippets that the democrat party and race baiters like Al Sharpton want you to know.

    • If justice should prevail in this case and Zimmerman is sent away to co-exist with other inmates of Florida’s penal system I am quite sure that all those back wood bubbas are going to want their money back. But I’ll bet that Zimmerman has already spent a good portion of it for his personal comforts as oppose to his legal fees. This is what the judge wants to find out before they proceed any further. The bigots that sent him that money will eventually throw him under the bus and he’ll be another O. J. Simpson in their eyes.

  5. The White people who send Zimmerman money to help pay for his trial aren’t sending it because they think he is innocent. And they aren’t sending it because they think he is white. In their mind he is just another Hispanic who killed a Black person!

    If you reflect on history you will come to the conclusion that most whites despise Jews and Hispanics with equal passion! The State of Arizona is a good case in point for the latter!

    The NBC News producer who tampered with the 911 recording made it look more incriminating for Zimmerman so that race would be an obvious conclusion. The conspiracy theory is that devilish whites want Blacks and Hispanics to be at odds with each other. The question that you have to ask yourselves is WHY?

    • I don’t think that it is white people in general sending him money. It is most likely right-wing Conservative whites who hate anybody that is not a right-wing Conservative white. In a way they are rewarding Zimmerman for doing something they would have loved to do themselves. If they had their way they would mimick Adolf Hitler and eliminate all young black men living in America in order to kill off the race entirely. I know this sounds harsh but this is the truth. This explains their utter hatred for President Obama, in their warped way of thinking this is the greatest crisis to ever befall America. Not having a white man (not woman) residing in the White House at this time. This is why they keep trying to make him look incompetent when actually is the smartest president to have ever been elected.

  6. This is the one story Zimmerman cannot change: Voice analyst have confirmed that the person yelling for help is not Zimmerman! This crucial Scientific Evidence alone blows any possibility of him being innocent!!!

    Whats more WHITE PEOPLE who refuse to accept this obvious point of guilt are then without a doubt nothing but racist antagonist!

    Therefore we the people darker than blue have no interest in hearing your spin on this incident, nor do we wish to debate anything further.

    We say to you go among your own kind and humor each other with your bullshit!

    • I just want to mention that I am a Caucasian person who is so unlike ones you describe, but don’t think I don’t know they exist. I am thoroughly disgusted by that mentality in the country and so lucky to not have to be around this type, finding them prevalent on the internet, which I have been sickened and angered by, witnessing many having the same reaction to.

      I hope I can speak for others like myself, who are of the fair minded and entirely angered and frustrated with these examples of injustice. I’ve been distressed and feel this entire incident has consumed me, feeling I won’t rest until there is justice.

      I’ve said that, though younger generations will be instrumental in creating positive change, until a particular type stops passing down negative ideas and messages, until those who ARE the problem die out, things unfortunately and frustratingly remain difficult – having always hoped to see change occur in my lifetime.

  7. As an Elder member of the community of Americans of African descent, this episode is a repeat of the way things were when I was a little girl in a southern city. Only the names have changed.

    It is getting harder to be optimistic as I reach the sunset of my life.
    I am assured however, that “what goes around, comes around”.

  8. GOD is still in control-zimmerman has convicted himself-All the money that is collected for zimmerman’s defense in the sense of an earthly decision-but where GOD decision stands-eyes have not seen and ears have not heard george zimmerman will reap what he has sown.

  9. Zimmerman has had plenty of time to make up stories to make himself look like the victim. Zimmerman profiled Trayvon as he was WALKING WHILE BLACK and minding his own business. Zimmerman was the aggressor. You can’t harass someone, pick a fight and when you get tagged a few times, you shoot to kill and claim self defense. When Trayvon was screaming for help Zimmerman could have walked away, instead he got his gun out and killed Trayvon. I don’t see Trayvon having skittles and ice tea, approaching or confronting some crazy man( a stranger), it doesn’t add up. TRAYVON WAS IN THE FIGHT OF HIS LIFE, Zimmerman should have some bumps & bruises. TRAYVON HAD A RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF AND STAND HIS GROUND.

  10. I LOVE the way Zimmerman defenders ignore the fact that his narrative is ever-changing. Trayvon was just trying to get home to finish watching the game after buying snacks, but this fool decided to play at being a cop–something he was not trained to be. He tried to become one previously and was rejected, obviously for good reason considering that he has a history of being confrontational. Zimmerman’s defenders have a way of trying to make Trayvon Martin culpable, when he was minding his business and bothering no one. They even try to smear this kid’s character by making him out to be some thug, and they have magnified the problems he has had as a teen to that end even though kids of every race have them. As for Zimmerman’s inconsistent stories, I hope that the prosecution uses all of them against him because someone who’s innocent doesn’t do that, nor does that person allow a police department to cover up for him/her the way the Sanford PD did. I happen to know that there are plenty of white folks who see this exactly for what it is, and I agree with Spencer that it is folks on the far right who are most likely to defend Zimmerman.

  11. Don’t feel bad Me. the reason you are feeling those feelings of thinking he is innocent is because of the intense pro Zimmerman propaganda coordinated by his spin-doctors. He has lots. from a mysteriously over-interested token black, fellow neghborhood watch people, And a Judge dad who pretends he is not using his influence to help him. Just don’t be fooled. the fact is its a murderer who has a lot of friends. Notice how people mysteriously did not see anything but the moment they were asked to see. Notice how “new evidence” and witnesses come out never appeared or said a word until he spinning began in earnest. His behind belongs in prison for the maximum degree of punishment.

  12. I just came across this, since the verdict is over and am in agreement with ones above. It does feel that everything went in Zimmerman’s favor, that he was being protected by some in high places. I did not expect this.

    I know there is more than meets the eye – the changes in his recounting of he incident, suspicions about what actually occurred, the way his injuries were ultimately not as bad and didn’t go to the hospital despite supposedly being beaten “thirty times”. The designated spot where Trayvon was found, that Trayvon had none of Zimmerman’s DNA on him, and more.

    I can’t stand it, there is too much that is wrong here, besides the fact that he has had a history of violence against others and previous arrests. He clearly focused on and followed an innocent person due to his antagonistic, hostile nature, initiating the entire incident. I do not believe what he claims was uttered by Trayvon or actions by, shooting him almost immediately.

    Though it seems too, that it was racially-motivated, it was entirely wrong and feel he is guilty for this crime.

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