Why ‘Coaching’ Is Becoming More Prevalent In African American Communities

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The truth is, only people who are serious about their next level even seeks out the help of a coach; the question is how successful do you see yourself?:
A life coach, or personal coach or career coach, helps people who feel stuck, or who just want to reach the next level, in their personal or professional lives.
You may already know that Tiger Woods has a coach. Or that Michael Jordan used six specialty coaches on the way to his six championship rings. Donald Trump has a coach, and not just for his hair. Oprah was coached through a difficult court trial by the man we now know as Dr. Phil. Dustin Hoffman, Brad Pitt, and Meryl Streep are just a few of the hundreds of top actors who’ve had coaches. In fact, it’s hard to find a very successful person who hasn’t had a life coach. One of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, in his bestseller of the same name, is simply this: “Hire a Personal Coach.”

Why are successful people hiring coaches?
It’s not because they have lives full of problems they can’t fix, though coaches can help with those life challenges. No, successful people hire coaches to bring them the insight, extra push, and accountability that takes them from good to great, from doing well to doing better.

According to a national poll released in a recent issue of Entrepreneurial Magazine, there are several valid reasons why contracting a Life Coach is working best for people ages 26 to 50:

(1) Coaching is for those with hard deadlines and want hardcore results: Coaching begins with the end in mind. Typically there is a 3 to 6 month window where results are not just thought about, they are expected.

(2) Coaching has a way of revealing certain ‘blind spots’ almost immediately: When you contract a coach their job is to begin to open your eyes to the negative behavior that has helped shape the life you have.

(3) Because of specialization, you get concentrated efforts: All coaches don’t do all types of coaching. This is valuable because you have someone focusing their efforts on your specific issue at the time.

(4) A coach’s honesty is worth every dime they charge: People have usually surrounded themselves with others who validate their dysfunctional actions. A coach bypasses all those emotions and cuts to the core of the issue…YOU!

(5) The large part of improvement that comes with a coach is your new level of confidence: After just a few sessions with a life coach most have realized just how important their ‘voice’ is to their success. A coach is an advocate for all things “YOU” and will push you into the direction of your goals.


See you at the TOP!

Early Jackson

New Direction Coaching Associate



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  1. Coach Teach and Mentor is a proven and honorable strategy to get ahead in this world.

  2. As a Life Coach based in the UK where coaching not as readily ‘known’, ‘understood’ or embraced as much as in the US within the black community, I feel that Mr Jackson has wonderfully articulated the power of the service in a which that encourages one to want to find out more. I certainly will be sharing this article with my clients to pass on. There are great examples of those we all know, who choose coaching as a way to accelerate their success. This article is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Your website is very fresh and engaging. To your continued success Mr Jackson!

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