Whitney Houston’s Hairstylist Talks About The Day Legendary Singer Died [VIDEO]

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Whitney Houston's Hairstylist Says She Couldn't Tell Bobbi Kristina About Her Mother's Death | 24Wired.TV

Whitney Houston’s hairstylist, Tiffany Dixon, recounted the process of discovering that the singer had died. She attempted to hold back tears when first trying to describe the scene. She also discussed running into Bobbi Kristina, who hadn’t been told her mother was dead.



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  1. All have sinned and fall short of GOD’s glory

  2. She talking cuz someone wants to know her recollections of that day’s events. Why do ppl keep acting surprised that this is still a story resonating with a lot of ppl or that new ppl are interviewed giving their accounts of what happened? Try this for an example, how many ppl do you think were interviewed and asked to recall the days, hours and minutes around the death of MLK? Ppl are STILL being asked about that day and it’s been 45 yrs! This is what happens when someone passes who left an imprint on society, particularly when that death is tragic. Let this lady answer the question and keep it moving.

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