Was Tia Mowry And Pooch Hall Fired By BET Over Money

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That is, this will be shocking news to those of you out there who are devoted viewers of the BET show The Game.

Last night, Tia Mowry tweeted to her followers that she would not be coming back to the show for its sixth season next year.

She tweeted:

It’s also being reported that co-star Pooch Hall (that CAN’T be his real name) will also not be returning to the show as well, although there has been no official confirmation by him or the network yet. However, Hall has now been cast as a regular on the new Showtime series Ray Donovan, which makes his involvement in the next season of The Game unlikely.

No reason was given why Mowry and Hall have left the show, though there are reports that they both left after a salary despute with BET.

Reportedly all the cast members took huge pay cuts when the show moved to the network, on the promise that they would get salary increases if the show was a hit for the network.

The show was, of course, and when Mowry and Hall tried to renegotiate their contacts with BET, the network reneged on those promised salary increases.

When Mowry and Hall made one last final salary offer, not only did BET refuse the offer, they, in fact, fired both Mowry and Hall.



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  1. This is disappointing seeing as “The Game” was a spin-off of “Girlfriends” and Tia and Pooch (real name Marion, I believe) are the basis of the show. If it was about salary and BET reneged on their promise, shame on BET for making promises they don’t keep. However, the show has lost its steam since changing networks. Dah well. Tia and Pooch will be fine in their new ventures!

  2. The development, or lack thereof, of Tasha and Melanie’s characters have left much to be desired. However, still a fan of the show, I am saddened and disappointed with BET renegging on a business deal(or promise as it states). Not a good look for them. Tia and Pooch will do well and all the best to them.

  3. That sucks ,,,, show will NOT be the same !!! 🙁 ~~~~ the show may also suffer from this loss ! BET sucks !!!!!!!

    • Yeah, I smell a big NIGGA BITCH SLAP by the mainstream owned network. They cant have no popular blacks pullin no salary power play…they were probably like, “we SAID we was only paying’ you niggas THIS much!” …smdh… WHEN WILL WE OVERCOME ????

  4. They were the only reason Ii watched the show the limited times I did watch it… im done

  5. What a disapointment. One of the reasons I watch the show was the storyline between Tia and pooch. Oh well

  6. they already make enough miney as it is…just be happy you he a damn job. Before GAME Tia was doin’ nothing. If it wasn’t for the GAME she wouldn’t have all these other projects!

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