The (Ree)lationship Guide: 5 Ways to Know that You Might be the “Side Chick”

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by Ree, the (Ree)lationship Guide

This week, I told the ladies how you can identify the side chick – as a woman myself, I”ve often run into those sneaky wannabe friends who are creeping right in front of your face.  She might be your best friend or that mysterious female friend that your man never told you about.  What I then remembered is that sometimes a woman may be the side chick and not even know it.  You think the man is all yours, but really, you’re his nasty little secret.  So, leaning on the advice of some of my male clients, I thought I would help women to know when they might be the side chick that another woman will eventually want to tackle in the street.


1)      He only gives you one phone number and only talks to you at certain times of the day:  A man trying to hide something may only call you from work or on his way to and from other places.  If there is someone at home, he obviously can’t call you from there or have you call there either.

2)      He has never formally committed to you and only answers questions on a need-to-know basis:  Be careful when reading between the lines in relationships.  If a man never committed to you, that means he’s not committed.  Sex is not an implied contract.

3)      He rarely takes you out in public, at least not during the day time:  He might even go out of his way to take you to a secluded location.   It would be tragic for one of his main chick’s friends to see him out and about with another woman.

4)      He may not introduce you to his family:  The family knows the main chick, they don’t know you.  He might want to keep them from getting confused.

5)      He’s very protective of his cell phone:  If you feel the need to rampage through a man’s phone, then you don’t trust him enough to be in a loving relationship.  But if he gets a call and you pick up the phone to hand it to him, notice how he reacts.  If he makes rules about whether you can touch the phone, that means that he could be keeping you from information you might want to know.


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