Singer Tank Posing Semi-Nude: Would You Date Him?

by Ree “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

Today I was rather ***clears throat*** distracted by pictures of R&B recording artist/songwriter/producer Tank in his boxers. Did I click on the image to get a larger view? Yes. Did I check out his abs and ***clears throat again*** ‘package’? Absolutely! Would I ever consider dating a man that is comfortable with sharing pictures of his body to the world? Probably not. While exuding sex appeal is one of Tank’s trademarks as an entertainer, I oftentimes wonder what type of woman would consider dating him and other entertainers who toy with sex appeal.

I don’t believe this is a matter of challenging one’s insecurities as it is acquiring an understanding of one’s desire to keep the size of her man’s ‘package’ sacred.  At what point is the line drawn? While it’s nice to have ‘eye candy’ on your arm, it can also be an ongoing competition with other women who are infatuated with your man’s sex appeal. Obviously if your man is dedicated to the relationship, competition of any sort is null and void; however, after checking Tank’s track record (four kids, never been married, more than one babymom, babymomma drama) I’m convinced that loyalty will be an issue in the relationship.

Ok, enough about my point of view… Ladies, would you date Tank?






Ree “The (REE)lationship Guide” is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University. She is a contributing writer for and Follow her on Twitter: @iDateDaily


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  1. Sis Cookie at 4:22 pm

    I would not date a man that has to show his body to the world. I think his body should be for me alone. Seeing his half naked body did not do anything for me.

  2. Dante scott at 4:21 am

    And this is why most of y’all don’t have won’t have and can’t keep a man. You wonder why we run to other races as y’all hens sit and and cluck over a dam pic! Sad very sad

    • Nedrea at 8:42 pm

      And this is why we have no respect for black males. It is one thing to be comfortable with your body, but it is another, to demonstrate lustful behaviors. This is why black women refuse to marry black men because you all live by double standards and act like a male w**re.

  3. Stephanie at 4:42 am

    Yes, yes and yes. I have been a huge fan since the beginning. His music really touched me in every way. His attitude towards love, relationships is rare. I can appreciate a man who is comfortable with his body. I’m comfortable with his body too.

  4. Ceimbe at 12:59 pm

    If he is twitting his bod because no one is showing him love..maybe. If he’s single, maybe. If he was twitting his “meat”… Hell-to-the-nahw!

  5. Valerie Craig at 1:09 pm

    Ok, let me admit, I enlarged the pic too…lol
    But seriously, for as nice as the body is (& it IS nice Tank) my next thought is about the mindset of a man who post doggone near naked pictures on the internet…not really “my man” material…keepin’ it real, might flirt with that type, but not dating any man I’d be embarrassed to introduce to my brothers…and the semi-naked dude on the www. would be comic relief for the other men in my life!

  6. Vandellish at 6:07 pm

    The type of ‘exposure’ that Tank really wants is just what he’s getting here.
    It doesn’t matter to Tank if women who’ve posted here would date him or not (most are probably not his type either), what matters is that he’s occupying fans (possible record buyers) minds for even a few seconds because he’s got a new album coming out and probably some kind of tour to follow its release.
    In layman’s terms…he wants a frickin buzz.
    Yes, it’s cheesy but it works better than simply having a good album or single and he doesn’t have enough star power to date Kim Kardashian or land the cover of Essence or Ebony. Take this as evidence just like his interview on Chicago radio last week talking sideways about Brian McKnight and that freaky song he made for youtube.

    On a side note I’ve learned not to listen to what men and women say about what they think they’d do when faced with certain situations and simply watch them in action over a period of time. With that said, I doubt Tank has any problem getting dates.

  7. charles mcghee at 12:37 am

    as I tell a friend during our debates: face, body, ‘package” there isn’t many men (goodlooking,ugly, short, small”package) or whatever who couldn’t have as many women as he wanted; however, the quality of the women he gets maybe another story. But if it’s about numbers, handsome/ugly-build/not there’s no difference.

  8. Lorri Holliday at 1:16 am

    Now! come on ladies. If Tank came up to you and started talking to you, saying all the things you need to hear. Yes! you would talk with him. Dating is just that! Dating. What’s wrong with dating a man that fine, sexy and talented. That a way of getting to know him.
    I think that we as women have the tendency to point the finger at people to much. When we point one finger, there’s one pointing back at us. No one is perfect. He’s a entertainer. You must realize that. That’s what they do. You must understand a entertainer to love him and or them. Just say that you can’t handle a entertainer. He probably a great guy. Showing his body don’t make him a bad guy. Having several children by different woman don’t make him a bad guy. Why do it have to be him. It could be them. Not being able to handle the entertainer. Stop it!!! Stop judging. We all have issues. No we might not show our bodies on this website. But, we would show our bodies to if we was an entertainer.

    • barbara at 11:08 am

      No I would not date him. I like men who can wear boxers and look good in them. He doesn’t look all that great to be truthful, his boxers are kind of ugly and, don’t fit him right and as far as the package goes looks can be deceving.

  9. Kennedy at 10:58 pm

    Yes, I would date Tank. His looks are appealing and how else would I find out who he really is? Confidence is one of the most attractive traits. I would want the man I date to be happy with who he sees in the mirror, there is nothing wrong with that. Like someone mentioned before, he is an entertainer, shouldn’t he entertain his fans?

  10. Lady at 4:19 pm

    NO, what man, and I did say man takes pictures of himself in the bathroom beside Eddie Long, and they were for boys,, Grow up people, not sexy at all.

  11. Kells at 3:36 pm

    This is pointless! Tank is just like a whole lot of other black men A LOSER famous or not! Clearly you had nothing else to write about so you chose this sad looking pic! It’s getting harder for me to read Your Black World because it seems as though its here to degrade blacks! Why didn’t you write about the video recount of the Trayvon Martin murder that Zimmerman gave to the police!? Oh yeah BLACK folks already forgot about Trayvon! We get hype for a cause for a minute then we forget about it and resort to this BS!!!! Cause that’s all it is! BS!!!!! It’s not even worth presenting to the readers!!!!

  12. keisha at 12:32 am

    Yes I would he is an entertainer and yes he entertains me wel. I wanted to make a comment on the lady who talked about his baby mama drama thats his personal life just because they dont have the same mother doesnt make him a bad person I only have 1 but things happen in life shit ill b his baby mams !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mainasha at 2:28 pm

    I once met a guy that asked me on a date at a office depot store. I found him charming so I told him ok and gave him my number. an hour later he sent me a picture just like this with him posing and flexing in hie underwear.

    I immediately texted him back and told him not to call me cause I wasnt interested. If i guy is so stuck on himself and how he look that he gotta impress you by sending half naked pictures of himself then I question how many other females he is sending those pictures too.

    The other thing is just how good of a relationship would i have with someone that thinks there best asset is there penis size.

  14. Sabrina Haha at 11:37 pm

    I date his black sex ass. he bow legged not knocked kneed. He was married but isnt. He has kids by 3 woman. Doesnt make him a bad guy.

  15. Deja Santos at 11:31 pm

    I have always loved him yes I would date him and make it the best he ever had no sex just good fun I don’t really care about him being married before everyone has a pass and his kids are just a plus I don’t have any and really don’t want any that’s better for me!!!!!!! And for the record he looks good to me !!!!

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