Ray J Hospitalized After Confrontation with Whitney’s Family at the Billboard Awards

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Earlier this week, we told you about the nasty confrontation that Ray J had with the family of the late Whitney Houston.  The confrontation ended when Pat Houston was told that a physical altercation would likely end up on camera.  Houston was upset that Ray J had been seated near the family at the awards show.

TMZ is reporting that shortly after the event was over, Ray J was hospitalized.  A friend went to Ray J’s hotel room to find him out of it and disoriented.  This is when Ray J was taken to the hospital via ambulance.  His reps are claiming that the disorientation was due to exhaustion and stress.

He is still in the hospital.


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  1. PULEASE! If he was so concerned about Whitney, why have a woman you are dating confront her hours before her death? Man UP! Whitney is gone, it is not about you…move on!

  2. Really? And since when did the Houston family run things? They should have acted with some class and remember they are guests of the show the same as Ray J. Be happy that most people still have good feelings about Whitney Houston. Its time to move on.

  3. Is the family angry at every man Whitney had anything to do with??? Maybe the family knows a whole lot that the public does’nt know! One thing the familyshould do is stop blaming every wrong thing Whitney did on everybody else except her.

  4. Leave the man alone

  5. Fa real I mean damn…n let her rest in peace

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