Mother Whose Baby Was Put in Active Dryer Plans to File Charges

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If someone puts your child in an active dryer, it’s time to get to whoopin ass.  A mother says she is going to file charges against a couple who decided to put her baby in an active dryer for up to five minutes.  But that doesn’t explain the baby’s hair on the Today Show.

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  1. Oh she is so concerned about her child. Why did you give him a prison inmate for a father?

    This child with her as a mother is doomed to poverty and despair.

  2. Only a black would do this to a baby. I feel so sorry for him. The only thing Mom was afraid of was that she would lose some foodstamps and welfare.

    • Only a white would be living in la la land! The most child molesting, wife killing, and serial killing people in the history of man, but yet here you are talking big sh#t!

      • Micheal jackson tried to make himsels white. He used bleach and it killed him. Medical science is wonderfull It took a black man and made a white woman out of him.

  3. Old cajun,

    what the only thing you have going for you is to scout out black web sites and make crude comments. White people are the most nortorious killiers since the beginning of time, beginning with Christ, you are a stupid red neck honky, living in the back woods sleeping with your parents and making dumb children.

    • It could be that they had put bleach in the washing machine. All they wanted to do was trying to have a white kid. Did it work?

  4. Old Cajun, what the couple did with that child was wrong and irresponsible. Your comments are immature and silly. I thought you had a point to make. Try making your point without sterotyping

  5. Most may disagree but I don’t think the guy knew that the machine would come on. Most washing machines wont until you put money in it which made me think he was just gonna sit the baby in there and maybe play with him through the machine window. not that it was the smartest thing to do at all as we all see how it turned out.
    I saw in one report where the mom said she wasn’t upset but would not be using that sitter any more, so I think maybe child services is putting pressure on her to press charges or be labled negligent.
    As for old cajun why are you guys feeding this persons ignorance let them post what ever because it’s best to be quiet and look like a fool than to open you mouth
    and remove all doubt

  6. Old cajun, you don’t know squat about Michael Jackson. He had a skin condition that makes the victim lose melanin, or color. The condition is called vitiligo. Black people are not the only sufferers. Michael Jackson might have been trying to slow the progress of color loss. I think the glove he wore might have hidden his skin discoloration.

  7. LOL at the remark near the end of this piece. “That doesn’t explain the baby’s hair on the Today Show.” You guys were wrong for that comment. However, I agree with the mother filinf charges against the couple for putting her child in a dryer. I saw the video clip and was scared for the child’s life. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it was too much for me. How could anyone do that to a baby? Sick.

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