Meeka Claxton Expresses Frustration with Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd

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Meeka Claxton recently wrote a blog post about her experience on that show everyone loves to hate, “Basketball Wives.”   Her anger was directed at the show, her co-workers and fans, along with Wendy Williams.  She expressed frustration that the show promotes violence, and also said that neither Wendy Williams nor Sherri Shepherd were interested in helping her get an anti-bullying message out to the public.

“That’s what I was looking for, their support as far as these talk-show hosts,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “It kind of bothered me that now they were taking a stand.”

Meeka said that Wendy didn’t say a word, until Meeka posted her blog entry.  But Wendy wasn’t nice.  She said that she didn’t understand why Meeka even signed up for the show, given that she is the only “Basketball Wife” who has actually married a basketball player.

“My jaw dropped,” Meeka said, after seeing Wendy’s reaction“I had reached out to Wendy because I felt that we were parallel. She would feel that this violence is making us look bad and things of that nature. So, the comments that ‘no one cares about you’ and ‘you’re a non-factor,’ honestly, that’s f*cked up,” Meeka said.


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  1. This is where she went wrong. Meeka should’ve gone to a respectable journalist. If she wanted a person of color she should’ve gone to Robin on Good Morning America, Solidad O’Brian, Melissa Harris-Perry. If she truely wanted to talk about bullying and color wasnt an issue I guarantee Pierce on CNN or Anderson Cooper would’ve given a thought. Wendy and Sherri are uncouth and aren’t serious people. Heck go to reputable independent media news. Meeka has no one but herself to be upset about. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    • AMEN….JC 🙂 !!

      But…her “Meeka”…BIGGEST Mistake…..was going on a “TRAIN-WRECK” Show….like BBWives…and …exspecting a “SAFE-RIDE”…….go figure …&…SMH !!

      • MamaT- what you’ve said is all too valid

  2. I know these women think they look sexy and got it going on with this obsecene Rapunzel Hair styles, but you look as stupid as the guys with the pants hanging down below their rear ends with the underwear showing [now gay females too]. Lord what has happened to black folks??????!!!!!!!!

    Self loathing, disguised as “I think I got it going on.” is at an all time high. Never have I seen such foolishness walking around thinking they are sexy, chic and sophisticated as what is the norm in our community now — all classes, not just the poor. The poor are only trying to copy cat the nouveau riche negroes.

    Wendy Willilams should be indicted [as well as Diana Ross] for promoting this hugemonous level of yak hair trend running rampant in our community. Y’all look like clowns. Yes, I said it. Someone needs to. Self hate is a pathetic affliction, and black folks got it badddddd.

    Males walk around looking like monkeys in heat with their drawers and rear ends exposed [an obvious sign of no manhood], and the females look like freaking street walkers,
    yet they’re the so called “movies stars” and “celebrities.”

    As the author of a well named dissertation calls it, the “celebrities” are now the “40 million dollar slaves” paid to program the commoners, aka unpaid slave, to look like fools.

    And they are all fools, for a people as blessed in physical beauty as black folks are, to self loathe and go to such extreme measures to assimilate European beauty standards is just pathetic, especially in light of the fact they they want to look like you….. IDIOTS!

    I pray for the children.

  3. Don’t ever expect anything constructive out of Wendy Williams. The last thing she ever wants to do on her show is resolve any conflict. She is all about doing the exact opposite. Her show and her complete being as a human thrives on drama and how to maximize it. This is who Wendy Williams is. She is an instigator, a troublemaker, a two-faced con artist. I wouldn’t trust her to pass the collection plate at church, much less do something to help humanity. I really feel sorry for those zombies on her show who hang on her every word and take advice from this joker. Wendy Williams is nobody’s role model.

  4. The icing looks good but the cake is cornbread!!!!

  5. Thank you Joia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I never watched the show and Ms. Williams comment is “WHACK”.

  7. The part I don’t get is that they sign up for the show and then act as though they are victimized. There is real bullying going on in the real World that peopla can’t avoid-like on the job by bossess and or coworkers in which people have to tolerate. So when these silly rabbits sign up for “The Glam” that they are in search of they bring what happens on themselves. Basketball Wives is ENTERTAINMENT-which means they are in it for ratings-period. That’s how the money is produced. I am so over the riff that people are raising and continue to raise about this-don’t like it? Don’t watch! There are far more important things going on in real life. Just look around you!

  8. Thank U Joia


  10. Meeka’s first mistake: Going on “Basketball Wives” knowing the type of drama and violence condoned on that show. 2nd mistake: Thinking Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd are “serious journalists”. Wendy Williams owes her career to Whitney Houston because Wendy made a career of trying to “bully” Whitney. But Whitney wasn’t a punk and she stood up many times. If Meeka is serious about her complaints regarding bullying she should have taken her story to a reputable news program.

  11. What bothers me the most about meeka is she’s isnt doing this to bring attention to bullying she’s doing it for a check in the name of anti bullying. Meeka was not on the first season nor was she on the second so as far as I’m concerned anyone that goes on the show and was not part of the first season,( unless u been living under a rock or in the backwoods of west virginia) there is no reason u should go on the show blind about how those broads( far from ladies) get down. If she wasnt aware of the bullying associated on this show all she had to do was sit down with jen, royce and suzie and she would get a real vivid picture of the archaic ideals implemented by this show. And lastly and i promise im done 🙂 if meeka were really truly and honestly interested in taking up this cause, not only would she have used creditable news sources as an outlet but also she would not be so butt hurt about Wendy and sherri not paying her ass any attention, i love Wendy but i only love her for what she’s famous for and that being a gossiper and messy. Never ask some one to act out of character, I love oprah too but if it can down to the two i would not only feel more honored to sit on her talk show stage for an interview but I would also ONLY take serious causes to oprah and leave the crazy celebrity gossipy stuff to wendy. If you go in the zoo and ask a monkey to roar like a lion you will be sadly disappointed , wendy is that monkey ( no pun in racism intended) if u ask her to roar like a lion , she probably throw shit at u instead and laugh with the rest of the monkeys.
    Meeka baby get you some business and sit the hell down

  12. I agree @Joia. The media portrays are beauty to be less. But as much as we are trying to portray the Europeans they are trying to portray us. Its starts in the mind.

  13. me too! Someone should have spoken up sooner! How
    Shaunie allowed things to go along so so long! It was just ridiculous!

  14. Meeka, you don’t need Wendy or Sherri to be a true advocate of anti-bullying. You just need to do the damn thing! Buy a vowel, Bob!!! Don’t talk about it…be about it.

  15. Joia,

    While we understand that weave and all kinds of harstyles by women of MANY races are all in an attempt to be accepted in the eyes of our twisted society, we have to remember that it is not an everyday thought to emmulate another person. Self-hatred is deeply rooted and for you to simplify it by attacking people for wearing weaves is very insensitive. Many people are not aware of the self-hate that doing anything other than walking around NAKED exemplifies. Please remember that we are living in a superficial world. It is not right that we live in such a world, but we live in such a world. Rather than put down, lift up (you do so minimally by saying something to the affect of African American women possessing beautiful qualities, but that is spoiled by the condescending tone and language of the rest of your post). Be a little more realistic and up to date and reach out to people in a more positive fashion.

  16. my apologies for any typos (i.e. hairstyles, emulate, etc)

  17. you knew they fight on the show, why after you entered the lion's den, you are asking others for help. is it because they are on tv? want a campiagn, begin it yourself and others may follow.

  18. in my opinion meeka wasn't being bullied.there is a difference between being bullied and keeping up crap.you meeka were messy and kept up some mess.if you can't take it don't dish it.that is probably why they wouldn't help
    you.they watched your crap just like the rest of us.

  19. Be a Big Gurl Meeka… An Wendy be Nice…

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