John Travolta’s Second Accuser in Sex Scandal Identified

by / May 22, 2012 Black News 13 Comments

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John Travolta’s second accuser in the sex scandal has been revealed, and he’s a stocky African-American man named John Truesdale, identified in the complaint only as as John Doe #2.

The fact that Truesdale’s identity had been revealed seemed to come as a shock to him.

“I thought I was supposed to be anonymous,” said Truesdale. “I can’t talk about [the case]. I’m not allowed to give any comment.”

Truesdale claims that Travolta sexually assaulted him in his hotel room “on or about” January 28. He recently withdrew his $2 million sexual battery lawsuit and hired Gloria Allred to file a new suit against the movie star.

The 40-year-old massage therapist is the second man to accuse Travolta, 58, of sexual battery.

Truesdale is a former Army media and high school football player. He currently resides in Georgia.




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  1. Travolta sexually assaults a stocky, ex-military and football player forty year old black man? You couldn’t get anymore stranger than that!

  2. Are you kidding me, come on now!!! Travolta sexually assulting a man, a very fit and healthy man at that?? Give me a break!!!!

    • Sexual assult means just that, assault. The term “assault” does not mean that the perpetrator was ultimately successful in the attempt, it only means that the perpetrator made an attempt. The fact that the person who was assaulted was able to fight him off doesn’t change the fact that the man was assaulted. If a 100-pound weakling tries to feel up an 400-pound sumo wrestler, that’s a sexuall assualt, regardless of the 100-pound weakling’s abilty to succeed in the assault.

  3. Don’t pay John.

  4. LIAR!!! And when this is over I hope John Travolta sues YOU!!

  5. We really don’t know our celebrity friends that well. When we are big fans we tend to be a bit bias. This is not good because innocent people have been sexually assaulted by celebrities but because they have big pockets the crimes have been dismissed or overlooked. I have to agree with me112233 comments ”Sexual assult means just that.” The term “assault” does not mean that the perpetrator was ultimately successful in the attempt, it only means that the perpetrator made an attempt.”

    Question: What if you or one of your family members were in this situation? Would you see things differently?

    • There’s a little truth to what you say, I work with a retired police officer with LAPD and he said that it was a common practice to overlook most of what he called minor discrepancies made by celebrities. In fact, according to him it was more a joy than a duty to let them go as long as an autograph was given to them or especially if they were allowed to take a photograph with a big time star.

  6. Why is it when a white man or celebrity does something wrong everybody thinks their innocent but when its a black man they are automatically gulty. John travolta has been gay if america didnt already know

  7. LOL.. which gay guy with tons of money would actually asault that… lol… seriously! Come up with something else

  8. in not buyin it straight up i think he is lying on John! do u see how big this mofo is yea right

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