Evidence Released: 15 Things You Don’t Already Know About the Trayvon Martin Case

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According to the Miami Herald, a treasure trove of information about the Trayvon Martin case was released tonight at 5pm. New witness statements, police statements, and other evidence are adding new light to the case. Here are some of the new revelations as reported by Frances Robles of the Miami Herald:

  1. Among the first words Zimmerman uttered after the shooting: “Am I bleeding?” one witness said.
  2. Police record shows officers thought they had probable cause to arrest Zimmerman.
  3. Investigator wanted to charge Zimmerman because he could have avoided situation if he had stayed in his car and identified himself.
  4. Zimmerman told a witness: “Just tell my wife I shot somebody.’ Like it was nothing.”
  5. Police: When Tracy Martin first heard the cries for help on the 911 tape, he said it was NOT Trayvon’s voice.
  6. One witness was adamant: there was no fighting when the gunshot rang out.
  7. Cutcher told cops: “I know they were not physically fighting at the time that gun went off when we heard shot and the kid hit the ground.”
  8. Detective Serino was convinced it was Zimmerman crying when being battered by Trayvon, but still wanted to file manslaughter charge.
  9. Several eye witnesses thought they heard two shots.
  10. Trayvon had blood stains on his shirt — blood from both him and Zimmerman.
  11. Media was NOT given access to Zimmerman’s medical records or any telecommunications records.
  12. Co-worker described Zimmerman as “a bully” who harrassed him constantly for weeks by mocking his accent. Says he was fired.
  13. A witness called police to tell them george zimmerman is confrontational and “does not like black people.”
  14. I heard nothing but a little kid scared to death crying..I feel in my heart. I honestly do believe that he intended for this kid to die.” said witness.
  15. There was marijuana in Trayvon Martin’s system.


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  1. Things we (almost) know for sure now.

    (1) Zimmerman was bleeding and some of his blood ended up on Treyvon’s clothing; which in turn virutally guarantees that the two of them were involved in a scirmish, and Treyvon was at least able to draw blood.
    (2) The witness accounts seem somewhat inconsistant with other things we know, such as one saying he heard two shots and another saying they weren’t fighting.
    (3) Treyvon had at some recent point in time been using illegal drugs; though we don’t know exactly when. (Remember, possession of trace amounts of marijuana was one of the reasons he had been suspended from school.)
    (4) The police themselves could not possibly have been acting in a “racially biased” way, as they clearly wanted to charge Zimmerman with a crime at the time of the incident — it was the prosecutor that nixed the immediate filing of charges.

    What still isn’t proven:

    (1) Which one of them threw the first punch (or grabbed, shoved, etc.). This issue is probably the #1 questions with respect to whether Zimmerman will get off completely or end up in prison for the next 25 years.

    (2) Exactly who it was that was crying on the 911 tapes. Seems that people who have sufficient expertise and/or reason to know the answer have different opionions who who it was. Treyvon’s own father, after listening to the 911 tapes, said it wasn’t Treyvon crying, and one of the police detectives thought it was Zimmerman. An unnamed witness suggests it was Treyvon that was crying, based on what he was able to hear (apparently didn’t actually see what happened).

    Things that seem odd:

    (1) The media (namely ABC) claims to have seen Zimmerman’s medical records, yet the report released by the prosecutors says that the media never had access to the records? Is the media simply making crap up just to keep the story in the press? And yes, the media does stuff like that — we already know that they edited the 911 tape before putting it on the news for us to hear, and don’t forget how they knowingly used forged documents to go after George Bush back in 2004? (I guess these examples ought to make you suspiscious of anything the media reports, whether the person they are reporting on is someone you like or someone you don’t like, or if it just a story about the unemployment rate.)

  2. […] Trayvon and Zimmerman had each other’s blood on them.Also released along with the new evidence is the video surveillance tape of Trayvon Martin at the 7-Eleven.  You can clearly see Trayvon […]

  3. All that’s going on is them trying to find a way to let this man get off like all the rest of them because the value of a Black mans life ain’t worth nothing in the eyes of all these others races.

    • If you actually believe that, I feel sorry for you. Don’t you think that if all the other races saw the “value of a Black man’s life” as “nothing” that there would be no black people in this country? Or, at a minimum, there would be no welfare programs (funded almost entirely by the white majority with a little help from the asian minority) available for black people? Obviouslly, you have a low self-worth. On the other hand, your bad attitude could be because you think the value of a white man’s life is “nothing,” so you figure white people look at you the same way. I don’t know why you are so down on yourself, but I hope you find a way out of your horrible attitude . . . it is not helping you succeed in life.

      As for your conspiracy theory, do you believe that all the evidence has been made up? Do you believe that they added Zimmerman’s blood to Treyvon’s clothing after the fact? Do you believe that Zimmerman’s doctor is lying? Do you believe that the police lab lied about the marijuana found in Treyvon’s system?

      • Ummm…equating the availability of white-majority funded (with a little help from Asians) welfare to the value put on a black person’s life is in and of itself proof of what you are trying to negate…WOOOWWWW.

        So…welfare programs (poverty)…bad attitude (racism is in your head!)…the only major stereotype you missed was the crack use and fried chicken.

        Stay in school…preferably not the white-majority funded propaganda machine you most likely attended… Your use of language and reasoning is severely lacking…and spell-check, please.


      • First of all, Zimmerman was told not to pursue Trayvon Martin. He disobeyd the police and did it anyway. He was the aggressor, the instigator and he started all of this. The police records stated that this could have been avoided if Zimmerman didn’t pursue Trayvon Martin. Second, Zimmerman has a criminal record for resisting an officer (one is with violence and is a felony…he should already have been doing time for this) and domestic abuse. If Trayvon wanted to go to the store and buy an iced tea and Skittles, he had the right to do so. He wasn’t bothering anyone until Zimmerman started the whole thing. In regards to welfare, the white man’s welfare system is colonialism, imperialism and the loot you made off of slavery. I am tired of supporting YOU with the labor of my ancestors, the occupation of MY land and the theft of MY resources. White people are the biggest welfare recipients on the planet, and you get it all by genocide, violence and murder and you accept what your ancestors have stolen through their crimes and think it is your rightful inheritance, and you still do this garbage today. I am tired of supporting YOU!!!

      • Here is an article that says Zimmerman was on uppers and downers at the time of the shooting. I also saw this mentioned on a local news story, but the media wants to focus on Martin having traces of marijuana in his system. They ignore that Zimmerman had traces of drugs in his system also. The article makes another good point that if Zimmerman felt threatened by Martin, why did he pursue him? My guess is because he had a gun and wanted to kill him, but I wasn’t there.


        • Unfortunately, it seems that no witnesses saw the whole thing. Just one witness, and this case would be fully resolved (one way or the other).

      • To 112233, so sorry to be forced to educate you about welfare recipients in the USA. The MAJORITY of welfare recipients happens to be WHITES. Please read and get your facts straight. And oh! Before it escapes me, heard or read about Corporate Welfare? Well it is real. Big corporations and wealthy people, yes wealthy people collecting money from the government i. e. taxpayers’ money. That too my friend is WELFARE called by a different name b/c rich White people are it’s beneficiaries. Please educate yourself before displaying your ignorance.

  4. Its crazy everyone wants to make Geo Zimmerman justified in this senseless slaying of a juvenile. FACT blood was shed, it was rainy and someone jumps out the car on Trayvon for no reason… He probably was was whooping his a$$ up off him. Zimmerman approached him, probably was getting his a$$ beat by that young boy and shot him. Trayvon was fighting for his life.

  5. The truth is slow to come out but it will. Zemmerman is not guilty as all black people say. Zimmerman was attacked by this little drug dealer. Show trayvon as he was really like with his pants down around his knees with his underwear showing, giving the gang sign. All they show is a picture of him when he was 12 years old. All he was is a drug seller and user.

    • OK olld cajun, give it a rest. Treyvon wasn’t perfect; but imperfectoin of a victim is not a defence for a perpetrator. Even if Treyvon was in the very act of selling drugs (he wasn’t), that would give no cause for Zimmerman to shoot him. The ONLY issue here is whether or not Zimmerman’s actions can be defended in court suing the “stand your ground” law. Even people who think his actions fall under the stand your ground law do not think that Zimmerman made the “right” choice that night. I don’t know any rational person that thnks anybody should have been shot that night.

  6. old cajun, you are a stupid ass racist moronic neanderthal ass wipe! George Zimmerman is a faggot punk who picked a fight with a defensless Black kid and got his ass kicked despite having a gun! His retarded ass needs to fry!!!

  7. Afro American needs to wake up, we have no equal rights, or a justice system that abids by the law. It is sad that Trayvon Martin was murdered, because he was out of his boundary and due to the color of his skin.

    George Zimmerman had no business getting out the car to confront the teenager, the law had given him instruction and he did not follow the instruction. He believes he’s above the law. In the past he’s been arrested on violence(s) and his records seal. His dad being a judge has plenty to do with the matter.

    Now the media trying to justify George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin. Claiming he had physical wounds but this was not mention in the police report. Finding minor things in Trayvon’s past does not justify him being murdered. Why when African Americans are murdered, the media introduce the indivisual(s) pass incidents, if tho it justify people being murdered.

    • Because we are living in a colonial system that utilizes the system of racism/white supremacy. One of their tools is to put out the IMAGE of Blacks that is stereotypical and when the public finds that acceptable, they will use that image to attempt to justify the murder of Blacks. It makes the white psyche feel comfortable with itself as it commits murder. They used the same TACTIC when they committed the crime of genocide against Native Americans. The drastic reduction of the Native American population as well as the occupation of this land should tell you something in regards to what white people are capable of…and this excludes similar acts they have committed around the world. This reality stares us straight in the face every day (where are the Native Americans?) but Blacks refuse to see the TRUE MEANING behind this reality. History is repeating itself. Remember, they have been killing Blacks since slavery, during Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, etc. Back then, Blacks weren’t wearing hoodies and carrying Skittles and iced tea. These things are used as an excuse to justify murder. The times may change, but the nature of the Beast doesn’t, and many Blacks are fooled because they are expecting the Beast to be ‘civilized’ because of what year it is or who is in the white house.

  8. The number one fact that overrides all others, George Zimmerman got out of his car and approached Trayvon thus making Zimmerman the aggressor. End of story !!!

  9. With alll the evidence out there one thing is clear…when George got out of the car, I am sure he did not say “Hi, Im George neighborhood watch captain, can I help you?” Because if he did the situation would have turned out differently, it is not what you say but how you say it, and about the trace amounts of weed, most teenagers defy their parents and smoke, seems to be the thing to do with some kids, doesn’t make him a bad kid…

  10. I wish people would get this upset about Marissa Alexander… if you don’t know who she is, look it up.

    20 years for firing a warning shot to keep from being battered (again) by her ex husband. Domestic abuse, particularly when women are able to fight back, is ALWAYS met with the harshest of penalties. There’s another black woman in FL that killed herself and her 4 children because of domestic abuse. After seeing Ms Alexander getting 20 years for fighting back, this poor woman probably felt she had no alternative but to check out of this life and to keep her kids out of the ‘system’ she took them with her.

    Florida is the most evil state in the union.

    • Yes, 20 years is excessive for merely discharging a gun; and given the circumstance she was in, it is WAY out of line. I think what we in Kentucky call “pre-trial diversion” would be in order, where basically the judge tells you to stay out of trouble — ANY trouble, not even a parking ticket — for a year, and the charges go away. This sort of thing is usually utilized as a way to get the attention of people who are good people who did something that wasn’t quite right; and at the same time, othe people can’t say “she got away with it.” Ms. Alexander wasn’t totallly innocent in this matter, but the circumstances of her case warrant giving her every possible break

  11. It must be a wonderful life to have the luxury of NOT being a target of extermination every single day of the year. If it is not your life experience that you are made to feel inferior just because of the color of your skin than YOU DONT CANT and WONT understand.

    EVEN IF race was taken out of the story what parent can tell me they would not be outraged if their child was murdered, zipped in a bag, tagged as John Doe while you searched for days for him?!?!! This boy’s cell phone was found at the scene why werent they looking for who he was and the people that cared about him??

    THEY DID NOT CARE and that is a historical pattern in America. Period.

  12. Marissa Alexander received twenty years for shooting a gun and Casey Anthony received 1 year for a crime in commission of murdering her child, or which she was found not guilty. What gives? That the Justice System for Justus.

    • Casey Anthony was found “not guilty,” mainly because the prosecutor over-charged her for the crime. If the prosecutor had gone for involuntary or negligent manslaughter, Casey Anthony would be in prison right now. After the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict, the court threw the book at her for some unrelated and more or less petty charges — the prosecutors/judge were simply mad that she got off on the murder rap, so they put her in prison for stuff that normally would get the average person probation. They also refused to count the time that she was sitting in jail waiting for her murder trial to be over against the time that was required to be served for the other offence. In other words, the justice system shafted Casey Anthony on the petty charges. (No, I’m not a Casey Anthony fan, just telling it like it is.)

      Oddly enough, the Casey Anthony case and the current Zimmerman case have a LOT in common — the prosecution has over-charged based on the evidence they have. I don’t see any way on earth that, based on the evidence that has been made available, that a jury of 12 people will vote to convict on a 2nd-degree murder charge. If the charge was lowered to some sort of basic manslaughter (heat of the moment) charge, I think a guilty verdict could be had. I realize that this case has a lot of emotion tied to it, and a “murder” conviction will make people feel better about the justice system. But just as with the Casey Anthony case, the provable facts are what they are, and I think that charging Zimmerman with the level of crime that can actually get a conviction is far better than going for a murder-2 conviction, and losing big time.

      The Marissa Alexander case is screwed up, too. There was a combination issue of domestic violence and “gun crime.” Florida passed some extreme sentencing laws related to such, so the woman ended up with 20 years, when she ought to have been sentences to time served and probation (at most). Here in Kentucky, they would have put her case on pre-trial diversion, meaning if she kept her nose clean (any crime whatsoever) for a year, the charges would be dropped. There is no way that her punishment fit the crime; I wouldn’t be surprized if the governor doesn’t commute her sentence if the appeals process doesn’t clear up her situation.

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