Evelyn Lozada And Chrissy Lampkin Getting Frisky

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“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada has tweeted some risky things about threesomes in the past, but this photo shoot may be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing it!

During a shoot for a popular men’s magazine Ochocinco’s betrothed had frisky fun with “Love & Hip-Hop’s” Chrissy Lampkin, and “RHOA’s” Kandi Burruss. Now this is a reality show we’d watch for sure!


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  1. I don’t like Evelyn. She is full of herself and also a bully. I don’t think she is capable of being anybody’s true friend. She talks too loud and too much!!! She is not a basketball wife and should not even be on the show. Send her back to the projects!!! And, where is Jim Jones; Crissy supposed to be fiance???

  2. Sisters, don’t watch this TRASH!

  3. I wont be watching that Hip Hop show with Crissy. She is too classless. i’m just fed up with seeing black women fighting and acting a fool on tv. None of them have jobs that is why they act so classless, too much time on their hands.

  4. Chad needs to kind of rethink this marriage because one day he’s gonna walk on to something he doesn’t want to see involving his new wife and another woman. Because it’s obvious that she likes what he likes.

  5. I’m praying that Chad leave Evelyn standing at the alter. She’s not good for him at all. She’s just going to embarrass him and his family by the ghetto way she act. She’s nothing but a deranged, lonely bitter whore. Don’t marry her Chad, you can do much better. I also hope Jennifer sue the pants off Evelyn and her assistant. I don’t blame Jennifer for not getting her hands dirty fighting with those classless bitches. That’s right Jen, take them to court and let your attorney do your fighting. Last but not least, Evelyn doesn’t love Chad. She loves what Chad has..MONEY because she doesn’t have any. GOLD-DIGGER!

  6. Kept women.

    • Evelyn needs to come out with it and let Chad know (if he doesn’t already) that she is bi-sexual.

  7. I thought this was for fun and as usual black jump on the negg! Side of the story. Slavery is still in the mind of the people.

    • Evelyn is trash and regardless of political correctness it is extremely abnormal for women to sexually fondle each other. It is sinful for women or men to lose their natural affections. We are the only ones of God’s creation to do so and this alone should tell you something. There’s nothing “fun” about it.

      • LOL LOL LOL…. I heard that Spencer, too funny, but also too true. Now their show is getting ready to be cut off the air… YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!! We did it!!!!! Loose here bitches!!! Your all a bunch of goners…

  8. Well! share the love, if you are going to boycott BW. Then boycott Mob wives. They are doing the same thing, I guess it’s ok because they are not black.

  9. Jennifer is the only one who has class on the show. That is why everyone is hating on her. And Shauni is so FAKE. She is the main one starting all the trouble, you just really do not see it because she sits back like the sneaky person she is and whispers behind the scenes. Also, I used to like tammy, but I see she is just as bad as the others, she wants to be evelyns friend so bad that she will do anything. She claims she’s a real bitch, but in reality she’s a FAKE BITCH. I am pro Jennifer, she is the only one coming out shining.

  10. They call this entertainment?


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