Evelyn Becomes Reflective: Maybe She Shouldn’t Have Thrown that Bottle

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Evelyn Lozada is maturing…or something. In the newly leaked clip from the upcoming Basketball Wives reunion, Evelyn says she regrets throwing that bottle at cast member Kenya Bell’s head. Evelyn says she wants to set a better example.

Here’s the clip:

Meanwhile, she also apologized to Star Jones for comments made in a VIBE magazine article about her protest of her reality show (via Necole Bitchie):

Jawn Murray: Glad to know that @StarJonesEsq & @EvelynLozada have begun a dialogue about #BBW & the @VibeMagazine quotes are old. Progress is good!



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  1. Evelyn sees dollar signs with wings flying out the window, the only way to keep her instant stardom is for her to show how remorseful she is. Now if Tami could do the same and Susie would stop acting like a double agent by instigating the fights and then standing on the sidelines as if she had nothing to do with it they just may have a decent show. Maybe next season they should cast Leila Ali in the show in order to keep Tami in line. Just an idea.

    • Right on Spencer!!!!
      You hit the nail on the head, it is (ONLY ALL ABOUT MONEY)… If they put Leila Ali on the show I’d watch the next season too, but this is a definite end of the road for me. I am totally out-done on BasketBallWives and BasketBallWivesLA. My feelings are really bruised behind the actions of these women. I will never forget them and what they’ve done to other sisters. They have no self respect for themselves an none for anybody else. I am totally LIVID…
      I hope they are really canceling the show and its not just talk or hear-say. One things for sure I am satisfied about: They did read my blog, and it was strong enough to hit home, hit them where they live.

      • I honestly believe that it is all sensationalism at its best, I could be wrong but most but not all of these cat fights are carefully planned. These women do operate with a short fuse so the bottle throwing and face slapping may be real to the joy of the show’s producers. I personally think that they are no better than the Steppin Fetchet character of the 1930’s or more recently they remind me of the “Good Times” character J. J. Evans which was played by Jimmy Walker. All of which did nothing to help the image of black people at all.

        • Spencer…
          Last night I watched the show for the last time because I wanted to see what Shaunie had to say to her pastor. I am so glad it over with, I even feel a relief in the atmosphere concerning the viewers.
          I have 2 georgeous daughters and a small host of georgeous nieces, one inparticular who is raising 2 little impressionable elementary and junior high girls, that show was the most insulting, heartbreaking disasterous mess I have ever seen coming from our women of color. Media whores is what they became, but none of them once thought about the students who were killed in the Collonbine blood bath behind bulling, and ostersizing… Everybody became a victim that day, even the ones who were pulling the triggers, they were the real victims in the beginning who got fed up with students who act just like Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, Suzie Maggot Mouth (the author of it all) and Shaunie O’Neal turn your head and make the money.
          I totally understand where Jen is coming from. You can’t communicate with people who are dumb, clueless, braindead, blind and stuck on stupid, its too damn irritating and a waste of time and effort.
          I was very very very happy to see Jen and Kenya pack their bags and leave the island. I was also proud of Kenya not to give those filthy ass bytches the benefit of knowing that her room was stinking like fish.
          Hooray for you Kenya for being a strong positive black woman. You were so far over their heads they couldn’t even see or come out of their own traps that they set up themselves. Your walking away from the show loved by the viewers, and they are walking away hated by 99% of the viewers. So Kenya you won the battle and you didn’t have to raise a finger, peaches and cream to you girlfriend…
          Many many many blessings to Jennifer, Royce, Kenya Bell and Kiesha…

          • Of all the women of the show Royce stands out as number one to me. Because she had the good sense and foresight to not even join them on their island trip. Also, she was the tiniest one but would not allow Evelyn to intimidate her one bit. Yes both Evelyn and Tami say that they are remorseful of their behavior but I can’t help but wonder if this remorse is due to the possibility that their ignorance may have destroyed their future before the cameras. One thing for sure, once words come out of your mouth it is impossible to put them back in and act as if you never said them.
            If Evelyn and Tami get a chance to star in another show as they have mentioned I wouldn’t want to be the producer because the ratings are already guaranteed to plummet.

          • Spencer
            Your are so right about Royce, she is a very very sheek individual, and a classy women in her own way.
            Those jealous hoochies were even putting her down for dancing, she was busting all the grapes lol… All of them, even Jennifer was putting her down, pure envy and jealousy to no end, no open mindness at all.
            Royce is a professional dancer, very petit in stature, so she can explore and adventure up many avenues that Evelyn, Tami, and Suzie will never go. They can speak all the negativity about Royce all they want 24-7 but it will never touch her or bring her down. That girl is in excellent great physical shape period / end of subject… lol Nobody can just get up and start dancing like Royce can… It has to be an art and a gift, and believe me Royce has paid the price, she even had a baby and she still bounced back, so those bytches can just keep on hating and smelling Royce’s freshly brewed coffee LMAO… cause the girl is bad and she’s got it going, and she’s on her way to the top I believe like “Debbie Allen”…
            LMAO!!! Spencer! can you see Evelyn the player hater, Tami, Jennifer, and Suzie the worm Maggot mouth trying to bust the grapes on the stage or the dance floor like Royce can lol lol too funny!!! Those heffas can’t even do, perform or master 1/4 of what Royce does with her body…
            Coodles to you Royce!!! Love you my beautiful black sister, do whatcha do girlfriend at its best…
            Spencer last but not least… You are so right on time about Evelyn and Tami ruining their image and future before the cameras. If I were a producer I wouldn’t hire either one of them, they are too much risk. I think Evelyn has a lot of nerve to even come out with a line of makeup designed by MAC. MAC makeup is top of the line, but because of Evelyns bulling behavior on the show, and her loose public displays I wouldn’t be caught purchasing anything for my daughters from her line… I can just see myself walking in the Ceasers Palace Mall or the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas carrying an Evelyn Lozada designer shopping bag and someone spots it and says: (She got that bitches makeup) lol lol lol… how embarrassing, I don’t need that kind of attention.
            Spencer, on a serious note Tami Roman is mentally ill forreal, she is 98% Bipolar, 89% anxiety depression disorder, and 75% paranoia skitz… She should be on meds and in therapy every 2 weeks. She has some serious mental issues due to the tenacious adversities of her childhood traumas. She has already had a mild stroke, that is just the beginning if she doesn’t slow her roll. Tami needs to get her sickass somewhere and sit it for a while, give her self time to heal, because she has really exposed herself royally in the face of the public when she jumped on Meka, but when she attacked Kiesha on the island, that told it all… Tami Roman is way beyond Anger Management… I went online to Netflix to watch all the beginning BasketBallWives shows, I saw signs of Anxiety, Deep Depression, and Paranoia Skitz in Tami’s first appearances on the show. Evelyn has mental illiness too, but hers is not as serious as Tami…. Time will tell soon enough..

          • Yea, Royce stands out above the rest. If you notice Evelyn backed off a little after she seen that Royce refused to be intimidated.

          • Spencer…
            Royce and Kenya actually run neck and neck when it comes to a “quiet storm” that can very easily build up out of nowhere once they are backed into a corner or intimidated to a certain point.
            Royce will whoop Evelyn’s ass, and so would Kenya. Kenya will get started on Evelyns behind and if someone is not there to stop her she could really hurt Evelyn or even kill her.
            Kenya was ready for all of them, even Tami on the island, and she told them how she really felt, and they knew that she was ready for their asses too. Whatever she gave them, they would have deserved every last bit of whoop-ass she threw forth.
            Kiesha is timid, but please don’t let that fool you, scarred people can hurt you really bad, especially in self-defense, and Kiesha would not have ended up behind bars, but Tami would have with a well beaten ass. Kiesha should have had her arrested anyway for taking her purse and going threw her wallet and her text messages. That’s the show that ended it all for me, that was a down right evil move. It showed who the real Tami Roman is on the inside, and she literally had no conscience and no remorse for her actions at all, she only made LAME excuses, and now that Royce has approached her concerning what went down on the island between her and Kiesha, now Tami nolonger sees Royce as her friend, so once again Royce is the best women on the show, she did not compromise her values for friendship and money. Coodles to her parents, they raised up a positive strong blackwoman, who is not insecure about who she is as a person and a positive rolemodel for other young blackwomen with positive goals… You go Royce!!!

  2. Shaunie, Evelyn, Tamie, these three women are disgraceful. I cannot believe that Shaunie would take up for Evelyn/Tammie on the Reuion. Shanie you were not hit what gives you the right to tell Jennifer who to forgive, Meeka was hit first, nothing was done about that, and it was okay,did you stop Evelyn bottle throwing, did you stop Tammie from bullying Keshia, you got some nerves. Like Jennifer said you weren’t hit. The kind of fighting that these women do back in the day you used your fists. Also, if Jen and Evelyn made up, now Nia is out there. Nia had nothing to do with Jen/Evelyn. Now these two may make up, and where does that leave Nia. With some time/bill. GOOD 4 U.

  3. We really don't need or want to see angry, snarling, half drunk females showing their under pants in fits of anger. We really prefer to be more mature, and lady like than that. We have a huge creditability when it becomes to ladies, and these BBW's are certainly nat what we would have as our examples.

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