Dr. Boyce: When Michelle Almost Left Barack – What This Tells Us About Love and Life

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, BlackLikeMoi.com

A new book says that in the year 2000, Michelle Obama prepared divorce papers that were going to be used to part ways with her husband, Barack.  The new book, “The Amateur” by former New York Times Magazine Editor Edward Klein, also claims that some of Barack’s friends felt that he might even be suicidal as a result of the split.

“After Obama’s humiliating defeat he was broke and deeply in debt and it looked as though he might be finished in public life,” wrote Klein.

“During the dark days that followed his defeat, he turned to Michelle for comfort. But she was in no mood to offer him sympathy. After all he had refused to listen to her warnings about taking on the formidable Bobby Rush. He had put his family in a precarious financial position. And he had dashed Michelle’s hopes of creating a stable and secure future.”

I am not sure what Klein’s objectives are in writing this book, for he is obviously biased.   The use of selective information, as well as his imbalanced analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, shows that he clearly has an agenda.   But that’s not the issue, at least as far as I’m concerned.

What I find most interesting about the book is that Klein’s “explosive” revelations about the Obamas are built upon tearing down the “perfect loving couple” image that the Obamas have worked so hard to cultivate.   He tells us that the Obama marriage isn’t as perfect as it may seem, which might throw some people off.

I am, however, quite happy that some of this “damning” information about the Obama marriage has been made public, in the same way I had no problem with historians revealing that Dr. Martin Luther King might have had extramarital affairs.  It is sometimes necessary to be soaked in a bath of ice cold realism to get us to let go of crippling illusions of endless marital bliss.

The Obama family has been seen as a model relationship for millions of African Americans across the country.  Scores of women want to be like Michelle and some are seeking their own Barack.   But the truth is that we can sometimes seek to fulfill our ambitions without a realistic assessment of the challenges that might lie before us.  While many black women might want to be like Michelle, the fact is that most women don’t have what it takes.

Most long-term marriages are not the cute fairy tales of continuous excitement that some people might expect.  Instead, succeeding at marriage can be like winning a long and bloody war, where your friends have died along the way, and you’ve endured nightmares that lie beyond your wildest dreams.  The sacrifices can be immeasurable and those who survive are able to make it through with sheer determination and singularity of purpose.  The words “I will not quit” can be critical in getting your butt to the finish line.

Black women who are looking for their own Barack Obama might need to take a hint from the good and bad decisions of Michelle.  On one hand, the fact that she was able to ride with Barack through the bad times to get to the good means that she deserves credit for her determination.  After all, they did go broke as he pursued his “unrealistic” goal of one day becoming the first black president.

At the same time, a lesson can be learned by the mistake that Michelle almost made:  Giving up on her man during his darkest moments.  While one cannot be certain of the circumstances that led Michelle to consider leaving Barack, the fact is that a good woman does all she can to support her man even during the toughest of times.   If Michelle wasn’t ready for the difficult and volatile ride she might endure to get to the top, then she could have easily married someone with more stable and “realistic” ambitions.  One of the greatest fears of any man who might consider marriage is that his spouse will only support his dream when it is profitable to do so.

So far, the Klein book is proving one simple fact:  The Obama marriage isn’t perfect.  But if you didn’t know that from the beginning, then you really haven’t lived.  Marriage is not a fairy tale, even if you are in the Oval Office.  It’s one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and author of the forthcoming book, “The RAPP Sheet: Rising Above Psychological Poison.” To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.



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  1. Did the book say: “some of Barack’s friends felt that he might even be suicidal as a result of the split?” I am saying that shows President Obama really loved Michelle to be his everlasting love. And it shows and he does not hide it that even today. There is nothing wrong with the book. I have gone through that and therefore do not blame President Obama going through such feelings. Splits are devastating. Thanks God they are still together and in love – model for present generation.

  2. Dr. Boyce — Very good assessment of the book, and you make great points such as “so what that the Obama marriage isn’t perfect.” When you say “…if you didn’t know that from the beginning, then you really haven’t lived. Love and marriage are not a fairy tale,” then this statement should also apply to how we view same-sex couples. Gay men and women don’t need extra pressure from “the church” or other folks just because they want the legal right to marry their partner. Relationships themselves are hard enough, whether someone is gay or straight.

    Based on various articles you’ve written, I’d like to ask: Do you have double standards about hetero vs. homosexual couples — and double standards in your expectations of men vs. women?
    I ask in part because of the following point you make: “One of the greatest fears of any man who might consider marriage is that his spouse will only support his dream when it is profitable to do so.”

    WHAT ABOUT THE FEARS OF WOMEN? What about men who seek a younger version of the woman who has stood by their side during the rough years, but after the men succeed they complain that their long-suffering woman had gained weight as they aged (as if the men don’t also gain weight and change in other ways that can make them less attractive than when they were younger).

    As far as saying most women don’t have what it takes to be a Michelle Obama, please don’t forget that most men don’t have what it takes to be a Barack Obama either. Furthermore, both of the Obamas are very human and have limitations (as well as strengths) like the rest of us, so comparisons are not really necessary.

    • i agree with you 100%. DR. BOYCE is turning into the typical black man’s “ONE WAY” ATTITUDE. IT’S always our FAULT. WE don’t have what it takes! WHAT AN INSULT!! WOMEN always warn men not to do risky things that wllll affect the family..but they do it anyway. NOW the wife is suppose to come in and help pick up the pieces…again and say NOTHING!!

      BLACK MEN are constantly leaving US for WHITE WOMEN! Like you said, If there were MORE MEN LIKE OBAMA….then we would have MORE WOMEN LIKE MICHELLE.


      • You have it backwards. If there were more women like Michelle, there would be more men like Barack. And black men are not constantly leaving us for white women. And yes, a wife is suppose to let her husband make mistakes because he his human. We make mistakes too. Yes, it is a wife’s job to let her husband know that he may be doing something that can cause some damaging effects, but at least he wants to try. When you take away a man’s dream, you kill him. I would not want a man that does not want to step out on a limb and try to move himself forward. If you have to pick up some pieces as his wife, so be it. I am pretty sure, you want a man that will support your dreams and help you pick up the pieces. The problem with black women is that they want a ready made man, but if you get one, you don’t know what decisions he made to destroy himself before he got to where he is . If you get someone who has not quite gotten where he wants to be , then be ready to go through the ups and downs with him as you would want the same thing. I’m sorry, but you guys are so bitter, you don’t get the message. And I am a black woman.

        • NO. YOU have it backwards. YOU ARE STATING THE OBVIOUS AGAIN!!! The man is suppose to be the HEAD of the household. WE shouldn’t have to keep DIGGING him out of JAMS. HOW many men stand by US when we KEEP makiing mistakes…NOT MANY.


          • Sorry to disappoint. I am a woman. And I think it is sad that because I have an opinion that is different from yours I have to sound like a man. To me capital letters means you are screaming. So why be upset? This is suppose to be cordial grown folks conversation.

            My post had nothing to do with the man being the Head of the household. If that is what you got from it, then that is on you.

            There are many black men that support a sista’s dreams. You’re not digging him out of jams, your supporting his growth.

            No one is bitter because they state facts. But the response does not state any facts. It states opinions. But opinions are like assholes. I have mine and you have yours. I should be free to express mine just as you are free to express yours.

            Your response explains so much why so many black women are single. It is not because white women are taking our men, it is because we are running them away. We are so independent we are dependent.

            Have a great day!

  3. Quiters never win and winners never quit. Finally a realistic discussion about marriage and how it is being WAY more difficult to do over a lifetime than anyone tells you on the front end.

  4. when we stop playing into all the negatives that are floating around in the “toxic atmosphere” referencing the Obama’s then perhaps the many people of integrity who have “cornered” the wisdom of thinking outside of this “boxed in society” will not allow the ugliness of many to influence one’s peace of mind, allowing your lilfe to reflect all those things that are positive and beneficial to one’s well being…understanding that lilfe is definitely not perfect, and one must continually take up “the cross” and tred the pathe each of us has to complete this journey of lilfe.

    How you choose to “travel” is the “map” of lilfe you have chosen for YOURSELF!…reaping is a very real result of decisions and words spoken for or against others, how sad that many do not “yet” understand the power of a God who surrounds this planet is not blind to what is taken place, always have been and always will until “HE” decides ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!….one has only to read the history books and “see” how judgments fell within this country and others because of the evil and greed in the hearts of man….there is coming a day, regardless of what anyone believe when all that we “believe” and practice will be weighed in the balance and …..PERSONALLY, I want to continually strive to do the best and honorable thing doing my “brief sojourn here “….Life (as we know it) is truly short!!!…..if you don’t believe it….read the papers/t.v. computer and SEE HOW MANY YOUNG PEOPLE ARE JUST DROPPING DEAD, but then not even that, look at a war that is continually killing young people…..hatred is alive and “unhealthy” today!!!! so sad…..

  5. marriage is tough, women please hang in there with your man especially if he is putting sincere and well thought out effort into what is best for the family.

  6. This is one person view standing on the outside looking. I have no need for type of gossip concerning our president & 1st lady. It only proves that are human & in touch. Instead of looking for sleazy articles on them, let’s lift them up in prayer!

  7. For anyone who have EVER been married they know it takes a lot of work! And it all depends on if you are willing to work on problems and BULLSH*T that comes with the territory.

  8. I think your point about Michelle possibly making a “mistake” is trying to look at things in hindsight. According to what you have printed these are the facts as I see them.
    1.Barack disregarded Michelle’s suggestion about challenging a political veteran in Chicago.
    2.Michelle would have been aware of the facts”juice” rush had and what he meant socially to the community since she grew up there. Barack did not, though an interesting article shows this the pattern of new black politicians .So it is within reason that the direction that Barack ‘s campaign went.
    3.When a person makes a unilateral decision in a company, aka marriage, you often miss things, but everyone suffers. A gamble this big, without your cofounders/spouse agreement that plummets the finances is an unsupported gamble. If a person does it this big once they will and have done it before with other things.
    4.Typically, people who make decisions in families against the other person’s reservations, if done enough harbors feelings of , distrust, resentment, and devalued. Relationships like this where one person feels like this would end divorce unless the issues were revolved.
    5.At this point this a political year so who knows the full story,but from what I saw here this is the gist of what I thought.
    An educated woman with these issues in there marriage, with children would not seem wise today in a relationship where a person was depleting their hard-earned finances would be right to get out, if there is no resolving of the issues. This would be no different if the gamble was drugs, casinos, etc.
    6.Unless I missed something the gamble was with challenging Rush, not the dream of being president; two distinct ambitions though not unrelated. So I think there is a confusion of the dreams and have not liking the way it is carried out.

  9. Steve you said everything that needed to be said! Gemgirl why are you making issues where their are none? They are the first family, it’s implied most men and women cannot be them. The focus was on Michelle because she was the one focused on in the book for preparing to divorce. The gay thing were did that come from? We don’t have to reference each group as we speak? If the shoe fits wear it. Gay couples meet the standard for sticking it out to reach the promised land!

    • Brian — I read Dr. Boyce regularly, so in response to your comment, “Gemgirl why are you making issues where there are none? ” — you need to read what I responded to from Dr. Boyce’s article. He did say most women cannot be a Michelle. He should have added that most men cannot be a Barack. I don’t like double standards, so I felt a need to point this out — I see too many article telling black women to support their black man but not enough telling black men to support their black woman.

      Regarding gay marriage, I’ve been reading various articles from Dr. Boyce’s websites (such as one related to whether the black church was disrespected by Obama for not informing them in advance of his support of gay marriage) — so I wanted to point out the fact that ALL relationships with decent people deserve support from people in their community, not just heterosexual couples.

      By the way, I am a black heterosexual woman.

  10. Rush race shaped Obama and lead him to a different path to the white house, without that race there probably would not have been a president.

    • This is true, in part. He cut his teeth on the Rush loss, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done the same challenging someone else. He was a Black candidate living in a more white area of Chicago, with connections to academia and those economic similarities. Thus his appeal was in strong fundraising and Jesse Jackson helped his oratorical skills. Great combination. If someone or in his case many are saying your option is a long shot at best, you build in a cushion or a safety your prime asset, your family doesn’t go under. Again, there is a happy ending, but if a safety was built in somehow we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  11. Thanks GemGirl. You couldn’t have said better!

  12. I agree with Brian. Although, I don’t necessarily disagree with GemGirl, but that information seems a bit extaneous and could be received as self serving, tangental, and distracting. I am not saying it is, but it could be perceived as such. It’s a bit off topic.

  13. Marriage where two people do not have a partnership takes a lot of work especially when outside forces are constantly let in the marriage.
    Does it take a lot of work for you and your best friend to get along? Just as I thought! An occasional, sorry, I thought- thanks for explaining that one dawg or girl I thought you was saying this-glad we worked that out.
    Selfish people have a difficult time being with someone for a while so that is where the work comes in. Clear expectations, goals, dreams should be planned and how you are going to execute them together.
    Off the topic for a minute:
    As far as women goes, I would continue to be the voice to tell women to behave in ways to honor God and love yourself enough not to be abused and disrespected. If this is not talking to you, it’s not talking to you. As far as men go, it would be nice if gay men would encourage other gay men to not have relationship with women, and straight men would encourage other men to respect women. I know this is a dream that will bring laughter to many, but then again it’s said if no one is laughing at yor dreams, then they are not big enough.
    When someone older tells me where the pot holes are so that I don’t step in them, I say ” thank you” instead of let me step in the pot holes if I want, you stepped in them!
    Freedom starts in the mind and then it pumps in the blood until it beats through the heart and becomes alive in one soul and branches out in ones life and infectiously touches others!
    Back on topic:
    Sometimes a generalized statement is just that and if it is not speaking to you then it’s not speaking to you as Dr Boyce is not saying “all”. Again, I would like to see ” all” women be in a position to bring something to the table where they can support self and family if need be. I would like to see ” all” women not act foolishly procreating with just anyone as a child needs to have the best chance life has to offer and not be in perpetual battle to just survive in a world that already has negativity driven towards them because of their racial make up. If Michelle gone through on the alleged divorce,she would have been able to maintain a comfortable life style based on the choices she made before coming in contact with Obama.

  14. Are you saying that Mr. Jew man here was living with them or was the their most trusted confidant, that’s why he knows so much about them and their thoughts.
    Can’t wait until he write a book about you Dr. Watkins

  15. Your comments are pretty chauvinistic. It takes BOTH adults, who “have what it takes”, to make a marriage endure.

    • WHY do people always state the obvious? IT’S not chauvinistic, its a fact and it’s MY OPINION !!!!

  16. I am happy to see a couple in the White house who are just like use, gone through,is going through,and will continue to grow through the problems of life and let their Faith lead them to their intended destiny. There are no perfect people to follow,so don’t look for any. It was asked 2000yrs ago, let he who is without sin cast the first stone,show me one President in American history who was a holy man. Stop looking for a President to do what we the American people should be coming together to do and not Republicans or Democrats or Liberals or Conservatives, it will be the combined efforts of the American people and those who don’t want to work together as American people are un-american in my opinion.

  17. If Michelle wants to do something for her husband and family she ought to be trying to get him out from under ALL of the Jews that are bossing him, and her, and using them both to greatly benefit themselves. They are running the whole show, and IF David Axelrod, Perter Rouse, and the others did not want the book to come by another Jew, Edward Klein, it would not come out. They have given their approval of the book, because it will benefit Klein and many other Jews. And just as they used Michael Jackson up, and have bloodsucked many other blacks, they are doing the same with President Obama. And he needs to try and get many more strong-voiced blacks around him, which they do not want, so that he can have more control of himself, HER, the presidency, and be able to help American as he really would like to. Because as it is now, THEY ARE BOSSING HIM, and running everything. She needs to be raising hell about this book, but she’s not going to do it, because she and Valerie Jarrett have been tied to these Jews long before Barack came along. — Rev. George Brooks

  18. Dr Boyce, while I agree for the most part with your article, I wonder why you have decided to focus one one side of the union pointing out that one half of the union would have lost out heavily if the decision had been taken to have a divorce. What Obama did, was stupid and his wife showed him that it was stupid. One canNOT take stupid selfish risks when one is the head of the family. You do NOT put your wife and children in a precarious situation because you have some selfish ambitions and turn around to look for comfort in the arms of the very people you have let down when things do not go right. Why do men find it so difficult to admit that they have been jackasses? And why is it so easy for a black man to point out the faults of a black woman? And yet, they would defend white women to the point of death. I don’t get this. Yes she did what she did. And she should have been there for him ecause he was probably beating himself up for his mistake which in itself is probably punishment enough. But maybe Obama will be more careful to take more calculated and well thought out risks before potentially sabotaging his family.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. DR. Boyce has been off base on the last couple of issues.

  19. TO: I’m just saying

    YOU still SOUND like a MAN!!! I write in capital letters to get my point across. YOUR sentence with “a**hole” in it sounded just like a man and YOU started out so well.


  20. People write books all the time to make money….
    However as usual we criticize white people but take whatever the jews write as optimum truth….go figure.

  21. Most Black women don’t have what it takes to be Michelle Obama like? Some perhaps, but most? I think not, nor would I say that most Black men can’t be like the President, because of course they can!!!!

  22. Love the assessment and yes, marriage is no fairytale. Amen!

  23. Again this author is a hater and obviously not a fan…..Who among us did NOT know that marriage, especially any good marriage is hard work?

    • They are too numerous to count! They divorce for irreconcilable differences-the catch-all for giving up because it is too hard for them.

  24. When I first heard this story it made me like them more. This is called marriage! There are ups and downs and it doesn’t matter how much you love someone, at some point, there are thoughts of divorce for one reason or another. The bottom line is they didn’t, they worked it out and they are still together so it doesn’t matter what was thought about because we know the ending to their “divorce scare” story!

  25. Mrs. Obama has always said marraige was hard work. Mr.President has always reffered to her as his life partner. meaning he is willing to put in the work for his family. A testament to a committed black man.

  26. Dr. Boyce: You can start giving advice about marriage once you have been there and done that.

  27. For sure marriage is one of black peoples greatest challenges in America, considering the slavery experience and the Willie Lynch syndrome of how we’re conditioned to distrust each other, our God and ourselves. Allowing strangers and members of other ethno-religious groups in such situations to influence and manipulate your values and world-view is self destructive, if not
    suicidal. oftentimes, our women know more about us as men than we admit regarding our lust for the world or vices. Divorce exist, for when a spouse repeatedly does unhealthy things, be they carnal-financial or hedonistic and wreckless you become the
    the focus of Grandma’s (God’s warning) hand. Fortunately, the obamas made made itand can be a lesson to others

  28. <<<<. On one hand, the fact that she was able to ride with Barack through the bad times to get to the good means that she deserves credit for her determination. After all, they did go broke as he pursued his “unrealistic” goal of one day becoming the first black president.>>.

    Michelle deserves credit? ::shaking my head::: I don't know where Dr. Boyce gets this impression in his comment above, for a marriage to work takes two. Anyway, the struggle in their marriage isn't news, as of this came out when Barack decided to run for President. Neither said their marriage was perfect, admitted on many occasions that there have been bumpy times in their marriage, and Michelle shared she had doubts about her husband's career as a politician; however, they just didn't dwell on the dark times- they moved forward. Again, neither of them never said their marriage was perfect — no sane married couple with at least a few years of marriage under their belt would say that.

    The marriage was tested big time during the longest presidential campaign in history and I knew if he got elected, besides the logistics of dealing with a new way of life, and providing a safe environment for their children, that their marriage would be okay. Although Barack IMO was being guided to do this (in my book one has to be to have endured what he has in order to get elected), however Michelle was coming from a different space, a different perspective, as it should it be. I am assuming it took time to strike a balance and to set up a whole new way of being for them as individuals and as a married couple with children. It appears they have and although the President is getting a lot of gray hairs (don't know if its genetics or the job), however Mrs. Obama is thriving and not living in the shadow of her husband but standing beside him and he beside her.

    To the best of my knowledge, the presidents I have seen (going back to JFK, their marriages was to death do they part), and seem to have a marriage that the both of them wanted to be in. What makes the Obamas stand out is the fact they are comfortable with displaying their affection towards each other and to me, it appears to be authentic and genuine. In the worse case scenario, if their relationship wasn't the way it is shown to the public, there is an appearance that needs to be held up. We has JFK and Jackie as an example.

    In this world and with the state of the economy, people are finding creative ways to make money and writing a so-called scintillating the book on the President, if the timing is right, can bring in a few bucks.

    <<While many black women might want to be like Michelle, the fact is that most women don’t have what it takes.>>.

    There is no basis for this comment. Mrs. Obama is in my book the first Black female (public) I could connect with. She was a "regular" person who grew up in a loving family, went to college, had a promising career, met this guy on the job, fell in love, got married and had children. They agreed as a couple to work together in all aspects of their relationship. Sounds like the American dream to me.

    They shared that there wasn't an assigned female or male role in their marriage, but customized their marriage and family dynamics to provide the best environment for their children. As a two- career marriages go, they had their ups and downs due to one's career moving faster than the other, but that is life and they seemed to have adjusted very well and made the best decision for their family.

    What makes this rather ordinary family unique, is that the man Michelle happen to fall in love with turned out to be the first Black President of the United States. Other than that if the marriage wasn't stable and built on something solid, and considering the intense scrutiny heaped upon this couple and their family during the presidential campaign, Barack would not be President.

    So what Black women want appears to be what many couples want, be it straight, same sex, or mix-'race' relationship, is a compatible partner to love and spend their lives with, hopefully have a family, and still grow as individuals. In my book everyone has what it takes and the potential to have what they want if they are willing to face the challenges life presents them.

    To me its just so nice and refreshing to see that the leader of the United States, happens to love his wife and his family, who has no problem showing how much he loves his wife and children, and finally to see this takes place from a different color/ethnic group. Although I never thought I would live to see this, I am sure that what is up ahead is the first female President, the first Hispanic President, and yes the first Gay (male or female) President.

    Diversity is what this country's constitution (in content and purpose) was supposed to have been built upon and although it took over 200 years, it good to see diversity from the top down for a change and a positive example to boot.

  29. It really doesn’t tell me much of anything. Their marriage was a risk like most marriages. But they overcame. I think it was amazing they got together in the first place. Michele is more black than Barack. So that alone would create differences coming into the marrage. But they had other things to make it work through the tough times. I am happy they seem to made it to this point. A lot of marriages fall by the wayside.

    I won’t say I think they are out of the wilderness yet. They will have to go through a lot of adjustments when he finally leave office. Stay tune….

  30. OMG. So what? What is perfect? I have been involved in several relationships but I am a no body so it makes no difference. If your Famous and Hollywood it is ok change as often as you like.. What's new the so called First family Adam & Eve that was made by God so the story is told made perfect, and Eve got beguiled by a sake.Great time for a story on the election year Romney The Twitt is going to HAVE A FIT loving this. You all in the media are so petty you are the snake. Bigger Nigger Flick a finger, just a bunch of vile people making money out of your own personal evil self. That is about as America as apple pie play games and lie lie and if it is not a lie a star in your eye. Michelle is still with him. Dr.Boyce get a life do you have a wife and if so what does she say about you and your outside flirtation and imagination of degeneration. COVERT PERVERT.

  31. Humbly I post here to my Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST. I do not apsire to my own understanding but to GOD’s WORD of Instructions as to the “Order of Marriage.” While it is true that the woman who committed the very first transgrssion (sin)-Adam stayed with her. Adam even listened to Eve above his commandment from GOD. Still Adam stayed with Eve.

    Marriage is a “faith walk” and an allegiance of support. If a man makes mistakes in this journey called life-that is no reason to discard him. I was married for twenty-five years and twenty of those in the United States Navy. However, I saw a less than vigorous curriculum and instruction with my children so I left my medical/engineering aspirations to better educate our children. That is when I began to hear the “divorce” devil in my marriage.

    My then wife of a quarter of a century and I agreed to tolerate each other to raise our children. I was not aware that at 46 she was planning to run back home to her mother, with my children and most of my “teacher’s salary” that the Court stole from me to give to her-she walked out on me. GOD knows where I would have been had she supported me as my “help-mate.”

    However, I am not bitter but missed almost seven years of being the father that my children woke in the mornings and slept at night to-safety and secure. Michelle was smart to stay and now she is the FLOTUS; Barack is greatful to be the POTUS. We had better put our energies in helping him to get four more years to help America. The United States of America needs to return back unto FATHER-GOD in the name of JESUS CHRIST! It’s almost too late. However, until the seventh trumpet GOD is with us-USA!

  32. Another to try and put the President down and show some fault in everything he does. Marriage is a union between two people which is never perfect. You have trials and tribulations but in the end, you are one coesive unit. Many of us have put our families at risk at some time in our life but that is the path we must use in order to become great. His wife almost left him and became President but what are you doing? Have you been married and what have you done to make the world a better place? Marriage is one step at a time and I've been married 14 years and its never easy but it gets better with time. Point Blank you are a hater! Trying to make money off Barack's marriage and you should be ashame of your tactics and the way you earn a living of trying to make others look bad. And remeber he is Mr. President to you sir.

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