Deion Sanders Gets a Big Victory in Court

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Deion Sanders (pictured left at court) is reportedly able to have a sigh of relief, after a Texas judge awarded custody of the kids he shares with soon-to-be-ex wife, Pilar (pictured right), to him in addition to granting him sole occupation of his home, according to Dallas Fort Worth Fox 4.

On Monday, Judge Jay Wheless listened to the final testimony from both parties in order to determine who would receive primary custody of the three children in addition to the Prosper, Texas, home the couple shared until a domestic scuffle that occurred late last month.

Watch Deion talk about his children and the incident here:

via Deion Sanders Divorce, Custody | Breaking News for Black America.


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  1. Shameful, using his fame to exploit a private situation…..Deion will soon find out the higher you go the harder you will fall. Hope he knows his superiors are watching and he will soon be soiled goods if he keeps that up..

  2. Good for Deion! Bump that b***h Pilar. She’s crazy and using her “woman-ness” to make her look innocent, as many women do. In order to get her way and retaliate, some bitter women know that because they’re women, they can cry crocodile tears and throw accusations at a man to make him look so awful so that she gets sympathy while he’s thrown under the bus. Deion triumphed and I’m glad!

  3. Erica…..HUSH GO BACK TO SLEEP..

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