7-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide Because Of Bullying

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Police in Detroit are investigating the possible suicide of a 7-year-old boy, who is believed to have killed himself because he was bullied.  The child, whose identity has not been revealed, was found unconscious by his 14-year-old sister Wednesday (May 23) evening, prompting an adult family member to attempt to revive the boy.

Police rushed to the scene, revealing that the child had a belt around his neck, and apparently hanged himself from his bunk bed. The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, and was later pronounced dead. According to a neighbor he was “cheerful,” “happy,” and “smart.”

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  1. This is what happens when “WHORES” have children. You know a tree by it’s fruit. So, if these children are a bully at age 7 look at the parents especially the mother.

    Decent children are suffering due to whores children. So sad!

    • The reply by Willa, saying the 7 year old suicide victim’s mother is a whore….. should be pulled Immediately, and

      “Willa” should be banned from Facebook.

    • You need to read the story again and reply accordingly. The 7-year old was a VICTIM of bullying he was not the bully. You don’t even know this family – calling someone a whore. I guess your looking for attention.

    • Damn Willa, who’s being the bully now?

  2. @Jack, If you read carefully, I think Willa is referring to the ‘bully’s mother as a ‘whore’, not the victim.

  3. As a child psychiatrist & as a human being, I totally agree with Jack Barry’s comment. Bullying is a serious problem in our schools as well as suicides and depression in children & adolescents. This child’s death was a tragedy, & any parent who loses a child deserves sympathy, not unfounded criticism. Willa should be ashamed of herself.

  4. The child was not the bully, he killed his self because he was being bullied, and his mother is not a whore and WILLA should be banned for those remarks and so should TONYA

  5. @ Tonya, even if you’re correct & Willa was referring to the bully’s mother, I still take issue with her comment. We know nothing about his/ her mom, so to call her a “whore” was very inappropriate. Furthermore, I totally disagree that mothers in particular should be held accountable if their child is a bully. Obvioulsly parents should teach their children to treat others with respect & kindness, but fathers are equally responsible for that.

  6. It definitely needs to be looked at whether this child was on medication, as they commonly do to kids these days. Those drugs cause depression, and could most definitely be the culprit. Bullying didn’t kill kids back in my day (and I was born in the mid-80s), but these drugs can magnify problems like bullying and send children over the edge. I don’t see how it’s still legal to medicate our kids.

    • My dear you don’t have to be on drugs to be depressed! Bullying as you and I know it has gone to new heights. Back in my day…50’s,60’s you were beat up most of the time…that’s why I don’t take any mess now as a adult. Now days you have cyber bullying,physical and mental. Lets put the blame where it belongs…on the bullies!

  7. Excuse me?!?!?! Some of you have selective reading, and is not in any position to get anybody banned. @ Nedrea, First of all, nowhere in my statement did I call anyone a ‘whore’!!! NOWHERE in my first statement did I make any judgements.. So miss me on that one!!

    Once again, for those who fail to comprehend my statement, in response to ‘Jack’s’ statement it seems that ‘Willa’ was not referring to the victim’s mother as a ‘whore’, but rather the bully’s mother as a whore.
    Was the comment out of line? DUH??? Of course. I thought it was.
    …. and yes, I agree with Debbie, the comment was inappropriate.

    Secondly, as was previously stated, parents should teach their kids to respect and be kind to one another, and they should be held accountable for their childs’ bullying….

    When I first heard about this tragic story, I thought it was tearfully heartbreaking. . If that was my child, I’d be devestated. My prayers goes out to the mother and family.. And I hope the investigators do get to the bottom of it.

    Bottomline, the bullying needs to stop!!

    • This is truly a heartbreaking issue, however I believe it needs to be stated that given the nature of the comments, I’m probably the only person on this thread thus far that is closest to the situation. The little boy went to the same school as my own child. Upon learning of his death, grief counselors were at the school, notes were sent home, the police are still there even today interviewing students and teachers. The school has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, and it is highly enforced. Upon receiving news of the child’s death, the MEDIA put focus on the issue of bullying, and people took that issue and ran with it. What needs to be understood is that even though the parents did admit their son was bullied, they never clearly identified the source, and what the media did not report was that the “bullying” was not a major factor in trying to come to a conclusion as to what happened. The child did suffer from depression, and there were issues at home (the parents were separating). Classmates have stated that he was teased but no more than any other classmate. He was not singled out or specifically targeted. Another factor in trying to draw a conclusion is that as heartbreaking as the whole situation is, the child may not have intentionally tried to hurt himself, and at this point given the nature of all that we (parents of his classmates) have been told we have banded together as a support system for this family. I really just wanted to say that what has occurred is a very difficult and unconceivable to say the very least, and to come here and see judgment being thrown around and name calling (i.e. whore – and it doesn’t matter either way WHO the comment was directed at, it was inappropriate either way, not to mention there is no scientific, nor statistical data to support such a claim). The truth may never be known – not to anyone that has nothing to do with it, so speculations are expected, but in my opinion, the most compassionate way to handle this is to allow these people their space and time to process what has transpired. Accident or intentional, a life is gone and for that a great deal of respect needs to be given.

      • Thanks Dr. Eve for the clarification. I will continue to pray for the victims family during this very tough time they face. I will also pray for the students at the school, he interacted with because I know they are affected also.

  8. Bullies now days kill, and this story speaks for Bullies. Bullies are people that do not like themselves. Every time they look in the mirror, they get mad. People are hurting and killing others. Seven years old, this story is very SAD.

  9. A shout out to the postive remarks and the negative ones – oh well. It’s true and some should follow the old saying, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say nothing at all. Now the poor child, seems to have gone through a lot to go this far and the ones who drove him to this – his age or older need to be held accountable and their parents. I don’t want to hear, kids will be kids and at who’s expense! Prayers go out to the family of this young soul!

  10. I am so sorry the world has lost a baby, because of bullying. Let us pray that bullying is stopped so that this tragedy is not repeated. I send prayers of for the family of this seven year old.

  11. I was bullied as a child. I lived in a neighborhood, all African American’s including myself and unless you are bullied you do not know how to really address the issue. It is terrifying and causes a child to not perform at their best. The child is usually afraid for their life and that is on their mind more than learning.
    I saw on TV recently where there was a dolphn that was being bullied by four other dolphins. Human beings are not the only ones that bully and it is a worldwide problem that really needs to be addressed. The Educators are afraid to step in too much for fear of being sued. I do not have the answers but it is so sad that this young life was taken behind this. The first comment calling the mother a whore was unfair because you were judging someone that you did not know or perhaps never laid your eyes on. Some parents do not realize that their kids are acting out in that manner. I think we need to try to give a solution to the problem instead of sitting back judging.

  12. It’s truly unfortunate that with the seriousness of what happened we limit our minds to name calling and disrespect. The issue is on both sides. The child who is being bullied, and the child who is bullying. It doesn’t necessarily mean that either parent is being neglectful or bad parents. Both issues stem from emotional problems and both sides need to be addressed and helped. What about the parents who have no idea that their child is a bully? I know for a fact that has happened more times than discussed. Children are usually different at home than in front of their peers. The child who is being unmercifully bullied, singled out and emotionally tortured are left with mental scars that can last a lifetime. The child who is bullying may be doing it from a place inside of themselves that feel s vulnerable, scared, weak, unattended to for many different reasons not exclusive to parenting. Instead of placing blame and pointing fingers I think the best approach would be to try to be part of the solution. Anything else is just venting and serves no purpose.

  13. What on earth does the mother’s moral character or lack thereof have to do with this child’s suffering from bullying and his decision to kill himself to stop the misery? Bullies and their victims come from all races, both sexes, and all socioeconomic backgrounds. I’m quite sure that the mother of this child is already suffering and she certainly doesn’t need anyone pouring salt in her wounds by smearing her character. Kids get bullied because they are seen as vulnerable in some way by others who lack empathy. Cruelty feeds on real or perceived weakness in others, and I for one am glad that in 2012, people are seeing it for what it is. Coming down on a grieving parent is a truly low blow.

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  15. I respect Dr. Eve’s comments wholeheartedly. It’s best not to be quick to judge on this case. But I wish to make mention that when a child is teased, whether it be in school or outside of school, it should NOT be minimized as “he was teased but no more than any other classmate.” I say this because the amount of teasing that happens to a child cannot be measured and compared, and secondly, how are we to know how teasing AFFECTS one child in comparision to another? One of the major problems of bullying is that it often gets minimized, so much so that it’s tolerated. The threshold for tolerating it has grown over the decades which is why many school personnel, family members, neighbors, etc. allow it to happen and think they can measure what is severe and waht is not severe in its intensity. It doesn’t matter. Bullying is bullying, and not everyone RESPONDS to it the same. As a member of the Assoc. of Black Psychologists, I’ve done trainings for youth care providers around Detroit and talk about bullying in my talks. I’ve seen too much “boys will be boys” mentality, especially among men/boys. The key to changing the bullying is to change the social climate and the way we socialize our boys. Attached to bullying behavior is the power factor. Additionally, adults learning to manage their anger at home so that children don’t pick up on poor coping with anger, may actually prevent a bully from forming. Just sharing some of my thoughts.

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