Studies Show Black Children Treated Differently Than White Children In Emergency Room

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Black children seen in the emergency department for abdominal pain are less likely to receive pain medication than white children, according to a new study.

The research, which also found that black and Hispanic children were more likely to experience an ER stay longer than six hours compared to white children — even when the same tests were ordered — raises questions on how race may affect hospital care when it comes to the youngest patients.

The study was presented Saturday at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Boston.

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  1. This worries me since I have a g/c with sickle cell and has times when she has to go to the hospital

  2. Not surprising.
    Empirical proof that a white man does not feel a black man’s pain.
    Was this the problem during Katrina? We watched the black folks in dire conditions, yet we did not feel their pain.
    What of the black man who sues for great suffering from a serious car accident? Our mostly white jury awards him half what it awards a white man.
    Is this half justice, for the same degree of pain? Topped off only by the anguish of unfairness.
    Vehemently disagree? How about trying being black — just one day — in our white man’s world.

  3. Not only in the ER. But in ICU as well, I have a horror story that would make you head spin…. Long story short… If/When my kids are admitted to the Hospital… I am right there with my bags packed and got a new address for the duration of their stay….. You will not believe some of the thing that goes on at night/over night (staff) can’t be reached and then if they answer your call it’s with an attitude… as if I interrupted something????

  4. absolutely. Emergency Room stay longer than six hours compared to white children. Thanks 🙂

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