Ruben Studdard’s Family is Concerned about His Health

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Ruben Studdard is scaring his family with his recent weight gain.  The singer has crossed into dangerous territory, with his weight ballooning to nearly 400 pounds.   This is making his family worry that it could cause serious health problems.

“Now his loved ones fear he will die tragically young,” says a source. “He agrees he needs to get help, and everyone is praying he’ll succeed.”

Studdard had recently lost 60 pounds, but gained the weight back after a recent divorce.   The court battles that resulted from his divorce may have caused him to fall off the weight loss wagon.  In a recent appearance on “Good Day Atlanta,” Studdard didn’t mention the weight issue.

“It’s just a great opportunity to have an outlet to express yourself musically,” Studdard told Good Day Atlanta. “Just to have the ability to have a ninth or tenth single and five albums is a blessing for me.”


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