Listen To Jennifer Hudson’s Sister — Frantic 911 Call [AUDIO]

Jennifer Hudson’s sister made a frantic call to 911, after discovering her mother’s body laying on the floor of their home.

Julia Hudson made the gruesome discovery when she came home from work and noticed a bullet hole in the door.  She saw her mom on the floor and ran outside to call 911, not realizing her brother Jason was also dead inside.

Julia also didn’t immediately realize her 7-year-old son Julian was missing.  His body was found days later in a parked SUV.

The 911 tape was introduced as evidence in the trial of William Balfour, who stands accused of the triple murder.

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  1. onmyway2012 at 8:27 pm

    My sincere prayers to both Jennifer and Julia. I hope they find comfort in YAH always, and heal from this senseless tragedy someday.

  2. Willa at 1:35 pm

    The 911 operator needs training, he made the situation appear unimportant while this woman was under such fear and stress.

  3. mankind at 11:41 pm

    That 911 operator was a fucking asshole.Never once did he offer any compassion or anything that would help her through this hellish ordeal. Usually 911 operators tell you to try to remain calm and take it easy.It seemed to me that he was almost teasing her.He acted as if she was lying and this was one big joke.

  4. J Killiohn at 1:54 am

    Couldn’t this clown have sent the police and ambulance and then asked all of his questions. Like the other writer said, never once did this guy try and calm the situation. It was like he didn’t understand the lady had just suffered a great loss. He at least needs some serious training.

  5. shauntee at 6:02 pm

    what I will say is that those 911 operators should b fired, they r so insensitive , when most people call 911 it is in fact due to an emergency so chances r when they call they r going to b hysterical so unless someone else calls for them they r terrified scared etc….. so show a lil compasion and dont sound like such and ass… that woman could hardley think strait let alone speak … her mother was on the floor dead with a bullet in her brain,and they should have handled that better then what they did……..

  6. Princess P. at 2:11 am

    Dispatcher 911…that’s what happens when you outsource. The 911 Dispatcher should be FIRED for his lack of compassion, training and knowledge. How unprofessional can you be during someone’s time of distress. What is wrong with people these days. Why would he be allowed to be a 911 Dispatcher? He could have cared less.

  7. Darrell Johnson at 3:35 am

    The unprofessional/unconcerned attitude of the 911 operators may be per for the course in that area (disrespect for minorities) but that does not make it right.

  8. Spencer at 4:20 pm

    The dispatcher sounded awfully arrogant and callous and if I were his supervisor I’d have some very serious questions for him to determine the future of his employment.

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