Beyonce Responds To Blue Ivy Surrogacy Rumors: ‘They Were Cruel’

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Beyonce has described the rumours that she had a surrogate carry her daughter Blue Ivy as “very cruel.”

The ‘Countdown’ singer was plagued by rumors that her baby bump was fake while she was carrying three-month-old Blue, and there were several incidents which fuelled rumors that she was wearing a prosthetic bump.

Beyonce has now addressed the rumors for the first time and says she was “hurt” when fans made up the conspiracy theories.

“That was crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” Beyonce told People magazine. “[I thought], ‘Where did they come up with this?”

“[I thought], ‘Where did they come up with this? As a mother, it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors. And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous.”



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  1. Beyonce is a liar. An unrepentant, narcissistic, disingenuous person. You need more people Bey because your inflatable/separable tummy told on you.

  2. Who cares how she had the baby?? IT IS SAID SHE HAD MISCARRAIGES ….. If it is that important, What is in the dark will eventually come to light, live and let live people

  3. I still don’t believe she was pregnant nor gave birth. I’m not going by what I hear, I have seen her interviews and appearances and the time frame of certain things just didn’t add up. And the stress that pregnancy puts on a woman’s body during her pregnancy and at birth,she still needs time to heal. Beyonce was back in the cameras with a slimmed and toned body 1-2 weeks after the baby was “born”. I’ve known a lot of petite and in-shape women who didn’t get their beach body figures back right away. But whatever,congrats on the baby anyway.

  4. Lady B, We know that our Texas girl had that baby. I hope Beyonce don’t get caught up in that hype. Beautiful Blue is our new Texas Daughter and we don’t take kind to those dissing mommas in this state! Stop the madness. Beyonce wore that bump and delivered the perfect angel. I did not look pregnant on either child until the last two months. “How we do it in the South!”

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