Basketball Wife Producers Plan to Sue Jennifer Williams

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Basketball Wife Jennnifer Williams pushed hard against the show when she filed suit for being slapped.  Well, the producers aren’t sitting idly by and allowing that to happen.  The show’s producers have filed suit against Williams, apparently in retaliation for her decision to publicly diss the show that paid her bills.

Williams originally filed suit against another cast member, Nia Crooks, when Crooks slapped her during a recent episode.   TMZ is now reporting that the producers of the show are going to sue Williams for breaching her contract, which says that she can’t do any media appearances without their approval.

Williams has gone public to say that the show portrays black women in a negative light.  This has led to boycotts of the show from fans and critics who believe that the show promotes bullying among young girls.  Star Jones is the biggest celebrity to take a public position against the show.

Go Jennifer go.


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  1. First of all, most of these women are NOT BASKETBALL WIVES. They are ex’s. I do not like Evelyn because SHE IS A BULLY; she is loud and obnoxious. I like Tami and I don’t feel that she is a bully. Tami just stands up for herself and I like that. As to Jennifer Williams suing Nia, I think it is ok. Nia should not have passed the first slick so that being said; Jennifer has every right to sue though if the woman has nothing what does Jennifer stand to gain!!

  2. I always liked her and Royce! Shaunie O’Neill should be ashamed of herself for this lowest common denominator called a show….I never would have guessed she would be affiliated with this kind of low class production! Evelyn and Tami are disgraceful! Evelyn being the worst of all!

  3. I think it is disgusting and cruel the way Jennifer is being treated. These black women need to grow up, they acting like kids. Why they all got to get together to confront one another..why they cant do it one on one…Evelyn is just a HOT MESS!!!! I dont like her on the show and I think she is acting like and wants to be Tammie. She is the one that needs to be taken off the show!!! She doesnt act like a women but a lil girl in High School…Get rid of her!!!

  4. Another thing Jennifer needs to sue the rags off them!!!

  5. For the Producer’s to say that Jennifer’s (Correct Actions In Suing Instead of Resulting To Violence Like We Would Want Our Daughters To Do Instead of Making a Girl’s Gone Will Alley Cat Fight Video is the reason why we are speaking out again the unnecessary violence is very insulting to us as viewers..

    That is just saying we can’t think for ourselves and we need to follow Jennifer..

    Jennifer don’t have children and act more decent than the Women who do..Oh Wait wasn’t she also in the beginning “The Only Real Basketball Wife??



  7. First of all, Tammy/Elvelyn are bulies, and the comment earlier what is Jennifer suppose to do. Producers suing Jennifer for a
    person who is not even featured when the show comes on as a basketball wife, and she can slap Jennifer, R U kidding. This entire show is full of it. The producers must like this violence between
    black women. THIS IS A JOKE. Sue on Jennifer, keep the botches
    off of you. Last nite show, Tammy jumping bad w/Keshia. Why did they go on that trip with Eve/Tammie. Tammie/Evelyn have not met there match.

  8. YES!!!! it’s about time that something was done. This show has got to be the most disgusting portrayal of not just BLACK women, but women period. It just goes to show how what people will do for money. Can’t really blame the producers, I don’t think any of those women are being held up. You do remember that Jason Williams’ wife left Basketball Wives in LA because of the direction of the show. Nobody has to stay there, they are there because they want to be there. Tasteless, tacky, ill-bred are just a few words that come to mind. But you also notice that Shani O’Neal stays cllear off all the drama and mess. You don’t see her business being dragged through the mud, nor has she ever “participated” in any of the fights.

    • You can say that again…. You never see Shaunie caught up into nothing…hummm Now what does that tell you!!!

  9. i refused to watch the Monday airing of the show because they are wrong for attacking Jennifer and everyone that comes in their path. Evelyn is a disgrace . I hope she is removed from the show . I also hope Jennifer can have the crooks person, eve’s assistant arrested for assault and battery.

  10. Shaunie is a producer who was present at the table when Jen was assaulted, no one tried to stop Nia from attacking her, they just never expected Jen to react legally. They should have learned that from Tammy who was sued for the earlier assault it the foreign country. Although that happened the producers seemed to like the fighting /classless aspect of the show. I guess a fight brings ratings so if you have to pay for it after the fact it is worth it, just let it happen..Publicity works, we are talking about it after all.

  11. sue Shaunie Jen and the bully the latina Evelyn. get it straight black girls dont act like that.

  12. Jenn!!! Stick to your guns, and sue those bytches for everything they got coming. Girlfriend your face ain’t no damn punching bag for no damn white-ass, MF, money hungry, blue-eyed devil doggy media witch haggs… And that low-down dirty bytch Mia or Nia, whoever that mediocre bytch is, is only trying to make a name for herself, cause her black-ass sho ain’t got the beauty.
    If her sorry-ass does have the beauty within, its too late now, because we will never see it, and don’t wanna see it.
    Blessed are your great decission making… thats right girlfriend you don’t need friends like that low-down dirty hoe Evelyn Lozada. Like the brother said: that bytch does not Rep…
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Watch Suzie’s sneeky slimmy doggy-matic ass… That bytch is in ka-hoots with her publicist to drag all yall down, thats the only reason why that bytch is still on the show. Now do yall see that skank bytch getting into any fights? hell naw!!! but you always see that bytch bringing a damn filthy ass bone hanging from her damn tongue with fukin maggots to the damn table every time you guys have a sister gathering.
    ***SO the bottomline is this: I believe Suzie is setting all you guys up while she makes bank. (JUST THINK ABOUT!!!)…
    ***I just bet if you guys start slapping her sneeky-slimmy-border-countryass around, that bytch will stop running her damn mouth so much…wink!
    ***TammI…! Now I can’t believe that Tammi didn’t knock the shyt out of Suzie when she let out that low-rate remark about her being on foodstamps, but she jumped on Mekia, and looks down on Kenya, and she forgave Evelyn for sleeping with her husband too… PLEZZZZ… okay!!!! Wake-up Tammi…!!! Use your gifts of discernment girlfriend!!!! God didn’t have your ass to walk thru all that fire for nothing, and to still come out clueless and brain dead…wink!! Stop acting COWARDLY Ms Tammi….

  13. This show is very demeaning to black women, it is 2012’s Amos & Andy. No woman with any class would readily fight her way through life every time someone says or does something they don’t particularly like. The producers are not going to sue Jennifer because it would ruin the drama that brings in the ratings for them. It’s like living next door to some ignorant neighbors you may not like the noise but you still would like to know what’s going on while peering behind the venentian blinds.

  14. My daughter turned me on to watching this show when it first started plus I really liked Shaunie O’Neal in the beginning because I am a Shaq fan. Over the seasons I have come to not like the show. It really is a negative portrayal of black women. What comes to my mind is “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Evelyn is way too rough and New York gangst and I am disappointed that Chad would even want something like that for a wife. She has the looks on the outside but inside she is hurts the black race of women. Overall, the show should be cancelled because none of them are “basketball wives”. As someone stated, they are all ex’s. These are grown women acting like high school kids. Frankly in my opinion the only mature one is Jeniifer and until last season she was the “only true basketball wife”.

  15. This show is really a mess. I feel that all the ladies are in it together. Suzie keeps carrying tales, causing Kesiha, and Kenya to stay in trouble. And Evelyn keeps giving lip service for why she, Tammie and Nia and Shanie feel the need to bully Jennifer. All of which is a crock of bull. In the first place, no one called Royce any more names than Evelyn from bum bitch, to poor, too get a job and she mention that she could not dress. she also had a lot to say about Jennifer’s divoice and none of it was nice. It was all derogatory, probably if she had stayed out of it they would maybe be together now. So it is hard to listen at Evelyn go on and on about what she would not do, when she already has called everyone out. I just wonder how long it is gonna take for someone to step to Tammie and Evelyn’s bullying ass. I truly feel that they have not put anyone on the show that is either one of those fools equal. But, even though I do not condone volience in hind side I feel that Kenya would whipp Evelyn ass and give Tammie a hard way to go. I just can not wait.

  16. WHO! WHO! are these PRODUCERS! Name them ,just don’t put this out this information without a name or a face. AND PLEASE TELL ME THAT SHANIE NOT ONE OF THEM. we need to boycott VH1!! ACTING LIKE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!!!!

  17. Hello everyone ! I want to start off by saying Tami in fact is a lil bully but shes giving people who watches the show what they want to see and that is DRAMA we may not agree with how she goes about dealing with her issues with her cast mates but come on this is supposed to be a reality show it seems noone has the heart to step to Tami because they are afraid so she goes out her way to belittle the women and cause problems on her own think about it will you all watch the show if Tami wasnt on the show that show will be boring as hell now what will be a good show if Evenlyn and Tami get into it again or bring somebody on the show who is not afraid of Tami now that will be a show

  18. It’s called Bullshit all of them the things people do for money whoreing by any other name is still a whore. Later for you idiots

  19. Very interesting subject, thank you for posting.

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