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April 30, 2012

Beyonce Reportedly Not Interested in Hanging Out with Kim Kardashian

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If you thought that Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with Kanye West was going to lead to a girlfriend routine between Beyonce Knowles and Kim, you’ve got another thing coming.  According to insiders familiar with the situation, Beyonce has little interest in bringing Kim into her circle of friends. S2S is reporting a source close to Beyonce, who claims that her girlfriend time with Kim is “not going to happen.” “Despite…

9-Year Old Shot in the Foot, but Didn’t Shed a Tear

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  They say that little girls in New York are tough, but this story takes the cake.  A 9-year old girl in Brooklyn was shot during crossfire this week and found a bullet that went through her foot.  The little girl didn’t panic, and just dealt with the incident without shedding a tear. “I didn’t cry for nothing,” Dulce Cabrera said to the Daily News. “The ambulance driver man said…