What I Learned About Marketing From Lil Wayne

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For the last 4 1/2 years it has been virtually impossible to turn on the radio or video channel and not see some representation from the crew the music world has fondly grown to know as “Young Money”. A brain child spawned from the imagination of Dwayne Carter, AKA Lil Wayne who was mentored since 11 years old by then drug dealer and music producer Bryan “Baby” Williams. Over the years they have appeared together in countless music videos and quietly have become the most successful organizations in music history. Men lie, women lie but numbers NEVER lie! See for yourself;
■ Lil Wayne’s discography looks like this: 2,000,000 in mixtapes, 700,00 for Hotboys, 600,00 for The Carter, 1,200,000 for The Carter 2 and 4,000,000 for The Carter 3
■ Nikki Minaj sold over 450,000 the first week of her debut CD “Pink Friday”
■ Drake has sold 1,500,000 of his debut CD “Thank Me Later” and poised to do even higher with his recently released LP

Say what you like, success ALWAYS leaves clues! Now I’d like to share 6 clues I have learned from Mr. Carter.
1. Establish your organization one piece at a time: The patience of the whole Cash Money-Young Money movement is astounding. For years they lay in wait for the perfect time to release the next hot artist. Unlike the corporate world, they do not rush the moment.
2. Create your own buzz: Rather than wait for a press conference, Young Money can be seen in each other’s videos, hanging in VIP or crashing a party to get everyone talking.
3. Control the media outlets: Bryan ‘Baby’ may speak with broken English, but he knows how to get the reporter’s microphones in his face. His stern southern swagger seems to captivate those around him.
4. Over saturate the market with your product: Young Money seems to never know the meaning of a ‘drought’. You name a music dynasty that has had more consistent success than Cash Money-Young Money. Well over 12 years and they are still cranking out the hits. Why? Because they make you want it by hearing it over and over again!
5. Control the beefs and stay focused: One thing Lil Wayne has always said was “Beefs are counterproductive and has no profit.” Baby has trained his Cash Money army to stay the course and let him handle the media. You will rarely see one of his artists responding to a beef. As he says, “Aint no money in beefin, ya heard me.”
6. Establish a definitive chain of command: Baby is the father, Wayne is the son. Period. Many have tried to sever this but none have succeeded. There is great order in the organization. So much it has been compared to the old days at Apple when Steve Jobs first ran it. Everyone in Young Money respects Baby as ‘The General’.

See you at the TOP!
Early Jackson

New Direction Coaching Associates


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