We must do more to protect the gay community

In this video, I discuss the recent rise in attacks on members of the gay community in Washington, DC and how it is truly troubling. You can believe that gays are going straight to hell, but let the God you claim to believe in deal with that. All human life is equal and no one has the right to take another person’s life when that victim has done harm to no one. We have to do better.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvpQlR2sK-w&w=420&h=315]

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  1. Bernice at 9:43 pm

    All over the world people are being born homos. Just like every day people are born hetros. This is has been since the begaining of time. I don’t know if it is wrong or right. It seems wrong if man says so. and right if man says so. Alexander the great turned his entire country gays for the sake of wars. They still call him (The great). In reality there is something wrong with all of us. And most you can put a name to it. Like serial killer, pedophile. (please excuse my spelling) rapist, thiefs, social-path,slave owners, leaders all over the world who wipe out 50% and more of another counry, for what ever reason. And you worry about who is sleeping with who. Is that the bigest sin you can think of? The biggest thing that you can lay on them is that some of the act very silly.

    • Leon Jones, Sr. at 8:23 pm

      Bernice, I and probably other people as well, think of many things. Just because someone weighs in on this issue does not mean we hold this issue as the biggest. It is an important issue. You made the statement that “All over the world people are being born homos.” I am not a scientist, but according to friends of mine who have denounced that lifestyle who once were homos, people are not born that way. They are molested early in life and that spirit take control of their entire selves. The sex drive is, I am sure you already know, perhaps the strongest emotion one has. And when that drive has been infiltrated by spirits of evil that leaves the victim helpless.

  2. Stew913 at 12:24 pm

    I was this way all my life and no one molested. You people just keep coming up with all king of shit to please yourself. I am so sick of please tell me i was molested. I had a girlfriend when i was a teenager but i prefer to be with men. So until you guys and gals can give me a good explanation the shut to hell up.

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