The Reality Show Being Bobby Brown Was More About Whitney Houston Than Him [VIDEO]

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Why We Watched: Remember that cat in high school that was the man? He said all the coolest things, had all the coolest friends, wore all the coolest clothes, went to all the coolest parties and could do no wrong? Well, watching Being Bobby Brown was like a front seat into how that guy from high school turned into the guy at the high school reunion. Heavier, slower, married with children and less interesting to the point of not seeing how he was interesting in the first place.

The show centered around Bobby and the day-to-day life as a man married to Whitney Houston, raising their daughter and his many other children. But somewhere in between Bobby’s brother, father and his cigarette and beer filled trip back down to Earth, the show had an interesting side-note when it came to Whitney. Everyone kinda of expected hood-rat behavior from the boy from the mean streets of Boston. But the flawless, ever-classy star of The Bodyguard whose sh*t didn’t stink was suddenly showing an attitude as funky as one of Bobby’s bathroom trips. Between turrets –flavored outbursts of cursing, and hood-style yelling, Whitney seemed less like an icon and more like the aunt who calls for you from the window with a Black-N-Mild in your teeth while getting her hair hot-combed in the kitchen in between her spades game and sips of her wine cooler.

If you looked past Whitney inviting herself on a camping trip, what you saw was a wife who enjoyed being up under a man you’d think she had nothing in common with. What the show helped us see was a seasons worth of goofy little couple moments that sustained the marriage through the drama that made the front page. For better of for worse, Whitney was just as raunchy as Bobby. Guess the two had something in common after all.

Impact: Being that one of the biggest surprises of the shows was Whitney’s inner-hoodrat running wild on the screen, it was really no shock when she walked away with the show’s most notable quotables. “Kiss My Ass!!” hit Youtube like one of her singles while “Hell-to-the-no!” became a Whitney Houston catchphrase.

Aftermath: Though the show received incredible ratings, Bravo would not move forward on Season 2 of Being Bobby Brown without definite involvement from his superstar wife. When Whitney opted to chill, it but the second season on ice


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0isvS19AGs?feature=player_embedded]


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  1. Whitney Houston was very happy when she first married Bobby Brown. As with all couples in love, she stuck by him during the good and bad times. Please let her rest in peace because when you love someone, it is very hard to just walk away.

  2. Very well said!

  3. whitney did make that show. i looked forward to seeing her when it was on.

  4. There wouldn’t have been a show w/o Whitney, because no one gave a d@mn about BobbyB! He was just the icon’s husband. Whitney was always his ace in the hole, & he used it to his great advantage, but it was to her great detriment. I’ll never understand how someone as brilliantly gifted & intelligent as Whitney, could make such bad personal choices; pushing herself down to such a low low level in order to be pleasing to someone as reprehensible as her ex. She had everything to lose & nothing to gain w. her association w. BobbyB. She allowed her legendary brand /image, everything that she had worked hard to achieve, to be utterly destroyed w. her marriage to the bad boy. That’s not love in my opinion! I’m sorry! Love means building one another up & supporting & respecting one another; not hurting, destroying, & tearing down one another, which was what this trainwreck of a show was all about! It was a means by which BobbyB got paid & got the attn. that he craved, at his legendary wife’s expense. I realize that Whitney at the time was in the very throes of drug addiction when she did the show, but I still find it utterly pathetic that she participated in something that subjected her & her daughter, & her great family to such shame & ridiclule. She spent her whole married life pushing down her light & brilliance in order to be more favorable to her low husband who was so insecure & envious of her greatness. If she had divorced him long ago, instead of remaining married to him in order to prove a point to the public, she may have salvaged her voice & her life. Now her greatness is silenced forever & her foolish, wicked husband lives on; continuing along his foolhardy path. Her life is a perfect case study in how to NOT choose a life partner. Her life was so big, so brilliant & so noteworthy, that she could ill afford a force as destructive as her ex husband’s. I’ll never be able to comprehend how she allowed herself to sacrifice so much for someone so totally unworthy. I think her marriage to him hurt her even more than the drug use, & he will go down in infamy as the man that assisted her in her early demise.

  5. I can say now the overall show was a waste of time. Glad I never spent my time or energy on it.While being on that show,actually both of them needed to be getting over all that off the wall behavior.
    So now,the sister is gone and people are saying ” if she coulda,woulda ” . To late now and I wonder will other black people maybe learn from this lesson right in front of them and realize that hollyweird has always made fool’s out of black people and it still goes on today.

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