Rumor Has It: Mariah Carey Threatens To Divorce Nick Cannon Unless He Takes It Easy

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The 33-year-old has been under an immense amount of strain recently, juggling several high-pressure jobs, and as a result, has suffered a bout of health problems over the last few months.

Nick’s doctor ordered him to quit his radio show hosting gig in light of his lupus-like autoimmune disease diagnosis, but sources say wife Mariah wants him to quit everything to protect his health.

“Mariah Carey is begging her ailing husband Nick Cannon to quit working entirely, [or she’ll] end their marriage and take away their twin toddlers, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan,” a source has told the National Enquirer.

However, the insider claims adds Nick is reluctant to give up America’s Got Talent and Cannon’s Countdown as he is already insecure about living in Mariah’s shadow, and if he quit work altogether he feels like he’d have no identity of his own.”

Nick and Mariah married in 2008 and last year, became parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe.