Rev. Al Sharpton To Hold Rally In Support Of Trayvon Martin

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The furor surrounding the slaying of 17-year old Trayvon Martin in a gated Florida suburb shows no signs of calming down any time soon. Many high profile media personalities have voiced outrage over the case and have called for the arrest of Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman. The latest voice to join the cry is Rev. Al Sharpton, who announced that he will travel to the town of Sanford this week to stage a rally for the Martin family.

Sharpton announced his intentions to head south via his Facebook and Twitter accounts, stating he will arrive in Sanford this Thursday (March 22nd) and hold a rally at the First Shiloh Baptist Church in Sanford at 7:00p.m.  The founder of the National Action Network is the latest to throw support behind the Martin family after the tragic loss of the teenager at the hands of 28-year-old Zimmerman.



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